Tukhtyaev German Borisovich

A businessman and co-holder of   audit limited liability company «Micropol Consulting», and consulting company « Finstroykonsalting ».

He is a brother of Leonid Tukhtyaev, who is a co-holder and chairman of board of directors of «Sudostroitelny bank».



Irina Ivanovna and her family succeeded in business. Together with her husband Leonid and his brother German Tukhtyaev she owns an audit company «Micropol Consulting». With German Tukhtyaev «this writer» also owns one more audit company «Finstroykonsalting». And since 2011, the main commercial project of Irina is the "Ecodom" LLC , which provides intermediary services related to real estate and land - mainly in the prestigious Odintsovo district near Moscow.

 Source: http://www.moscow-post.com, 12.07.2013

Understanding the useless of asking the local authorities for any conceivable explanation, the citizens of townships addressed direct to the culprit of this complicated situation. But, as they later said, the talk turned out into the showdown of the style of 1990th.Translating into literary language, the author of  the book «Zoki i Bad» told the visitors, that everybody should pay like one o'clock, and those who do not agree with this matter of fact, will deal not only with her husband, but also with her  previously convicted brother German, and also with Timour Kalinovsky, whom the locals consider as criminal authority.

Old-timer good-brother and respected tutor

It appears that all these menaces are not just wish-wash. was put on the wanted list According to the information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in 2004  Tyukhtyaev Herman was put on the wanted list by the Criminal Investigations Department of Mytishchinsky District for intentional infliction of serious bodily injury resulting in death (Article 111 of the Criminal Code). On the 1st of February 2005 he was arrested near the house at 2/3 -2 Khlebnikov by street  in Moscow by the members of the 4th Division of the Moscow police Department for Organized Crime Control and 3rd Division of the 1st Operational Investigation Unit of Bureau of Criminal Investigation of the Chief Administration of Internal Affairs of Moscow region. In November 2005 Tyukhtyaev was handed over to the initiators of the investigation, the case of the beating to death was convicted, but the German was not arrested. There is nothing surprising in it. His family is not poor, and he is an old friend of Timour Kalinovsky.

Source: http://www.moscow-post.com, 12.07.2013