Anikeev Gregory Viktorovich



(B. 28 February 1972, v. Dutovo, Komi Republic, USSR)

In 1994 he graduated from the Vladimir State Technical University. Since 1994, he worked in a number of commercial structures, in the late 90's created and began to develop his own business. He founded a number of large companies that are among the leaders of Vladimir industry and are budget-for Vladimir and Vladimir region as a whole. From February 2005 to December 2007 - a General Director of CJSC "ABI Group".

Twice - in 2007 and 2011 - he was elected to the fifth and sixth convocations of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. He was a member of the State Duma Committee on Labour and Social Policy, now - the Property Committee.



Gregory Anikeev is awarded certificates of honor of the Vladimir Region Administration, the Council of People's Deputies of the city of Vladimir; he has gratitude from a number of departments, state and public organizations. He was awarded the medal "For Courage and Humanism", established by the Association of Veterans of the fighting ATS BB Russia; Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs departmental award - «For assistance to the Ministry of Interior," Gold honorary "Public Recognition" for his great contribution to the development of charity and philanthropy in Russia, fruitful activity for the provision of effective social and spiritual support to the most needy categories of citizens, patriotic active civil position.





Born February 28, 1972 in v. Dutovo Komi ASSR. He graduated from the Vladimir State Technical University (radio technics). In the early 90's he has organized a workshop for the production of ravioli, then created the company "Pokom", engaged in the production of food. He bought up the profile enterprises of Vladimir region, was developing a regional network. Currently he is a CEO and owner of the company "Anikeev Business Invest", operating in the food industry (one of the largest producers of ravioli), trade, construction, transport services, media business (owns a broadcaster and several newspapers in the Vladimir region). On the size of income for 2006 he is ranked a 10th place among the candidates for the Duma (and 9-th - among the deputies). In 2002 he headed the regional branch of the consignment "Vozrojdenie Rossii". In 2005 he entered the list of the party "Motherland" in the elections to the Legislative Assembly of Vladimir region (the local branch of "Homeland" headed by the brother of Anikeev, Valery). In 2007 he became a member of the political council of the local branch of "United Russia".

Directory of Kommersant Vlast, 2008


After spending 42 hours in the temporary detention, the journalist Alexei Salov (the editor of the newspaper "Argumenty Nedeli - Vladimir", a regular contributor of the news website "Vybor33") stated that his case is connected with "the reluctance of some gentlemen to hear criticism in their address."

Alexei Salov was arrested Wednesday night by the staff of DAEC. According to his words, the police did not carry out any searches in an apartment or in an office.

... - I was detained at the request of Anikeev - he said in a telephone interview to the correspondent of "KP".

Komsomolskaya Pravda, 01.05.2010


"Mercy and order" became a major sponsor of almost all significant media of the region foresight. And the firs poured in the listener's ears, and also in the eyes of viewers and readers about the social exploits of "Mercy and order", led by Mr. Deputy. But Internet resource "Vybor33" was found, which criticized the "work" of a federal deputy, and it did it often so relish often that a decent audience, by regional standards, was going to read the exposure. There were no insults. "Vybor33" only wrote that Anikeev PR with might and main that the meetings of the State Duma can not see him, no matter, how often would you watch the TV that "cognitive strategies students, "being introduced to the Vladimir school by him, are very similar to NLP courses, etc. etc. In general, the normal criticism, without which Europe cannot even imagine the political life in a civilized country. But no matter, how often deputy Anikeev rested in Europe, the order in Vladimir he saw differently.

And having decided that the editor of "Argumenty Nedeli - Vladimir" Alexei Salov is related to publications, made a competent provocation by the hands of his subordinates, the result of which were a hundred thousand rubles, thrown by his assistant on a table in a cafe with the cry: "Help, extorted!” The "unexpected" employees in the civilian recorded the situation, noting, however, that the suspect did not touch money, and have no deputy discrediting documents in possession. He only had copies of previously published materials on the Internet about the activities of "Mercy and order" that Anikeev assistant asked him to bring for a meeting under the pretext of non-working printer in her office. Then it became clear that any computer or on different storage media, belonging to him, seized on the same day at Salov A. V., have not even a single file, which caused anger of a "public servant". They did not have a single file at all, which would be referred to Anikeev Gregory and his business. And everything was checking with passion - even recover deleted files. Summoned for questioning editor "Vybor33" explained that: a) only he used the right to post content on the site, b) Salov AV has no relation to the texts, enraging the State Duma lawmaker. And the investigator closed the case.

Zampolit 2010


Another United Russia deputy Grigory Anikeev, earned 859 million. 674 thousand. 841 rubles. From the property he has 18 plots of land, three houses, ten apartments, four parking spaces and a sauna. A declared fleet is also impressive: Hammer H2, KIA-Spectra, Mercedes-Benz S500, «Toyota Land cruiser» 100VX, BMW-750Li, «Suzuki Grand Vitara» XL-7. Transportation parliamentarian interests are versatile and are related not only to water vehicles (Briz Falcon-360, "Brig", "Kazanka 5M"), but also air: Anikeev owns a share in an aircraft Dassault Falcon 2000Ex Easy. By the way, according to the snowmobile Yamaha VK 540E, Gregory Viktorovich is not a stranger to the winter extreme.

Komsomolskaya Pravda, 15.05.2010


A co-owner of sewerage networks and a million other companies with official income 2712131087 rubles for 2011. What, are you confused in numbers? 2 BILLION 712 MILLION 131 THOUSAND 87 RUBLES!!!

