Podmoskovye gangster: "Korston"
17.06.2018 16:36

Rutelegraf.com continues to talk about the Moscow mafia, with which high-ranking officials are connected, former and current corrupt policemen and influential businessmen. In the fourth part of the investigation we will talk about the network of hotels Korston and its semi-nominee co-owners Anatoly Kuznetsov and Odyssey Kessidi. In reality, according to rutelegraf.com, the main "roof" of Korston is the leader of the Moscow mafia, Sergei Lalakin (Luchok).

Anatoly Kuznetsov was born in the Gorky region. Graduated from Gorky State University. NI Lobachevsky. And then he was sent to work in one of the scientific centers in the Moscow region of Pushchino. According to rutelegraf.com, in 1987, when the cooperatives were allowed, he organized a shop in Puschino for the production of counterfeit tapes with records of performers and films, much later discs. Business was very profitable, cassettes from Kuznetsov were sold in bulk by merchants throughout Moscow, he opened an office in the hotel "Orlyonok." Also Kuznetsov organized near "Pushchino" his "points" for the sale of tapes. In particular, the market in Serpukhov. Ibid then "lived" and Odyssey Kessidi, who headed the local District Consumers Union. He had several shops (in the 1970s-1980s, underground, at the beginning of co-operation, which became cooperatives) for the production of sausages. The points for the sale of these products were also on the market in Serpukhov. Kessidi and Kuznetsov met and decided to rent the market from local authorities, making it a clothing market. With the help of Kessidi's ties, it was possible to do this, the market was forced with trays and pavilions, which they began to lease. This business brought huge profits.

It is clear that without a reliable "roof" such commerce was impossible. The "roof" of Kessidi and Kuznetsov in Serpukhov was a senior officer of the local militia Fomin, who later became the head of Serpukhov's RUOP. According to rutelegraf.com, Vasily Gusev, deputy Fomin of the RUOP, also "protected" them (he is currently working at the local raiders Sheludyakovs).

Just at the beginning of the 90s, the leader of the Podolsk OPG, the "authority" Sergei Lalakin (Luchok), began his victorious gangster march in Moscow region. There were always "weak" bandits in Serpukhov, so there were no big problems to seize this area. To do this, went to the Podolsk "authority" Ignat, who settled in Pushchino and along with his gang began "lawlessness." Armed with guns and pistols, militants came to offices to businessmen, put their weapons to their heads, some were killed. In total, in a short period of time they disposed of, approximately, 7-8 people, including with "authority" Saykov and the brother of "authority" Sergei Romanov (Earl).

According to rutelegraf.com, in the mid-1990s Ignat had a conflict with Fomin. His exact reasons are not known, according to the main version just because of the right to control the market of Kuznetsov and Kessidi. As a result, a friend of mine brought Fomin to Ignat's house in Pushchino to discuss the problem. He, not looking up from food, shot Fomin in the head. And he continued to eat. The body was hidden somewhere. Officially it was believed that the RUOP chief disappeared without a trace.

Soon Ignat shot himself during the operation of the RUOP of Moscow to detain him on the territory of the Tver region.

After the murder of Fomin and the liquidation of Ignat, the market went under the control of Luchka, who also became a good friend of Kuznetsov. They were seen repeatedly together in "Eaglet", in a casino and striptease, which Kuznetsov and Luchok together opened in Podolsk. According to rutelegraf.com, Lalakin is an unofficial co-owner of Korston and all other businesses of Kuznetsov. Also Kuznetsova was often seen in the society of Chekhov's leader Nikolai Plyvinov (Pavlin), who was arrested for organizing a criminal community.

Soon after meeting Luchkom, Kuznetsov managed to take control of the entire hotel "Eaglet".

To be continued