Orlov Dmitry Lvovich


   Dmitry Orlov was born on 2 July  1943  in Sukhumi. In 1968 he graduated from   Moscow Financial Institute.
In 1968-1969 he worked as a senior loan officer for Krasnogorsk office of the USSR State Bank.
In 1969-1980 he was a senior economist and deputy head of capital financing department of the Moscow regional office of the USSR State Bank.
In  1980-1986 he was a manager of Mytishchi office of the USSR State Bank.
In 1986-1987 he was a manager of  Moscow regional office of the USSR State Bank.
In 1987-1991 he worked as head of  Moscow regional office of the USSR Agroprombank.
In 1991 he became director of   Vozrozhdeniye bank.   He also owned  36% of bank shares.
In 1996 he was a member of the Banking Committee under the Russian Government and the Association of Russian Banks.
Orlov is married and has two children, daughter Tanya and son Nikolay. Nikolay is engaged in  corporate managing as a board member of Vozrozhdeniye bank.
At the beginning of 2008 Orlov's wealth was estimated at  550 million dollars.
Source: Finance, 7 June 2009

   On 2 December   1997 administration of the Moscow  region  and  ONEKSIM Bank,  Vozrozhdeniye bank,   Unikombank  signed an agreement on  establishment of United Banking Group  management company. Negotiations were carried out under conditions of strict confidentiality.   Three banks united to transfer assets of the Communist Party abroad. Vozrozhdeniye bank founded specially for  vice-president of Russia Alexander Rutskoi, was also engaged in  laundering money of the Communist Party.

Orlov himself was directly involved in financing   Vozrozhdeniye foundation and Tarals International company used by  Caucasian mafia to launder  money.

Source: Databases of Most Group

  In June 2007  famous director and actor Nikita Mikhalkov was invited to the board of directors of Vozrozhdeniye bank.  Orlov expected that  Mikhalkov's image would  improve reputation of the bank which was important due to high proportion of individuals' deposits in the bank capital. However, judging by the fact that during the  crisis 2008 Vozrozhdeniye fell in profits like no other bank, that step had an adverse effect.

Source: Kompaniya, 11 June 2007

  In 2009   Orlov's  bank was involved in a major scandal when  Parnas-M  St. Petersburg holding controlled by Sergei Udachin  was accused of asset fraud. During the investigation the holding hastily detached its subsidiaries in order to save them from possible seizures. Assets that remained on balance of the main holding company could not cover its debts. Shortly before Orlov  and some other bankers issued credit to  Parnas-M, so they were about to lose their money. Before Udachin managed to bankrupt the parent holding company, Orlov along with other creditors filed a  recovery suit for  27 million rubles.

Source: Vek.Ru, 14 May 2009 

  In September 2011  Alexei Kudrin resigned as  minister of finance. His longtime friend  Dmitry Orlov had good reason to worry about the future of Vozrozhdeniye bank.  In 2000s it was Kudrin who helped Orlov  to keep the bank afloat during the most critical moments in his credit history. That is why in  October 2011  Orlov announced that he was going to partially sell  his stake in the bank.
Sources: bankir.ru,  6 October 2011