Runaway bankers created an opposition party in Russia
22.07.2018 19:04

The Ministry of Justice contributed to its roster the organizational committee of the political party "Master". Such a strange name should not be surprised. According to, the party was created by a number of bankers who are wanted, including the former owner of the bank "Master" Boris Bulochnik. And to guide her, Bulochnik put his faithful "solved" Vladimir Sipachev, who only recently mysteriously escaped arrest.

"The" Master "party is a political mechanism whose main meaning is the all-round assistance to the establishment in Russia of a solid, consistently democratic civil society and a healthy state subordinate to it," the site of the "Master" party says. Then follows the conclusion that "the transformation of morality into an instrument of class, and then - competitive struggle, as we see, has brought our state to the brink." And the "Master" takes over the functions of uniting the population and forcing the state to return "the rights and freedoms to the working people". Similar slogans had already been heard before the revolution of 1917, therefore, judging by everything, the activity of the "Master" party would be balanced on the verge of being extremist. Which is not surprising. After all, its leader, or rather, the person to whom, as indicated on the site, should address on all issues, is Vladimir Sipachev. The character is well known in certain circles. About his turbulent activities in the 90 years will be described later. In the meantime, "run through" the last time.

Vladimir Sipachev is positioning himself as a "scavenger" with numerous connections. Only, if there were these ties, they remained in the distant past. Therefore, he became a professional "scammer". So, now in the production of the GU MVD RF in Moscow is the case of a major fraud. According to the investigation, Sipachev received from the president of the association of payers of taxes and charges Konstantin Gusarin $ 1 million. For this amount, the "shredder" promised at the government level to agree on a number of decisions related to large construction projects. At first, he briskly reported how the negotiation process was going. Then he began to appear less and less often. And then he started the game "hide and seek". Gusarin was forced to write a statement. Sipachev was detained in March 2018, but, according to, two days later he was released, choosing a preventive measure in the form of a written undertaking not to leave the place. However, perhaps in the near future he will be there, where he must stay - in the pretrial detention center. It's amazing how it did not happen even earlier. For example, in 2016, when the TFR announced the international search for the chairman of the board of the Master Bank, Boris Bulochnik. He is accused of deliberately bankrupting the financial structure and withdrawing funds from it. Sipachev was a faithful assistant to the Baker and also took an active part in the sinking of Master Bank. In 2013, Sipachev, as directed by Bulochnik, became chairman of the board of directors of the Master Bank and sued the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, demanding that it be illegal to revoke the license from this credit institution.

And now this "sweet couple" decided to hold a revolution in Russia and created for this even a party, after naming in honor of the once-nascent bank of the country - "Master".

Vladimir Sipachev gained fame in the 1990s, when Vladimir Gusinsky applied to the law enforcement agencies that Sipachev (who was in charge of the Aeroflot bank) is preparing an assassination attempt on him. In 1997, the Central Bank of Russia revoked the license from Aeroflot. In 1999, in the office and apartment of Sipachev, FSB officers conducted searches in search of illegally stored weapons.

In the future, Sipachev was known as an expert in solving the problems of various bankers and banks, as well as other participants in the financial market.

Why is he still not behind bars? It is rumored that investigators have had a short time with Sipachev to understand that he will not be sentenced. According to sources of, Sipachev gives the impression of a completely inadequate person who, during five minutes of conversation, changes his mood for no reason: from spruce tales of his alleged power to undisguised aggression and the promise to "kill and imprison" absolutely everyone. It is possible that Sipachev has an interesting reference, which allows him to hope for avoiding a long landing.


Seraphim Kluchevsky