Prokopieva Larisa Aleksandrovna

Surname: Prokopieva

Name: Larisa

Middle Name: Alexandrovna.



In 1974 she graduated from the Altai Polytechnic Institute behalf of Polzunov. Candidate of Technical Sciences (1986).

She worked in the Altai Research Institute of Chemical Technology, the Federal "Altai" Research and Production Center.

From 1992 to 1999 - "Evalar" CEO.

From November 1, 1999 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of CJSC "Evalar" (Biysk, Altai Territory).         



Married. She has a son and a daughter. Son Alexander Prokopiev - a Russian businessman, deputy of the State Duma of the VI convocation from the "United Russia".



Yesterday, the Federal Antimonopoly Service Control Commission (FAS) on the Novosibirsk region found the Bijsk Company "Evalar" guilty in unfair competition. The company registered trademark "red root" and tried to prevent competitors from using this phrase on the packaging of their products. Novosibirsk Company "Green Doctor" was able to prove that the "red root" - is a well-known name of the plant "Hedysarum".

"Kommersant". 16.12.2004


In 2005-2006, the Federal Antimonopoly Service has recognized the company "Evalar" guilty of unfair competition and deprived of exclusive rights on the name "Red Root", allowing other companies to use this phrase.

In 2008, in the Primorye Territory yeasts and molds were found in the party of BAA of "Evalar", and in August 2009, the Federal Service of the Omsk region has revealed violations of hygiene at the turnover of the product of "Evalar." It was found that the information on the leaflet in BAA "Ovesol", "Blueberry Forte with vitamins and zinc," "Ginkgo bilboa" does not match the information, agreed upon receipt of certificates of conformity of voluntary certification systems. Also in BAA "Blueberry-forte with lutein" the content of the biologically active component (zinc) did not comply with regulations - it was reduced.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has repeatedly recognized inappropriate and violating  the current legislation the advertising of certain drugs of "Evalar", as BAA "Glycine Forte Evalar", "A / D Minus", "Inulin Forte Evalar", "Turboslim" - were advertised as medicines, introducing consumers in delusion. Also false information about the benefits of BUD "Glycine Forte Evalar" before the medicine "Glycine" was given in the advertisement ... In 2013, Rospotrebnadzor make the same accusations against dietary supplements "Ci-Klim", "Motherwort Forte", "AD minus" and "Inulin Forte Evalar." They noted that their effectiveness is in no way confirmed, so the company claims are misleading consumers.

In advertising of the mean "AD minus" was reported that its constituent plant extracts prevent high blood pressure and help to protect blood vessels. In "Inulin forte" advertisement was stated that it reduces the risk of diabetes and occurrence of its complications. However, according to the law "On Advertising", dietary supplements and nutritional supplements advertising must not create the impression that they are drugs or have medicinal properties. The FAS Commission issued a binding determination to stop the spread of false advertising.



Dietary supplements (BAA) increasingly enter our lives. Russia's largest producer of herbal remedies, Bijsk company "Evalar" over the past two years has doubled its sales. The company invests in the development of the production of its own funds and is trying to compete with foreign producers on the Russian market, avoiding third-party investors. The main shareholder and chairman of the board of directors of "Evalar" Larissa Prokopieva told about the specifics of the market of bioactive supplements and plans of the company....

"Evalar" was established in 1991 on the basis of once powerful defense enterprise "Federal Research and Production Center "Altai", where 10 000 people work. Then, in the early '90s, workers of FRPC, leasing or privatizing its property, organized their own companies of various fields. I was a senior fellow and directed a technology group in FRPC. We developed cold gas compositions for defense purposes. When auctioned, creating "Evalar” started producing decorative cosmetics.

"Vedomosti". 26.08.2005


Founder of "Evalar" began to do business in the early 1990s, when the "Federal Research and Production Center" Altai", on which were developed components and fuel for the strategic missile systems, began the conversion. In the closed area was created a few dozens of companies for the production of civilian goods. Senior Researcher of NPC Larisa Prokopieva with colleagues arranged the production of chewing gum and, as they say, sold it quite well until foreign corporations bend the market under them. Decorative cosmetics, which aspiring entrepreneurs have tried to produce the equipment, leased from the Polish company Pollena, was also not able to compete with foreign.

