Mikhailova Elena Vladimirovna

Was born at 28, April 1997 in Pskov region.


She graduated from the Moscow State Industrial University, majoring in "Jurisprudence"; he earned a Masters of Business Administration in Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Professional experience:


Juridical Adviser of Russian Interior Ministry law group.


Juridical Adviser, Head of juridical Department in a commercial organization.


Director of Corporate and Property Relations in Limited Liability Company (further LLC) "Mezhregiongaz".


Deputy General Director of Corporate and Property Relations of LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz".


Head of Property Management and Corporate Relations Department of Open Joint Stock Company (further OJSC) "Gazprom", Deputy Director General of Corporate and Property Relations LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz".

From January 2012 to 2014

Member of the Management Board, Head of Property Management and Corporate Relations Department of OJSC "Gazprom", Deputy General Director of Corporate and Property Relations of LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz".

From 2015

Member of the Management Board, Head of Department 105, OJSC "Gazprom" (from July 17, 2015 - PJSC "Gazprom"); Deputy General Director of Corporate and Property Relations of LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz".



Elena Mikhailova was born in 1977 in the Pskov region; he graduated from the Moscow State Industrial University, majoring in "Jurisprudence". While being a student, in 1997, she got a job in the newly established Trade Department of the Interior Ministry of Russian Federation. This management was born at the initiative of the Deputy Minister Vladimir Durbazhev - one of the most corrupted generals of Interior Ministry at that time. Already in 1998 Durbazhev was arrested by General Prosecutor's Office for the large-scale theft, after which this governance existed less than a year.

The next place of Mikhailova's work became law firm "Private Right", which is a "child" structure of the law office "Kazakov and Partners." The bureau was established by a lawyer Dmitry Kazakov, and a former vice-president of SIBUR Company Trushin Andrew - an old and loyal friend of top manager of "Gazprom" Kirill Seleznev. Not surprisingly, that "Private Law" and "Kazakov and Partners" participated in all Seleznev projects, related to the energy sector, in particular, served "Gazprom".

Most often young and cute women lawyers were delegated to work with top managers of the gas monopoly from this law firm and law bureau. So Elena Mikhailova was not an exception.

In 2003, Kirill Seleznev was appointed as a head of the "Mezhregiongaz" - holding, managed by regional gas and power sales companies of OJSC "Gazprom". He immediately starts complex manipulations to transfer absolutely all of the assets of the regional distribution companies under the direct control of the head office.  The team of lawyers "Private Law" and "Kazakov and Partners" was involved to aid, among who was Elena Mikhailova. And this cute girl at the age of 26 years was immediately appointed a Seleznev's Deputy General Director for corporate and property relations of "Mezhregiongaz" ... Complex of buildings at Raushskaya waterfront, owned by "Mosenergo", was sold to OOO "Intercession" two times lower than the market price - subsidiary of "private law".

«compromat.ru». 11.12.2014

Kommersant has learned, OJSC "Gazprom" intends to deprive its subsidiary LLC "Mezhregiongaz" of property, located on its balance in the regions. Manual "Mezhregiongaz" leadership demanded from regional representatives to pay off the debts to the company's own property, transferring them to the balance of CJSC "ROSSHELF". In the end, property will fall in the property of "Gazprom", but first the minority shareholders of "Rosshelf" will be able to make money on it.

As a source, close to the former management of the company, told to Kommersant, a telegram of deputy general director of "Mezhregiongaz" Irina Fedotova was sent on July 24 on the address of the regional companies on gas sales with the requirement to provide "Mezhregiongaz" data with information about the regional offices of LLC property and an independent evaluation of it within three days.