The owner and shareholder of the following companies:

100.0% of CJSC "PRESIDENT"

3476 shares of JSC "Pharmacy-122 in Vladimir"

702,000 shares of CJSC "Ekonomych-property"

100.0% of LLC "Trade Marketing"

75.0% AVG Berghotel GmbH

100.0% of LLC "TAIR"

100.0% of LLC "Dynasty"

100.0% of LLC "Villager"

20711 shares of CJSC "Pharmacy"

100.0% "ISA Capital" LLC

10 shares of CJSC "Social Projects"

100.0% of LLC "Capital PRO"

50.0% Hotel Koppeleck GmbH

9999 shares of CJSC "ABI Group"

100.0% of LLC Private Security Company "Fort Mall"

29598190 shares of CJSC "EKONOMYCH"

0.4975% of the company "Visit 1"

550 shares of CJSC "Growth-Radio"

10,000 shares of CJSC "Epoch"

100.0% of LLC "Autoradio-Vladimir"

100.0% of LLC "TRC" TV "

10,000 shares of "Kanban"

10,000 shares of JSC "Central Fair Torch"

10,000 shares of CJSC "ABI Retail"

100.0% of LLC "Volodymyr-Formation"

100.0% of LLC "ABI Mall"

100.0% of LLC "DiskauntFud"

100.0% of the company "Capital Real Estate"

100.0% of LLC "MEGATORG"

40,000 shares of CJSC "ABI Engineering"

100.0% of LLC "power plant"

10,000 shares of "ISA Media"

138389967 shares of CJSC "ABI Prodakt"

We do not publish a property list for a good reason - LOTS OS LETTERS. You can see it here.

Mr. Anikeev, according to the register, is the founder of three other listed companies - CJSC "Delta", CJSC "Vesta" and CJSC "Norta". But we didn't find them in the declaration for some reason.

Gregory Viktorovich for five years of work in the State Duma introduced two amendments and signed under two bills, introduced by a team of authors. If we will meet him in the State Duma, we will ever shake his courageous hand - because without it, the Forbes list would look palely..., 2012


Deputy of the State Duma, United Russian Grigory Anikeev cannot boast of an active legislative activity, or striking public appearances. But, most likely, his fellow party appreciates him for another reason. There are enough speakers and lawmakers in UR, but the billionaires in any party are at premium. And Anikeev - is exactly a billionaire, besides, twice the richest member of the lower chamber of the federal parliament.

A listing of everything belonged to Gregory Anikeev, would require a separate article. Let's try briefly - firstly, meat processing "empire", that begins with a modest workshop for the production of ravioli, salami and sausages. Second - entertainment empire, which includes a TV station, a newspaper, a web resource and two radio stations. Well, in the third - a lot of money, cars, land, property and other pleasures of life.

... Speaking of mass media. With holding "ABI-Media" (that is exactly called the set of Anikeev mass media) occurred an amusing thing. A couple of years ago it was the most closed mass media in the Vladimir region with a mass of information taboos and filters. Viewers with experience can certainly remember that it was not possible to see on "TVC-Vladimir" (later "Peace TV") screen, for example, the governor Nikolai Vinogradov. Another deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the region Sergey Sakharov does not appear there, and he was not alone. In media community was said that the list of "persona non grata" are approved by the "self" and, moreover, there is even a list of words, forbidden in broadcast and print, for example, the adjective "Soviet" with all its derivatives.

PROVladimir, 29.11.2012


A member of the Property Committee of the State Duma Grigory Anikeev in a declaration for 2012 reflected the highest income among the members of the lower chamber of the sixth convocation - 1.1 billion rubles. Despite the lead in this season, as the deputy "turned pale" - his last year's salary amounted to 2.7 billion. In his election declaration Anikeev informed about the presence of large stakes in two German hotels: AVG Berghotel GmbH (75%) and Hotel Koppeleck GmbH (50 %), as well as the contribution in the Swiss bank UBS AG. According to the state commercial register of Germany, current owners of the hotels are already deputy's relatives - Anatoliy and Valery Anikeev. And the information about the closing of accounts at UBS is absent yet.

Ruspres, 09/04/2013


2. Gregory Anikeev

Faction "United Russia"

Total family income: 1,110 billion rubles

Personal deputy income: 1,110 billion rubles

A fact. In terms of personal income Anikeev retains leadership among the deputies of the State Duma of the second year in a row - in 2011 the United Russian also earned in excess of 1 billion rubles. The parliamentarian, who in 1990 founded the holding company "ABI Group", in 2012, retained the mandate, despite the accusations of doing business from the "Socialist" Dmitry Gudkov and Ilya Ponomarev.

Forbes, 15.04.2013


Geographically candidates definitely make a choice for cash holding in the old Europe. Apparently, the biggest foreign account belonged to United Russian Grigory Anikeev - he kept more than 370 million rubles in one of the Swiss banks. Mikhail Slipenchuk, Anikeev colleague on the faction, prefers to diversify his assets - he had already three bills: in Switzerland, France and Monaco, totaling almost 40 million rubles., 05.11.2013


In the early nineties an enterprising young man organized a workshop that produced the dumplings - a product that is always very popular. It went well, and soon he organized a company "Pokom", which produces food. Very soon it became a leader in the ravioli market. Later, the company has developed into an "Anikeev Business Invest." In the 2000s, this holding has also a successful sausage production.

Today, there are a group of companies under the name of ABI GROUP., 2014


Income of the Duma Deputy Grigory Anikeev 182 was 995 million rubles in 2014, it follows from the information, published on Thursday, April 16 on the website of the State Duma. Thus, Anikeev showed the highest revenue among members of the lower house of parliament.

Four apartments, a house, water supply network, gas pipeline network, sauna, sewage system, electricity supply network and two plots of land are listed in Anikeev property. The entire property of the deputy is in Russia. At the end of 2013 Anikeev also showed the biggest earnings in the State Duma of 1.7 billion rubles.

Forbes, 16.04.2015