"Forbes". 25/12/2014


Daughter of Larissa Prokopieva Natalia in 2009 headed the Committee for the Control of dietary supplements of non-commercial partnership "Manufacturers of dietary supplements, therapeutic and preventive nutrition" (he also led the Board of Directors of "Evalar" and the Moscow representative office of the company). Son of Alexander in December 2011 was elected to the State Duma on the list of "United Russia". He is now a member of the Duma Committee on Health and the head of the subcommittee on the improvement of medical education, the development of science and new technologies in medicine. "We can not say that he is lobbying the interests of the company, we do not need special laws. He is trying to improve the legislation for all the entire market, "- says Prokopieva.

"Forbes". 25/12/2014


There are scammers who sell BAA as panacea. However, for many consumers, as BAA stand in the shelf next to the medicine in the pharmacy, they are considered as medicine. "However, concluded Ms. Nikitina, the future is after the BAA, but their market must become civilized.

"Working on BAA market for 15 years, I do not remember an amount of aggression and attacks on BAA, as it was in the past two years," - stated director of the Moscow representation of the company "Evalar" Natalia Prokopieva, participating in the debate. In her opinion, the main problem - is mass media, "who did everything to damage to the reputation of the market and leading manufacturer of BAA."

Responding on questions about the value of regulation of BAA, Ms. Prokopieva noted that the high price of dietary supplements can only take place in non-pharmacy sales, and stressed: "As for the price of BAA in pharmacies, the market regulates them."

In addition, she added the list of regulations, given by Mrs. Nechaeva that had the greatest impact on the dietary supplements market in Russia, recalling the ban of alcohol-containing dietary supplements in 2006. "For the company "Evalar" it is 40% of produced dietary supplements, which are gone from the market. I think that many manufacturers are faced with a similar situation ", - stated Natalia Prokopieva.

"Pharmaceutical Bulletin". 19.05.2010


Production of BAA - is a very profitable business. What can afford Russia's largest player in this market, which revenue is 7.4 billion rubles?

And now we are going up on this, and going around this, "- pilot of six-seat Eurocopter is happy to demonstrate the possibility of a foreign helicopter, smartly maneuvering among the peaks of the Altai foothills. From the city of Biisk, where the plant "Evalar" is situated, to the company's plantations fly a maximum of 20 minutes. There is no possibility to get there by car. "Evalar" has more than 1000 hectares of land in the mountains, where is grown over 30 species of medicinal herbs. "Not to say that their raw materials is more cheaply obtained, but definitely of better quality," - says CEO and founder of the company Larisa Prokopieva...

In the mid-2000s, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has accused the company of unfair competition due to the acquisition of exclusive rights to the name "Red Root", and in 2008 a mold was found in its BAA. In April 2009, FAS found inappropriate drug advertisements of “Transit", "creating the impression" that this BAA has healing properties; advertising of two dietary supplements company was found improper in May. In 2011 FAS accused "Evalar" in violation of the law "On Advertising": the promotion of "Glycine Forte Evalar" "appeared an impression" that BAA is a medicine. In the same year the company received an injunction from the FAS to stop the spread of false advertising of dietary supplements "Insulin Forte Evalar" and "AD minus", from which the consumer could make a conclusion that these dietary supplements heals. In February 2013, the company received a corresponding warning from Rospotrebnadzor.

"Forbes". 25/12/2014


"Ovesol" - removes toxins, prevents the formation of stones, "Endocrinol" - is the apotheosis! - Adjusts the level of hormones, - listed in May 2013 at a meeting of the State Duma deputy Anton Belyakov. - "Triad Evalar" - we are told about it every day on all TV channels continuously - has a parasites output effect, although it is proved that it hasn't. Finally, an aerobatics, "Shiitake" - cancer prevention. Well, is there any conscience?! "

"Evalar" really doesn't saves on promoting their dietary supplements.

