The suburbs are gangster. Part 3.
28.03.2018 04:06 continues to talk about the Moscow "war", which was attended by senior officials, former and current corrupt police and influential Mafiosi. In the first and second parts of the investigation, we reported the beginning of this story. In the Moscow region, now virtually govern two governors: the day - Andrei Vorobyov and the "nocturnal" - the leader of the Podolsk OPF Sergei Lalakin (Luchok). And, it seems, the first such state of affairs quite suits.

Under the control of Luchka is Chekhov's OPG, which is headed by "authority" Nikolai Pavlinov (Kola or Pavlin). The main filler of the obscha at Chekhov's was the authoritative businessman Oleg Strekalov, who is also Ziko. Strekalov sold for $ 55 million TC "Masquerade", his share was demanded by Luchok and the former deputy chief of the MOI of the Russian Federation for the MoD Igor Bolloyev. The latter, according to sources, a close link Luchka. The inflexible Zico escaped from Russia along with the money. Then "duty" was "hanged" on Pavlin, but without success. And he was put in prison. And the debt was "hanged" already on the owners of the company "Union Marins Group", whose business is estimated at $ 2-3 billion. All of them are longtime friends and partners of Strekalov - they built a lot of objects together, including cottage settlements.

However, the "Union of Marines Group" can not be called "white and fluffy". It is with the owners of this company that the interlocutors of link the death of the head of the Chekhov district, Gennady Nedoseki, in 2004.

Just in 2003-2004, the Union Marins Group "went" in the suburbs, bought up land and "put an eye" on the Chekhov district. However, businessmen did not find a common language with the authoritative head of the district Gennady Nedosekoy, better known as Gena Bolshoy. Between him and the owners

"Union Marins Group" began a serious conflict. And in November 2004, Nedosek was killed.


One of the eyewitnesses of those events told how everything was going on. Nedoseka with friends was at one of the matches in the sports palace "Olympic". Friends drank, Nedoseka was tipsy. The party dragged on until night. In the street everyone embraced. Normally, Nedoseva always traveled with 2-3 bodyguards. However, this time he suddenly released the guards and decided to drive one of his Hammer. In conversation with him, everyone realized that at night he was going to have some important conversation, and most likely, even getting a large sum of money. And superfluous "eyes" and "ears" thus are not necessary. And in the morning the body of Nedoseki was found in a burned-out car in the village of Pokrov at the turn to Kostomarovo. According to the official version, the SUV drove to a ditch at high speed, dumped the iron fence and, strangely puffing, stopped. The fire occurred after moving the fence, which broke through the gas tank. Why Nedoseka did not get out of the car, did not explain.

Source, who visited the scene, says that on the seat next to Nedosekoy lay his pistol "TT" with an almost empty clip. But, in the beginning it was stated that the head of the district allegedly by his own drunk earlier shot into the air. And then the topic with the weapon was completely "hushed up".

The source of also said that the body of a large Nedoseki decreased by fire from times of fire. "This can not be during a fire from gasoline from a gas tank, the salon was very strong thermal impact," - said the source of

Everyone who knew Nedosek still believes that he was killed, but the case was simply "hushed up." Some are nodding at the Union Marins Group. It was after his death that the company fully developed in the Chekhov district, finding a common language with Pavlin, Strekalov, the new district heads.


To be continued