Who helped the "diplomatic drug channel" in Moscow
04.05.2018 04:58

Rutelegraf.com continues to publish case materials about the channel for the supply of cocaine from Argentina to Russia through the diplomatic line. In the last article rutelegraf.com publicized two documents. The first one is explanations of Igor Rogov, the head of the Russian embassy in Argentina, for his telephone conversations and correspondence in the messengers with the former delivery of Ali Abyanov and the organizer of the drug channel Andrei Kovalchuk. Also Rutelegraf.com cited the testimony of an employee of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, who "worked out" the participants of the channel for drug trafficking. In the new publication, we give the testimony of an employee of the "K" Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation, who also developed the drug channel. From them you can find out who helped cocaine dealers in Moscow. How 400 kg of cocaine they wanted to withdraw from Argentina in a private plane. And how was the operation in the capital of the Russian Federation to detain drug lords.