According to Adindex data, the company spent on advertising 2.5 billion rubles in 2013 - only 43 million less than Coca-Cola, and took the 21-th place in the ranking of the largest Russian advertisers. The State Duma discussed a bill of toughening of advertisement of dietary supplements. Belyakov proposed to ban it completely.

Year 2000, the most popular item in Russian pharmacies - is a "Hawthorn tincture." One hundred milliliters of a strength of 70 degrees costs 6-8 rubles, not a subject of any excise or VAT. You can buy at any time of the day, but a particular demand is in the morning - with a hangover. Altai Company "Evalar" also decided to make a popular product. Bought tons of hawthorn around and contacted the Moscow office of one of the largest producers of liqueurs. "Hawthorn? - Surprised in Moscow. - Who told you that we use it in tincture? Colorings are enough for us." Assembled hawthorn went to the warehouse to better times, but after a year "Evalar" released its own hit - "The infusion of cinquefoil" for the joints and spine.

"Forbes". 25/12/2014


The State Duma in heavy dispute finally approved the bill of the first reading on advertising of dietary supplements. Prokopiev, a shareholder of "Evalar" didn't protect it; the other deputies did it...

A. Belyakov spoke in favor of the prohibition of advertising of supplements. Even vitamins can be used as needed and how it is needed. Only 10% in the world goes without a prescription, we have - 85%. Answering the question of Nicholas Kolomeitseva, Kashevarov said about the absence of mortality statistics.

N. Kolomeytsev noted the lack of analytics, promised to support the bill, but warned that it is insufficient. He compared the creation of gray schemes with the construction of the pyramids. The pharmaceutical market of Russia was defeated. Mass media are interested in bad money. Tax service too. A non-stop advertising of things that not exists brings great harm.

Ivan Nikitchuk stated that Evalar is fraudulent company, just go around the corner - Turboslim tea, coffee Turboslim. Who are their roof? Belyakov proposed to ask the shareholder, who is the roof of Evalar; Alexander Prokopiev is sitting in the hall. A week before the session of the Duma Evalar website has been tweaked, still good that the deputy Belyakov made screenshots with the notarization. Drugs for weight loss have a diuretic effect. They are registered not as a cure, but the packaging and insert says that each granule cures almost all diseases. By the way, we do not say that we have not considered packaging as an advertising space.

A. Belyakov offered not to catch unfair advertising in their question, but to check the advertising for compliance with the law for five days before publication. Kashevarov equated such a rule to censorship and said that it is premature. Now, if the law does not work, then we can go back. 05/14/2013


State Duma deputy from the faction "Fair Russia" Anton Belyakov will explain his accusations against the United Russia-colleague Alexander Prokopiev in possession of assets, owned by his mother Altai company, producing dietary supplements "Evalar", reports

Suffered for the truth?

At a recent meeting of the State Duma at the first reading of a bill to tighten advertising of dietary supplements Belyakov repeatedly called Prokopiev a shareholder of this company.

It is necessary to clarify here that Mr. Prokopiev is the son of the general director of "Evalar" - Larissa Prokopieva. A business activity is prohibited by law to people's choices.

In particular, discussing the restriction of dietary supplements advertising, deputy Belyakov cited the example of the Altai "Evalar" and added:

"By the way, I ask to love and favor: Alexander, the largest shareholder of "Evalar", now in the hall, listening to me, and, I think, he may even has the answer." And although the SR himself didn't call the surname of his colleagues, "not to get personal," later party members of Prokopiev have confirmed themselves that we are talking exactly about him.

"". 06/28/2013


The owner of "Evalar" invested the part of the profits from the food supplements in the media business. In 2013 she bought from a local businessman Anatoly Bannyh Altai releases of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Arguments and Facts", "Moskovsky Komsomolets" and several city newspapers and popular news web sites in the Altai.

"Forbes". 25/12/2014


The introduction of criminal responsibility for the import of medicines, unregistered in RF, in Russia, actually puts into question the right to life of people, suffering from various serious diseases. For the unauthorized importation of the drug in Russia, which is not produced in our country, brokers and "shuttles" will soon have to go to jail, and patients will only have to die slowly...

