"Am I carrying 400 kg of cocaine on Matvienko's plane?"
28.07.2018 01:55

Rutelegraf.com continues to publish materials related to the most scandalous case of drug smuggling - about the channel for the supply of cocaine from Argentina to Russia through the diplomatic line. In a previous article, rutelegraf.com cited the decision to bring the creator of the drug cartel Andrei Kovalchuk to criminal liability. From the documents it was possible to find out that special flights (special boards) were used to transport cocaine. And also about two accomplices Kovalchuk - Kalmykov and Khudzhamov. And about how and where to store 12 suitcases with almost 400 kg of cocaine.

Shortly after the publication of this article, a letter came from the very Andrey Kovalchuk to the editorial office of rutelegraf.com. In it he gives his version of events and critically examines the arguments of the investigation. "In the period of my alleged criminal activity, only three Russian-owned aircraft landed in Argentina: 1 Russian President V.V. Putin; 2 Chairman of the Federation Council V.I. Matvienko; 3 of the Chairman of the SB RF N.P. Patrushev. These data in official access are easily checked at the airport of Buenos Aires. Which of the three planes, the "criminal grouping" that I created, sent drugs to Russia? And how miraculously the dummy of drugs got to Russia in December 2017 ", Kovalchuk questions. He also writes many interesting things. rutelegraf.com offers the reader to read the full text of the letter.