Business Empire "Officers of Russia"
01.10.2018 01:19

"Officers of Russia", headed by Anton Tsvetkov, is not only a public organization, but also a huge business empire. At the disposal of was a detailed reference on how it looks and we introduce it to readers.

The chairman of the board of the organization "Officers of Russia" and the fund "Officers of Russia" acting on their behalf without a power of attorney is Bagryantsev VA, the manager of affairs in the organization and the fund is his wife - Bagryantseva VA, executive director in the organization and the fund is Tsvetkova SA, the wife of Tsvetkova AV, who is the chairman of the presidium of the organization "Officers of Russia" and the chairman of the supervisory board of the fund "Officers of Russia". Founders of the Fund "Officers of Russia" are Bagryantsev VA, Bagryantseva OI, Zalyubovskaya NV, Rybakov AA, Fedorov V.Yu., the founders of the organization "Officers of Russia" are Annenkova EV, Bagryantsev VA, Bagryantseva OI, Nikitin SS, Rybakov AA, Fedorov V.Yu., Tsvetkov A.V., Tsvetkova S.A.

Simultaneously Fedorov V.Yu. and Tsvetkov A.V. are the founders of the public organization "Council of Public Supervisory Commissions", whose chairman is Tsvetkov A.V.

Nikitin S.S. is the sole founder (participant) and general director of LLC "Private company" Kontrkriminal ".

The founders (participants) of the "Territory of the Law" Society are Zalyubovskaya NV. and LLC "Consulting group" Business Union ", the general director - Fedorov V.Yu., earlier - Rybakov AA.

According to the certificate, which is available to, the only founder (participant) of the company "IG" Development Strategy "is A. Tsvetkov, General Director - Bagryantseva OI, earlier the founder (participant) was also Zalubovskaya N.V. .


The founder (participant) and the general director of the "KPP-Invest-Resource" company was earlier Bagryantseva OI, now Selivantsev IV.

The founders (participants) of the company "MC" Beloved City "is LLC" Consulting Group "Business Union" and Terentyev SV, the General Director of the founder and the General Director of the company itself - Rybakov AA.

The only founder (participant) of the company "Clean City" is LLC "UK" Clean City ", previously the founder (participant) was Rybakov AA.

The founder (participant) of the company "City Social Brokerage Company" is LLC "IG" Development Strategy ".

The sole founder (participant) and general director of the society "GriOpt-Ltd" is Selivantsev IV.

The head of the founder (participant) of the company "Real Estate Workshop", then "ZernoExport" was earlier A. Rybakov, the former Director was Bagryantseva O.I.

The founder (participant) of the company "Management Company" Real Estate Workshop "(INN 7705978257) was previously Bagryantseva OI, the founder (participant) of the company" Management Company "Master of Real Estate" (INN 7705984275) is LLC "IG" Development Strategy "and Bagryantseva O. AND".

As you can see, this business empire includes a number of management companies. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. According to, in reality the scale of the business of the "Officers of Russia" and Anton Tsvetkov is much larger. The above companies are founders of others, and those of the third and so on. Including "Officers" are controlled by many more management companies. We will talk about this in the near future.


To be continued


Mark Goldmann