The authors of the bill in the State Duma acted 10 members of the "United Russia", including the chairman of the State Duma Security Committee and the Anti-Corruption Irina Yarovaya, her deputy Ernest Valeev, members of the State Duma Committee on Health, Alexander Prokopiev and Salia Murzabaeva and 6 more of United Russia.

Deputy Prokopiev, the son of the owner of a major producer of dietary supplements (dietary supplements) - the company "Evalar" of Larissa Prokopieva, stands out in this list. Forbes magazine called him one of the wealthiest of the authorities in 2012, with a family income of 234.36 million rubles. The interest of parliamentarians in the protection of dietary supplements on the market from counterfeit and various cheap generic additives is obvious.

The initiative to establish such a bill, in which, along with the tightening of penalties for counterfeit dietary supplements were included fake and unregistered drugs in the Russian Federation, may belong exactly to him. Perhaps drugs that are not registered in Russia were prescribed in the document, to divert attention from BAA and give a greater significance to the legislative initiative.

I sometimes think that the Duma deputies are not cannibals, vampires or demons at all. It's just people who want to look respectable, but completely rustic. Wanted to close the market for dietary supplements - attributed medication to BAA at all.

"Philanthropist". 09/01/2014


It is foolish to think that Larisa Prokopieva could create "Evalar" alone. It is known that in the creation of this enterprise (even at the time of the development of cosmetic business) took an active part one of the top managers of the Polish company Pollena Eva Dambrovska. Even the name "Evalar" - is a combination of the names of Eva and Larissa.

However, Ms. Prokopieva wasn't engaged in makeup for long, switching on the pharmaceutical business, namely - on dietary supplements. In this business, Larissa Prokopieva, in fact, did not focus on the product quality mostly, but on "advertising component." In fact, "Evalar" followed the path of "the kings of advertising of 90" - "Herbalife" and MMM.

In 1996, "Evalar" began to advertise in federal publications, which increased revenues double to 17 million rubles. In 1997, revenue has doubled again.

In 1998 it rose to 78 million rubles, and in three years amounted to 138 million rubles. The company invests in advertising revenue 12-15%. In 2013, 2.5 billion rubles were spent on marketing, putting "Evalar" on 21-th place in the ranking of the largest Russian advertisers.

Such mass advertising is clearly alluding to the fact that Larissa Prokopieva remember the lesson of MMM well (in the early 90's advertising this "Ponzi scheme" was everywhere - Ed.).

This dietary supplements from "Evalar" were advertised as medicines, misleading consumers. Although, according to the law "On Advertising", BAA and nutritional supplements advertising must not create the impression that they are medicines or have medicinal properties.

It turns out that Larissa Prokopieva literally "drives" the Russians "by the nose", "vparivaya" (selling) to gullible citizens (especially pensioners) a supplements under the guise of medicine. The following drugs were under the violating of the law on advertising (in their "promotion" in the media): BAA "Glycine Forte Evalar", "A / D Minus", "Inulin Forte Evalar", "Turboslim" etc.

«". 03/30/2016


The owner of a successful business project under this brand is Larisa Prokopieva, included in the published in late March of this year, the top-ranked 20 of the most successful and influential business women in the Russian Federation.  "Evalar" just became the main asset of a business lady; over the past decade has frequently been the subject of complaints from consumers, disgruntled with purchasing of substandard drugs. The number of complaints on BAA, produced by this pharmaceutical company, is increasing every year, regulations to exclude a number of products from the market, made by of Rospotrebnadzor and Roszdravnadzor, became the result of it. However, the pharmaceutical business of Mrs. Prokopieva continues to thrive, and business, organized "on the bones" of a large military enterprise - to expand.

