Spetsbort for 400 kg of cocaine
28.05.2018 03:25

Rutelegraf.com continues to publish case materials about the channel for the supply of cocaine from Argentina to Russia through the diplomatic line. In a previous article, rutelegraf.com cited the testimony of an employee of the "K" Office of the FSB, who was developing the drug channel. From them you could find out who in Moscow was helping cocaine dealers. How 400 kg of cocaine they wanted to withdraw from Argentina in a private plane. And how was the operation in the capital of the Russian Federation to detain drug lords. In a new publication, rutelegraf.com cites a decision to bring the creator of drug cartel Andrei Kovalchuk to criminal liability. From the documents you can find out that special flights (special boards) were used to transport cocaine. And also about two accomplices Kovalchuk - Kalmykov and Khudzhamov. And about how and where to store 12 suitcases with almost 400 kg of cocaine.