The suburbs are gangster. Part 2
21.03.2018 02:50 continues to talk about the Moscow "war", which was attended by senior officials, former and current corrupt police and influential Mafiosi. In the first part of the investigation, we reported the beginning of this story. In the Moscow region, now virtually govern two governors: the day - Andrei Vorobyov and the "nocturnal" - the leader of the Podolsk OPF Sergei Lalakin (Luchok). And, it seems, the first such state of affairs quite suits.

One of the estates of Luchka is the Chekhov district of the Moscow region, where the local OPG is headed by "authority" Nikolai Pavlinov (KolYa or Peacock). The main filler of the obscha at Chekhov's was the authoritative businessman Oleg Strekalov, who is also Ziko. This nickname received for the fact that since childhood he likes to play football, and his idol was the famous Brazilian player Zico. Strekalov sold for $ 55 million TC "Masquerade", his share was demanded by Luchok and the former deputy head of the MOI of the Russian Federation for the Defense Ministry Igor Bolloyev. The latter, according to sources, a close link Luchka. The uninvolved Zico tried to detain for illegal possession of weapons and he fled Russia with money. Then the "duty" was "hanged" on the Peacock. He was asked to return Strekalov to Russia together with the money.


Kolya called Zico, but, being the right gangster, the team did not return to give. He described Strekalov's situation and said: "Babka is not them, you are right and act as you see fit." Ziko considered it necessary "not to go to Russia and not give anything away.

Luchok and Bollev quickly learned about Pavlinov's words and became extremely angry. Almost immediately, a gigantic case of embezzlement of Moscow Region landed, the main defendants of which were Strekalov (wanted) and Pavlinov (arrested in August 2017). According to the investigation, for the period from 2011 to 2016. Strekalov and Pavlinov, as well as a number of businessmen and officials from the Federal Cadastre Chamber for the Moscow Region, committed fraud with land and production buildings in the Chekhov district for a total of 60,645,660 rubles (criminal case No. 94003). That is, theft of land it was, but that the organizers were Ziko and Pavlin extremely doubtful. Yes, and in the media for the "intimidation" was called another amount stolen - as much as 11 billion rubles. Moreover, two former heads of the Chekhov district - Anatoly Chibeskov and Sergei Yudin - became the defendants of the case (and then they were arrested). At first, everyone was perplexed - Chibeskov and Yudin, when they held the post of district manager, had excellent relations with Luchkom. And what will their arrest help Lalakin and Bolloev in returning money from Strekalov?

As it turned out, the "casket" was opened simply. As soon as Peacock failed to return Ziko to Russia, he ceased to be interesting. He does not have the right money. Pavlinov was sent to jail, and "debt" was hanged on the owners of the company "Union Marins Group", whose business is estimated at 2-3 billion dollars. Firstly, they are all long-standing friends and partners of Strekalov - they built a lot of objects together, including cottage settlements. Yes, and Chibeskov and Yudin with "Union Marins Group" were friends more than with Luchkom. And with the "Union Marins Group" you can get very, very much.


The company "Union Marins Group" was created by the former marines, who later served in the Nizhnevartovsk region's OBEP, Ilya Kazakov and Alexander Kulikov. They are also known as ardent Scientology. Their business includes hotels, including in Yalta and Sochi, the shopping center, a lot of land allotments, etc. Sources say that they had never had a powerful cover, they covered themselves with their past as marines and opeps. In particular, marines always guard their objects. Ilya and Alexander have a "younger" partner - Albert Sargsyan. He, so to speak, the "face" of the company, a great fan of organizing "business meetings" in Sochi together with model girls, etc.

However, the "Union of Marines Group" can not be called "white and fluffy". It is with the owners of this company that the interlocutors of link the death of the head of the Chekhov district, Gennady Nedoseki, in 2004.


To be continued