According to these data, Ms Fedotova insisted in the document on that valuation of assets does not exceed the carrying of more than 10-15%. According to Kommersant, we are talking about real estate worth up to 2 billion roubles. Five days later, another deputy director of "Mezhregiongaz" - Elena Mikhailova directed to heads of the regional companies a letter requesting re-register the ownership of the previously stated in the telegram of Ms. Fedotova assets in the property of the Moscow CJSC "RSH-Center." In the letter, according to the source, it was proposed to carry out transfer of assets on an accelerated order. The existence of regulations on the transfer of property to the Directors of "regional gas companies" was confirmed in the press service of "Gazprom". As a result of this operation, which is not yet completed, because the process of "regional gas companies" assets valuation was delayed, all real estate regional offices of "Mezhregiongaz" had to go from a 100-percent subsidiary of "Gazprom" in the ownership of St. Petersburg CJSC "ROSSHELF".

“Kommersant”. 09.10.2003

"Mosenergo" – is a subsidiary company of "Gazprom". And all the vital decisions there are made with the knowledge of the members of this respected organization. "Expediency" of selling of real estate, owned by "Mosenergo" was confirmed, as it has been written in the newspapers, by a source, close to Gazprom. Kirill Seleznev is closest to the country's gas breadwinner by electricity. This year he celebrates 35 years old, 7 of which it holds a chair member of the board of Gazprom. He also is a General Director of LLC "Mezhregiongaz", responsible for the direction of power energy of the holding.

General Director of LLC "Mosenergo" Vitaly Yakovlev plays not a last violin in that orchestra, although he is closer to the accounting side of the score on its profile.

Is to say, that are public figures, who announce memoranda and verdicts. But there are other characters who painfully looking for ways to solve complex problems, staying in the shade of "generals".

Elena Mikhailova - is a Deputy General Director of Corporate and Property Relations LLC "Mezhregiongaz".

Svetlana Antonova - Deputy General Director of Legal Work of LLC "Mosenergo". What unites these two women? It is the ability to understand the intricacies of the legal problems of modern business and to find where the "subtlety" is. Both of them have been passed a good school in a law firm "Private Law", founded by the former vice president of SIBUR Andrew Trushin and head of "Kazakov and Partners" bureau Dmitry Kazakov. Svetlana Antonova, before taking a high position in "Mosenergo", led a Corporate Law Department of that firm. And Elena Mikhailova combines managing of "Mezhregiongaz" with the performance of judge duties of the law firm "Private Law" arbitration court.

It is not worth paying attention to it, if "Private Law" was not a structure, where not last place takes Intercession, already familiar to the reader."

         “Stringer”. 02.02.2009

         A new head of “Gazprom” property department became Elena Mikhailova, 34 years old. For 8 years she works as a Deputy of General Director for Corporate and Property Relations of “Gazprom” (from 2010 – “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz) – subsidiary company of monopoly, which sells natural gas to consumers in Russia. General Director of this structure, Kirill Seleznev, is a board member of “Gazprom”.

         “Slon.ru”. 30.12.2011

         At first sight, an appointment to the post of head of the Property and Corporate Relations Department of “Gazprom” of a former lawyer of Interior Ministry Trade Department Elena Mikhailova looks very controversial. She is only 34 years old, in spite of this, she must take one of the key positions in the monopoly. Previously, she was able to not less stunning staffing ups: just in four years after graduation (26 years old) on some fluke she became Deputy General Director of Corporate and Property Relations of "Mezhregiongaz", "daughter" of "Gazprom".

         “Compania”. 16.01.2012

The majority of operations in the country have been on the "daughter" of the gas monopoly - LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz". Every year, "Gazprom" highlights her tens of billion roubles, most of which, as it was shown by the investigation, can be sent virtually unhindered by management of its "daughter" of OJSC "Mezhregionteploenergo" on dubious deals, reservation - perhaps from good intentions. Nevertheless, it turned out as always - the money was in the offshore company accounts, inaccessible for Russia, registered in a beautiful Mediterranean country, cute heart to not only ordinary Russians, but also many Russian officials and businessmen.