The trial of three years ago against "Evalar" dietary supplements made possible to detect the presence of a dangerous poison for human health in "harmless" supplements - local control of Rospotrebnadzor in the Sakhalin region in the production with a name, not gone from TV screens, experts have found arsenic. As used for baiting mice composition contained in the "blueberries forte with lutein", represented by the manufacturer as a "vitamin for eyes." Deadly balls didn't become "the last straw" - later supervisory authorities discovered a new threat to compatriots - ionizing radiation in other BAA of "Evalar" - in the drug "Milo-9", positioned by the pharmaceutical company as a "medicine for the heart and blood vessels"

"A New Look". 04/04/2016


On the initiation of the criminal case against the director of the Altai regional "Center of Consumer Rights Protection" NGO, as well as Novosibirsk resident, reported April 15 regional management of the RIC. Both men (their names are not called) have the status of suspects of crimes under Art. 204 of the Criminal Code (commercial bribery). The RIC reported that on April 5 at one of the cafes of Barnaul the citizen gave 2 million rubles as commercial bribery to the Director of the Altai regional public organization "Center for the Protection of Consumer Rights." The money was handed over to the Director for a revocation of a statement by the director, filed on behalf of a public organization, headed by him, to one of the limited liability companies of St. Petersburg and the conclusion of an amicable agreement with this company in the court (probably talking about the lawsuit in the Central District Court of Barnaul). The statement of RIC contains no details about the nature of the conflict. However, in just a few minutes after application of RIC in mass media of "Evalar group", published in the Altai, appeared extensive information about the essence of the conflict. It is reported that a criminal case was caused by an attempt to pressure specializing in the use of Russian law on consumer protection in their interests of community members to producers of nutritional supplements in St. Petersburg - "VIS" LLC (and possibly RIA Panda). The circumstances of the case allows to suggest that the investigation may involve in their orbit the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Altai Territory Nikolay Yakushev, which was working closely with the suspected extortion public men, as well as representatives of Russia's largest producer of dietary supplements - group Evalar, stationed in Altai, having a significant position in the media sector and the authorities. So the son of the main owner of Evalar 29-year-old Alexander Prokopiev, after the group has become a strategic sponsor of the local United Russia in the controversial 2011 elections (experts estimated time Evalar contribution to the election funds of more than $ 10 million) received from the Altai United Russia a mandate of a deputy of State Duma and intends to extend it in the elections in September 2016, taking part in the primaries of UR now.

"What to do". 04/15/2016


Crime story began with the fact that in March, in mass media, owned by CJSC "Evalar", held a bulk PR campaign surrounding the conflict with the Petersburg BAA. Its purpose, as might be suggested, would be the discredit of the other manufacturer of BAA and final ousting it from the market. Evalar PR agents organized an entire coordinated campaign: publications about the danger of St. Petersburg dietary supplements and selfless fight against them of now suspected of extortion, social activists and Yakushev appeared in most media resources of Altai producer of dietary supplements: on TV Our news, in published franchised local tabs of AIF and Moskovsky Komsomolets on websites of Bankfaks and PolitSibRu. The latter structure tried to even directly affect the local Rospotrebnadzor, sending him a "Request", drawn in the style of "How long?" PR-campaign against Petersburg dietary supplements was well organized and budgeted: in addition to the wave of publications, it also included the organization and funding of at least two of initiative examinations of composition of dietary supplements, the involvement of a notary, a pressure on pharmacy, selling BAA and filing a lawsuit. The most detailed publication on this subject gave March 29 TV company Our news, putting in its broadcast a detailed report of Mary Zagorsk journalist about how young United Russia deputy Nikolay Yakushev goes to pharmacies of Barnaul and, brandishing a certain copy of the document, trying to pressure pharmacists, achieving withdrawal of dietary supplements of manufacturers of St. Petersburg from the market. Evalar TV first called St. Petersburg BAA "rigged" (while recognizing that these "tools for potency" still have the certificate of state registration of Rospotrebnadzor). Journalists argued that there is a dangerous component in St. Petersburg BAA - tadalafil, provoking heart attacks and strokes, due to which the certificate of registration of them allegedly demands to withdraw the Investigative Committee. Our news filmed the visit of the deputy Yakushev to the pharmacy network Helmy in Barnaul. Under the guise of a simple buyer young politician demanded the sellers BAA of St. Petersburg. Motive of an unusual raid on pharmacies of the deputy of Barnaul, conscripted to expel from them a nonresident dietary supplements, the author relates the story with his indifferent life attitude that occurred in the conditions of the defects of control authorities: "In fact, today Nikolay Yakushev performs the function of the Altai Rospotrebnadzor". Then, referring to a copy of a document, which the politician was holding, he stated to representatives of the pharmacy network under camera " by the order of the letter of Rospotrebnadzor are banned for the sale of dietary supplements Sealeks Forte and Ali Caps." However, himself taken over the functions of the representative of the government controlling agencies the provincial deputy did not give any details of the restraining document. After the criminal case initiation against colleagues of Yakushev, extorting millions from St. Petersburg manufacturers of dietary supplements, he gave to mass media of the group Evalar an information that he has meant not a mythical requirement of RIC, but a letter of Rospotrebnadzor №01 / 1174-16-27 from 03.02. 2016, allegedly demanding to withdraw the controversial dietary supplements from the market as capable of inflicting harm to life or health of consumers.

