As the "authority" of Odintsovo OPG deputies and senators drove
12.09.2018 00:38 continues to talk about the Moscow mafia, with which high-ranking officials are connected, former and current corrupt policemen and influential businessmen. In the next part of the investigation, we continue the story of a prominent "agrarians", associate of the governor of the Lipetsk region Oleg Korolev and concurrently a prominent member of the Odintsovo OPG, Alexander Fomichev (Foma). In particular about his business on the transportation of deputies and senators.

One of the "brainchild" Fomichev in Odintsovo district is LLC "Service Plus Auto" among the founders of which Zhirnov and Fomichev. This company owns a large number of land in the Odintsovo district, as well as a large unfinished plant in the village of Malye Vyazemy.

Also in due time Fomichev belonged to "Kart-Service-Sport" LLP, engaged in marketing the products of the Petelin factory. Among the founders of the company is also listed Ustinkin Alexander Sergeevich - a native of the village of Solntsevo Lipetsk region, also a permanent partner Fomicheva for various projects.

According to, Fomichev also monitors and receives income from the activities of OOO Tisa, which is engaged in the construction of cottages. Among the founders of this company are Zhirnov and Trunov. This company was established in 1991.

Under Fomichev's control there is also a consumer housing cooperative "Pridorozhny". It is among the founders of Trunov and Zhirnov, as well as the former GRU officer Yevgeny Tsatsura. Tsatsura is also the founder of the NK "Union of Foreign Intelligence Veterans".

As found out by, Fomichev controls, located in Odintsovo district LLC "Account Special Trans". Among the founders are Zhirnov and Ustinkin. This LLC is part of a large holding company called Gema, which, according to Forbes magazine's rating, ranks 73rd on the list of 200 largest private Russian companies. The holding owns a giant office and warehouse complex in Golitsyno, offers transportation services, warehouse construction, brokerage services, car sales, etc. Specifically, the "Account Special Trans" accounts for outsourcing and servicing of the fleet, its drivers serve the State Duma, the Federation Council, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, the Accounting Chamber, etc. There is reason to suspect that Fomichev may be one of the co-owners of the whole holding "Gema".

Recall that a former employee of the RUBOP MO told that in the early 90's in Odintsovo district, most criminal cases were run by gangster Viktor Denga (Khokhol), Solntsevo authorities and Azerbaijani authorities. "Without their support at that time, no one in this region could rise," the interlocutor said in the RUBOP MO. According to him, Fomichev (Foma) was never an independent person in the criminal world, but rather was a businessman working in close contact with various criminal groups. In particular, he was associated with Soltsev's authority Alexander Sedov (Sedoy, Sasha Moskovsky), whom Fomichev helped to select warehouse premises in the district for smuggled goods coming from abroad. According to the former employee of RUBOP Moscow, it was Denga who was the criminal roof of Fomichev, and in the early 1990s Fomichev was engaged in the construction of cottages in Odintsovo district for part of the "brotherhood" of Money and Solntsev's "authorities". According to the source of, Fomichev closely cooperated with representatives of law enforcement bodies of the district.

To be continued

Rustam Konoplev