This is precisely the fate of 8.3 billion roubles, allocated a few years ago for projects in power to "daughter" of "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" (and, in fact, "granddaughter" of the parent company). Rather than let the money for intended purposes, OJSC "Mezhregionteploenergo" management has used them for a number of excessively-unreasonable deals, after which the money is settled in the Cyprus offshore. For there, among palm trees and cypresses, money for heating is much more necessary, than in cold Russia...

In my opinion, the agreement on debt restructuring could not be signed without the knowledge of the Deputy General Director "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" of Corporate and Property Relations Elena Vladimirovna Mikhailova (also known as - Head of the Department of Property Management and Corporate Relations of OJSC "Gazprom"). Hardly Ms. Mikhailova could not calculate what losses entail the conclusion of this agreement for the gas companies. Apparently, she had some personal reasons why she decided to support the "Mezhregionteploenergo". Guess what?

There is a "Gazprom" manager, which made rapid meteoric career, and there are billions of roubles, found on the Cypriot accounts. What do you think about these coincidences? That's right, so am I...

“Sovershenno secretno”. 28.04.2015

According to experts, in the course of legal proceedings, related to the head of LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" and "Gazprom" the Board Member Kirill Seleznev, public information about a considerable "corruption component" can be made, which is available in the activities of this top manager and his colleagues.

Often in corruption scandals, associated with the name "Seleznev", featured his closest associate and deputy general director for corporate and property relations of "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" Elena Mikhailova (she's a member of the Board of PJSC "Gazprom"; Head of the Department).

“Prestupnaya Rossiya”. 23.12.2015

But do not think that in LLC "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" "the cuts" are engaged only by adviser of the general director Raul Arashukov, and Kirill Seleznev himself. As it turned out, there is an entire system in this "Gazprom" "daughter", constructed for redirecting cash flows from government purchases to the "right channel".

The mass media have the information, that tens of billions of roubles spent on the accounts of companies that belong to someone, affiliated with Seleznev.

Rumour has it that the closest associate and deputy general director of corporate and property relations of "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" Elena Mikhailova involved at the conclusion of assets.

It is considered, that due to Mikhailova, LLC "Gazenergoservis" began to receive part of "Gazprom" contracts, which is controlled by Ivan Mironov, step-brother of Kirill Seleznev.

“Moskvu post”. 12.01.2016




Russian media have conducted an analysis of some activity of the company "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" and came to the conclusion that the executive chief, "sawing" money, is the Deputy Director of Economics and Finance of "Mezhregiongaz" Natalia Konovalenko, including controlling the execution of government contracts.

Media speculated that Konovalenko and other members of company management opened several firms that regularly got tenders for various deliveries. This company - LLC "ANT-Inform", LLC "Gazstroy Severo-Zapad", "ProdzhektTehnolodzhi" LLC and LLC "Arma". Deliveries were made at inflated prices, according to preliminary calculations, by 30%. As a result, since the beginning of 2013 for a year and a half could be inferred 400 million roubles.

According to the newspaper "Vek", Natalia Konovalenko through electronic trading followed that tenders were in the right hands, and also control the activities of these firms. Deputy of the Head of "Mezhregiongaz" Investment and capital construction Anatoly Erkulov and Head of the Department of Property Management and Corporate Relations of OJSC "Gazprom" Elena Mikhailova helped her. The latter had previously been involved in high-profile case of the withdrawal of the property of the regional "daughters" in "Mezhregiongaz".

IA “Inrayt”. 17.04.2014

TGC-2 is in a difficult situation last months. The company allowed a technical default on the bonds, sparked criticism from Dmitry Medvedev for the debt to "Gazprom", which seemed to have settled with the gas monopoly. In Yaroslavl, a criminal case has been initiated in relation to management of TGC-2. New General Director of TGC-2 Andrey Korolev told to "Kommersant", what the cause of the problems was and what is happening in the company in fact.

But it is incomprehensible why "Gazprom" publicly displays issue of non-payment of TGC-2 for gas at the level of the premiere in two weeks after the "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" and TGC-2 signed an agreement on the settlement of the debt.

