Vaskov Anatoly Tikhonovich

   Anatoly Vaskov was born in Krupinovo village of the Bryansk region. He finished a vocational school.

  In 1972 he graduated from the faculty of philosophy at Zhdanov Leningrad State University .

   In 1976 he graduated from Leningrad High School of the Communist Party.
   In1980-1987 he was an assistant to the chairman of the Executive Committee of Leningrad City Council. He was a consultant of political education centre and an instructor of the organizing department of Bryansk regional committee of the Communist Party. He was a professor of Moscow High School of the Communist Party.

In 1988 - 1989 he was the head ща sub-division and then the deputy head of  Planning Commission of Moscow City Council.
 Then  he was the deputy secretary of Moscow Committee of the Communist Party.

In 1992 - 1996 he was the head of secretariat, an assistant to the president, the deputy chairman and the vice-president of Mosintur company.

In 1995  he represented the Bryansk region in the Russian Government.

In 1996 he was an assistant to the mayor of St. Petersburg in the Federation Council.

In 1997  he joined the Federation Council.
In 2001-2011 he represented the Tula region in the Federation Council.
Medal for 20th Anniversary of Victory 1941-45 (1965)
Jubilee Medal  50 Years of the USSR Armed Forces (1967)
Jubilee Medal  60 Years of the USSR Armed Forces  (1978)
Medal  Veteran of Labor  (1989)
Jubilee Medal for 50th Anniversary of Victory 1941-45 (1995)
Medal for 850th Anniversary of Moscow (1997)
Medal for 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg (2003)
 Order of Honour (2004)
Medal for 1000th Anniversary of Kazan (2007)

  Order of Merit for the Fatherland 4th Grade (2007)
Vaskov is a Ph.D. and an assistant professor.

Up to 1980 Vaskov worked as a secretary for Komsomol (Communist League of Youth) of his vocational school. He was also a secretary of Komsomol of Kherson Marine College and an instructor of Bryansk regional committee of Komsomol, an instructor of the executive committee of Vyborg district council of the Communist Party and a secretary of Komsomol committee of the department of chemistry at Leningrad State University.

In 2011  governor of the Penza Region Vasily Bochkarev suggested smoking ban for officials. Anatoly Vaskov considered it as a violation of human rights. "The Constitution says that everyone has the right to work. It does not say anything about bad habits ",  he said.
Source: Tulskiye novosti, 31 May  2011

Governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev revoked Anatoly Vaskov's authority as a member of the RF Federation Council representing the Tula region. Vaskov had worked for the Federation Council for 10 years. In May 2010  former governor of the Tula region Vyacheslav Dudka extended the  term of his office.
Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda, 3 October 2011