Slipenchuk Mikhail Viktorovich


(Born January 20, 1965, Rubtsovsk Altai Krai, RSFSR, USSR.) - Russian businessman-billionaire, state, public and political figure. Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of VI convocation of the "United Russia", deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology. He represents the Republic of Buryatia. In 1987 he graduated from the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University (department of environmental management), in 1993 - post-graduate studies in the same faculty. In 1994 he defended his thesis on "Peculiarities of aero techno genic accumulation of pollutants in urban areas" and received the degree of Candidate of Geographical Sciences. In 1997 he graduated from the Interdisciplinary Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Managers and specialists at the Economic Academy of Plekhanov ("Finance and Credit"). In 2010 he defended his doctoral thesis on "The integration of the new economic space of Russia: global, corporate and regional aspects."

Doctor of Economics, PhD in Geography.

Head of the Department of environmental management of geographical faculty of Moscow State University behalf of M.V. Lomonosov (since October 2011).

Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Ecology, safety, nature and society (economy section).

Member of the editorial board of the Encyclopedia "Baikal. Nature and People", of atlas "Sustainable development of the Baikal region ", of the magazine "World of Baikal".

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal "Arctic. Economy and Ecology ". Professional activity.

Professional activity:


Founder and leader of the Group of companies "Metropol".

From 1995 to 19.12.2011, the Group's Core - Investment Financial Company "Metropol" (founded in 1995). Group of companies "Metropol" - a large international investment and industrial group with Russian capital. Companies of the group are operating in all major capital markets, including: Market of securities, direct investments, development and mining, industrial holdings, real estate development, tourism and hotel business, support for innovative projects, etc. The group is widely represented in the international markets of Europe and Asia. Representatives and subsidiaries of the Group are opened in Great Britain, Serbia, Montenegro, Japan, China, Canada, and the Democratic Republic of Congo and on Cyprus.

Political and social activities.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of VI convocation on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology.

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the Federal Assembly of VI convocation of the Republic of Buryatia, the faction United Russia (December 2011).

The head of the Arctic group in the State Duma.

Coordinator of the parliamentary group for cooperation with the Parliament of Japan.

Member of inter-factional parliamentary group "Baikal".

Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Business Council (EDC).

Chairman of the Business Council for cooperation with Vietnam. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the All-Russia Society for Nature Conservation (VOOP).

The founder of the Foundation for Support of the Navy "cruiser "Varyag".

President of the Federation of Kyokushin-kan Karate-do of Russia.

President of the Martial Arts Development Fund.

Vice-president of the Association of Polar Explorers, chairman of the Commission on Science and industrial technologies.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fund to promote the preservation of Lake Baikal (FPLB).

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Buryat Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

Member of the Russian Geographical Society.

Member of the American Geographical Society.

Member of the Humboldt Club of the American Geographical Society.


Property and income

According to the submitted declaration, Slipenchuk received in 2011 the revenue of more than 897 million rubles. Slipenchuk -is a large landowner: he owns 147 land plots with total area of 1,798,301 square meters, including two sites in Congo. Deputy also owns 5 residential homes - three in Russia and two in Congo, 3 apartments, a car, two snowmobiles and two ATV. In the rating of revenues of the State Duma deputies in 2011 Slipenchuk ranked fourth.

In the ranking of the richest businessmen in Russia of Russian edition of Forbes magazine in 2012 ranked 164 place (in 2011 was on the 193 site), with 600 million US dollars financial state. He occupies the 10-th place in the ranking of officials’ revenue in 2012.

According to the fifth annual Forbes list of the wealthiest officials, parliamentarians and managers of state-owned Russian companies, Mikhail Slipenchuk won the third place with income 1298 million rubles in 2013. For the list were examined declaration of income and property of employees of the presidential administration, the government of the Russian Federation, federal ministries and departments, heads of subjects of the Federation, employees of administrations and legislative assemblies of the regions, the top managers of state corporations and state-owned companies for 2013.

