Tukhtyaev Leonid Borisovich

He was born on 21 July 1956 г. in Moscow. В 1979 г. Tukhtyaev graduated from the faculty of "Experimental Nuclear Physics"  of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute .

After graduation he worked as an engineer and researcher in the Department of Energy and the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the USSR, at the start-up and setting of nuclear power plants operations, including the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In 1986 he participated  in the elimination of emergency at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

In the 1990s, Tukhtyaev worked as a broker at the Russian Trading System Stock Exchange and in various commercial structures, than he became a shareholder of “Sudostroitelny bank” (now he owns 16.56% of its shares).

From 2000 to 2001 he was deputy chairman of “Sudostroitelny bank”, in 2002, he became chairman of the board of directors of the bank.

Tukhtyaev is the President of the Federation of Aeronautical Sports of Russia, world-class athlete, a multiple champion of Russia and the world. The leader of the project "Russian Factory of  Records." Twice participated in the Gordon Bennett Cup, the oldest and most prestigious competition of the aircraft on the planet, as well as in the America's Cup, where he took second place.

He is married and has 2 children.

His wife is Irina Tykhtyaeva is a business woman. Together with her husband she wrote a book for children «Zoki and Bad »- « para-book for children to educate their parents», its sequel «Zoki and Badi school» was recently published.



As it can be seen from the published rendering of accounts of  “Sudostroitelny bank” under IFRS for 2007, the total control of equity is taken by top managers of the bank. 16.56% of the securities are owned by the chairman of  board of directors of the bank Alexey Golubkov, and deputy chairmen Andrey Vovchenko and Jaroslav Steshko have 16.56% each. 4.81% of securities are controlled by bank deputy chairman Alexander Titovets  and 3,37%  owns the first deputy managing director Dmitry Kunda. Another 16.56% of the securities are owned by the former director general of JSC "Airport Ramenskoye"  Vitaly Ivanchikhin, 8.28% - Vladimir Ardashev, 3.27% - owns Minister of Civil Aviation of the USSR in 1990-1991 and now the  president of the cargo carrier "Tesis" Boris Panyukov . The owners of the remaining 7.88% of shares werenot disclosed.

Source: «Kommersant» newspaper 21.05.2018

In the final quarter of 2008, SB Bank plans to start lending to businesses promising industry - airship for the needs of the oil and gas and mining companies, as it is said in the report from the bank  received by Rosfincom  today, September 16.

"Today there is a real need of developing of this industry sector  in  Russia . Commercially this silent and environmentally friendly air transport can be used to patrol and monitor the area , the condition of pipelines and gas pipelines in difficult and remote locations. Besides, dirigibles have great potential as means of civil aircraft, capable of quickly and as accurately delivery of geologists , builders and oil-workers in the Arctic and Polar Urals, also delivery of goods from the developing fields and participation  in research expeditions, "- says the report.

The annual domestic market demand for airships is estimated  to ten items and by 2010 may grow to two or three times. At the same time production capacity is now no more than one or two dirigibles per year.

Source:  "Rosfincom", 16.09.2008


Indeed,in post-Soviet period, Irina Tukhtyaeva  together with her husband, the owner of «Sudustroitelny bank» Leonid Tukhtyaev, issued a book for children  «Zoki and Bad», but  further  she did not reach any significant results in her creative career. She succeeded in business more. Together with her husband Leonid and his brother German Tukhtyaev she owns an audit company «Micropol Consulting». With German Tukhtyaev «this writer» also owns one more audit company «Finstroykonsalting». And since 2011, the main commercial project of Irina is the "Ecodom" LLC , which provides intermediary services related to real estate and land - mainly in the prestigious Odintsovo district near Moscow.

Source: http://www.moscow-post.com, 12.07.2013