Sergey Kogogin is rich in family and offshore
18.11.2018 03:25 publishes the third part of the investigation about Sergey Kogogin, the general director of KAMAZ and the owner of a 7% stake in the plant, worth 2.7 billion rubles. If you start looking for answers, as he turned into a billionaire, then you can save materials for a dozen investigations at once. In the last publication, we said that Victor Faber, who was extremely successful for Kogogin, was kidnapped and killed by gangsters, was Kogoin’s main competitor for complete control over.

No less “professional managers” came to the place of the deceased Faber - only members of the family of the general director of the Kogogin plant. The director of the leasing department of KAMAZ Inc. was headed at that time by his mistress Alfia Garifullina. Konstantin Kogogin first headed TK KAMAZ LLP, and then Mercedes Benz Trucks Vostok LLC, a joint venture of Daimler AG and KAMAZ OJSC. The daughter of KAMAZ CEO Tatyana Kogogina became the head of the foreign advertising department of the plant. She now lives in Austria and monitors the family’s many foreign assets. And here is a list of structures where the head or member of the board of directors was or is Tatyana-Dmitry Kuramshin's husband: “KRAN Center KAMAZ”, OJSC Remdizel, JSC Trading and Finance Company KAMAZ, OJSC Neftekamsk Automobile Plant, etc. d.

Also, the relatives of Sergey Kogogin were co-owners of the auditing company AUDEKS, which carried out the audit of all KAMAZ enterprises. It was during the period when AUDEKS served KAMAZ that the enterprise on paper showed “fantastic” results that could only be compared with those of Apple.

At the same time, the company went through a massive reduction in staff due to lack of funds to pay for their labor. It is worth noting that, as far as Kogogin is generous with his relatives, he is also stingy with the simple workers of his enterprises. It got to the point that in 2010 ZFZ workers staged a real riot. Hundreds of people broke into the administration building, demanding an explanation for the extremely low salary. Simple performers received 4-5 thousand rubles a month.

According to, Kogogins simply bathe in luxury and set up warm nests in Europe. Since Kogogin conducts his personal financial activities exclusively through offshores, it is difficult to “calculate” all of his overseas property. However, it is known that the family owns large objects in Nice, in Austria and Italy.

Short time Sergey Kogogin owned and solid real estate in Russia. He owned a cottage with a large plot of land in the prestigious village of Akulinin, Domodedovo district, near Moscow. The cost of the mansion significantly exceeds $ 10 million. And then Kogogin rewrote it to an offshore company - the Cyprus-based STM Development Ltd.

"STM Development Ltd" is the owner of the Russian "VI Holding". The face of the latter structure is businessman Vitaly Mashitsky. However, it is known that he is only a co-owner of VI Holding. The rest of its co-owners should be sought among the carefully concealed owners of STM Development Ltd. It will not be surprising if Sergey Kogogin will be among them. Now VI Holding has joint projects worth billions of dollars with Rostec, which owns 49.9% of KAMAZ shares.


To be continued


Peter Siplov