Yes, the agreement was concluded. It was just the final stage of relations. It was more concerned with the previous General Director, but, because this issue is also the responsibility of the board of directors, it came to me also. I spoke with Elena Mikhailova myself (deputy general director of "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" Corporate and Property Relations. - "Kommersant"), asked: "What is your position?" She says: "Your TGC-2 is not needed for us, pay the money - if you will bankrupt, we do not want to remain in the final stage, as in Tver, with nothing, we want a pledge of assets». And they limited gas to us. We have laid them an assets in Arkhangelsk, were negotiating with the bank, said: "Take the pledge, we need to pay to" Gazprom ". But, we do not have time to finish these negotiations with the banks, so we gave assets to "Gazprom". Elena Mikhailova said that if we will borrow a credit at the bank, they free up assets from the pledge, on condition that the money will be used for gas. And we agreed on this. And then suddenly BANG - and a public statement by Alexey Borisovich to Dmitry Anatolyevich, and a criminal case.

“Kommersant”. 21.11.2013

         European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has registered a complaint of lawyer Dmitry Kolenkov, who said that "Gazprom" unlawfully deprived his property. On plots of the Nizhny Novgorod citizen in Sosnovsky region a compressor station and the site of the main gas pipeline were built without his consent. The fact of the unauthorized land use by "Gazprom" has been confirmed by the arbitral tribunal. But the lawyer failed to achieve the return of land or compensation. In "Gazprom" they say they are ready to negotiate with the owners, but the situation cannot be resolved for several years.

According to the complaint of lawyer Dmitry Kolenkov to the ECHR, "Gazprom" has not returned him the land area of 5 hectares in the Krasnenkaya village in Sosnovsky region, which received for temporary use in 2007.

"Gazprom" argues that they "continue the work to resolve land relations" with the land owners. "OJSC" Gazprom "is ready to sign lease agreements of land for constructed facilities relying on the calculations of an independent company appraiser. However, the land owners shying away from conclusion the lease agreements for land, "- responded to the "Kommersant" request "Gazprom" board member, Head of the Department of Property Management and Corporate Relations Elena Mikhailova. According to her, "Gazprom" has received all the necessary permits for construction and commissioning of "site Pochinki - Yaroslavl" facility and the compressor station "Novoarzamasskaya" and the company "has signed contracts with the owners at the time of the construction of facilities."

         “Kommersant”. 24.04.2014

         Earnings of "Gazpromneft" board members grew by 15.3% in 2014 relatively to the previous year and amounted to 903 million roubles. This is stated in the quarterly report of the company. Board of "Gazpromneft" consists of 10 people. Without thinking, one of the members of the Board of "Gazprom" Elena Mikhailova, born in 1977, lawyer.

I look at the official biography on the official website of the company, and do not understand anything. Middle school, MBA degree from the Academy of National Economy, a routine work from a legal adviser of Trade Counsel in the Interior Ministry to the rapid rise in "Mezhregiongaz" - well, okay, in general. Salaries are 100-150 thousand. But almost 150 million ... It is a state company that is owned by all the people - well, that and let someone explain me how the activities of respectable Elena Vladimirovna promotes efficient extraction of gas and its beneficial implementation to the state?

"Gazprom" calls for a revolution!

         “Stringer”. 17.02.2015

         PJSC "Gazprom" intends to connect about 25 hectares of land around the "Lakhta Center." Company asks the site from the city. It is expected that a monopoly require this area for the creation of public and business district next to the complex. Investments into the project are estimated at 21 billion roubles. Until 2021 it is planned to build a hotel here, an exhibition, a museum and a sports space. Experts believe that investors will be easier to pan the new site than to pass a long land redemption procedure from private owners. PJSC "Gazprom" plans to invest 21 billion roubles in the creation of social and business district around the complex "Lakhta Center" in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, board member of the company Elena Mikhailova yesterday said about it at the Investment Council under the Governor of St. Petersburg.

         “Kommersant” 30.10.2015