Yevstafyev Arkady Vyacheslavovich

   Arkady Yevstafyev  was born in Saratov. In 1982 he graduated from the faculty of mechanics and mathematics at Saratov State University with a degree in applied mathematics. In  1986 graduated from the KGB High School. In 1990 he graduated from the Diplomatic Academy under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. He was a professor of  the Department of Mathematical Cybernetics at Saratov State University. He worked for the KGB Office in the Saratov region. After his graduation from the Diplomatic Academy he was appointed second secretary of the  information department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He supervised journalists of Great Britain, Denmark and Scandinavian countries.

In 1991 he worked for  press service of the RF Government.
In 1992-1995 he was an adviser and a press secretary  of Anatoly Chubais, then deputy prime-minister.

 From April 1995 to March 1996 he was deputy director-general of  Public Russian Television company.
In April 1996  he joined Boris Yeltsin's campaign staff.
From August 1996 to 2000  he was director-general of  Protection of private property centre.
In 2000 he was deputy director-general of Mosenergo energy corporation. Yevstafyev was in charge of public relations.  
From September 2001 to April 2002  he was acting director-general of  Mosenergo
 In April 2002 he was appointed director-general of  Mosenergo
On 6 June 2005 he resigned.
In September 2011 he was elected head of   Saratov regional office of  Just Cause political party.
  Order  For merits to the Fatherland  2nd grade (1995)

Yevstafyev was a co-founder of  Montes Auri closed corporation ,  Montes Auri Trust closed corporation,  Montes Auri Holding closed corporation ,  Montes Auri  Managing company of share investment funds closed corporation,    National Barter Corporation Trust limited liability company.
Yevstafyev is married and has three daughters.
Source: Wikipedia

  On 1 December  1992 Yevstafyev became adviser and  press-secretary of Anatoly Chubais who was the chairman of  the  State Property Committee and then became first deputy prime-minister. It was Yevstafyev who suggested an  idea  to allocate money from the funds  of  the State Property Committee for promotion of privatization process. At first, the Committee paid for a good press. Then they went further and invited some deputies of the Supreme Council to popularize privatization for a fee. But  deputy Sergei Polozkov gave rise to a public scandal as he considered the contract as bribery. The Committee stopped the promotion.

 During 1996 presidential election campaign Yevstafyev and Sergei Lisovsky, then head of the election campaign, were detained at the Government House when they carried out   famous  ''photocopier box " with half a million dollars in cash in it. Chief Military Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case, however a year later it was discontinued. Deputy prime-minister Oleg Soskovets, FSB director Mikhail Barsukov and head of the presidential security service Alexander Korzhakov, who were driving force of the detention, got fired.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 28 February 2006

  In 1997 Yevstafyev got involved in " writers' case ". Yevstafyev along with his co-authors were accused of having illegally received   royalties from the book titled The history of privatization in Russia. Yevstafyev got about 90 thousand dollars.

 In November 1997 he was questioned by investigators of Prosecutor General's Office. Then presenter Sergei Dorenko claimed  that Yevstafyev had sought to bribe managers of  Moscow office of Reuters agency, where Yevstafyev's wife Irina worked, and   to  persuade them to confirm legality of the royalties.   In December 1999  ''writers' case'' was closed under an amnesty.

Source: Kommersant,  6 June 2005

  On 27  March   2002   Moscow police opened fraud case  against Arkady Yevstafyev after minority shareholder of SBS-Agro bank Natalia Stepanova had applied to the law enforcement bodies. She stated that in 1998  SBS-Agro bank had been declared bankrupt because Civil Society foundation managed by Yevstafyev had not returned a loan to the bank.  Yevstafyev's house   was searched. Yevstafyev himself went to a hospital, while Anatoly Kucherena    represented him as his lawyer.

In June 2002 the case was  closed due to lack of evidence.

Source: Kommersant, 15 June 2002

  In 2011  oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov  appointed Yevstafyev as chairman of the regional office of Just Cause party.  After a scandal at the party congress   Yevstafyev remained loyal  to Prokhorov  to the end and  quit the party along with him.
Source: Chetvertaya vlast,  23 September 2011