"What to do". 04/15/2016


However, the real situation is not so clear - just Altai headquarters of Rospotrebnadzor of mass media of Evalar and Yakushev and his colleagues, now suspected in criminal, on the other hand, blamed the fact that the agency has no claims to the St. Petersburg `BAA. "That agency should ensure that hazardous drugs do not appear on the shelves of pharmacies. But it does not do it, explaining that the agency has no legal basis ", - stated the authors of the story of Our News. Yakushev and his partners also refer to the fact that the unnamed staff of Altai Rospotrebnadzor allegedly sent BAA for examination to Moscow, but its results were not admitted by the Office in Barnaul, because the research laboratory, conducted the research, was not accredited in Rospotrebnadzor. In another place it is said about the examination in Barnaul, initiated by them - but the results are not admitted by Rospotrebnadzor. At the end, Mr. Yakushev to confirm the dangers of St. Petersburg BAA started to refer generally to Rospotrebnadzor position - but not in Russia, but in Belarus and Armenia. Evalar journalists reported that the deputy Yakushev and his partners, now suspected in criminal, from the local Centre for Protection of Consumer Rights allegedly managed to ban the sale of Petersburg dietary supplements through the courts - and in this case only in one Barnaul pharmacy for some reason (a visit of the deputy, indifferent to BAA, to one of the pharmacies of the network "Pharmacy №1», 100 percent owned by the municipality of Barnaul, was shown to the viewers). In the final scene as a partner of the deputy in organization of the pressure campaign on the St. Petersburg manufacturers of dietary supplements, finally, acted a public man, now suspected in criminal. "Rospotrebnadzor has not taken actions to ban these products referring in the fact, that there is no method of their determination" - told "Our News" Alexander Kirill, the director of Center for Protection of Consumer Rights, appearing publicly on the screen in the role of assistant of Yakushev. In the final Evalar TV crew reported that the Altai Rospotrebnadzor took the controversial St. Petersburg BAA to study. "In the regional center of consumer protection are waiting for the results and we are confident that they, like previous ones, will confirm the presence of tadalafil in BAA" - completed their report "Our News".

However, journalists were too optimistic - after giving by Evalar mass media a scandal atmosphere to the situation, public men, assisted Yakushev, did not wait for the results of another examination, and began to extort money from the manufacturers of dietary supplements in an attempt to capitalize the revocation of their lawsuit. After sending and receiving two million in the cafe of these actions of suspects were stopped by police - officers of UEB and PC GU MVD of Russia in the Altai Territory. About selected security measure against suspected it is not reported. "Currently, the complex of investigations is conducting, aimed at the establishing of all the circumstances of the crime. The investigation continues, "- traditionally concludes his statement Senior Assistant of the Head of the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Altai region of Media Relations Olga Chesnokova. Given that from the post of RIC follows that Yakushev and Evalar assistants were taken red-handed by the police when transferring money, the prospects of the development of the charges against them, suspicion and the possibility of attracting new members to the case are pretty serious.

"What to do". 04/15/2016