As of 2011 Slipenchuk owned deposits in banks in Switzerland, Monaco, France and Russia for a total amount of 1.8 billion rubles. He also owned a stake in OJSC "VTB Bank", OJSC "Rostelekom", OJSC "Sberbank of Russia", OJSC "Raspadskaya", JSC "PIK Group", JSC "Pharmstandard", OJSC "Gazprom" and other companies.



For labor achievements and many years of conscientious work he was awarded the medal "For Service to the Motherland» of II degree (2010).

For contribution to the development of Russian-Mongolian relations he was awarded the Order of the Polar Star (Mongolia).

For contributions to charitable and social activities was awarded the Order of the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow of III degree, Order of St. Sergey of Radonezh of III degree, Order of St. Nicholas, the Archbishop of Japan of III degree, Tsarskoye Selo artistic award "For support of cultural projects," award "Philanthropist of the Year - 2008" in the Republic of Buryatia.

Winner of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in 2012 in the field of science and technology.

Married (Anna Dorosh), two children.





  In 2008 MIPIM, world's leading real estate exhibition and conference, was held in Cannes. Coordinators of the show said that this year three times more Russian participated in the exhibition. Besides, in the evenings each major Russian company held a reception or a disco party.

  On the last but one-day forum, guests visited a beach party arranged by owner Mirax Group Sergei Polonsky. Party's culmination was a hologram of Sergei Polonsky shown at the hall. Polonsky was sitting in a huge armchair in the outer space and dodging asteroids.

The hologram delivered a ten-minute speech, which it took five hours to record. Then the real Sergei Polonsky interrupted the hologram and invited all the quests to have fun.

  Go-go dancers brought to the party could not compete with   director of Mirax Group Ukraine

Andrei Kharev, board member of Mirax Group Maksim Temnikov and first vice-president of NAMIKS Oleg Stupenkov who ended with a striptease. Later in the evening, Mikhail Slipenchuk arrived at the party. He had been celebrating closing of the exhibition on his yacht and finally dropped by to his friends. Slipenchuk and Sergei Polonsky had spent a few evenings together as their yachts were anchored side by side.   They had been sitting and talking over the problems of life and finally agreed that Polonsky would buy Slipenchuk’s Metropol project for $ 3 billion dollars. Thus, implacable rivals became best friends.

Source: Kommersant, 17 March 2008


Oleg Tinkov is married since 1989, but during the primitive accumulation of capital, there was not enough time to get married really. Such an occasion appeared 20 years later, when the owner of the IC "Metropol" Mikhail Slipenchuk suggested his friend Oleg and his wife Reena to seal the bond of marriage on Lake Baikal, and even go down to its bottom.

... The assembled from Moscow, Kemerovo (Tinkov is native from Kuzbass), England and Italy, guests gave Tinkov money and gifts, and Michael Slipenchuk presented the couple a certificate for one dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal in the submersible "Mir" mission of which started on Monday in Irkutsk. By the way, Michael Slipenchuk recently became a resident of Buryatia, has registered as a private person in Yeravninsky area, and has already paid half a million rubles of income tax., 19.06.2009


In 2010, not only Joint Industrial Corporation owned be Sergei Pugachev, but also Slipenchuk's Metropol was unexpectedly found to have signed an investment contract with the Federal Security Service headed by Vladimir Kozhin. In the early 2000s, Metropol allegedly paid design documentation for restoring a building at the Red Square occupied by the FSS in exchange for a 49-year lease of some of the premises.

  According Slipenchuk, in 2002   Metropol purchased a company that had made an investment agreement with Kremlevsky Federal State Unitary Enterprise that was within the jurisdiction of the Presidential Administration. The investor committed to pay project documentation in exchange for providing offices of the restored building in the total area of one thousand square meters for 49-year lease, as well as ten parking lots.

''We met all our commitments'', Slipenchuk said but he declined to specify an amount of funds invested. Managers of the Presidential Administration, in turn, said they were unaware of the financial claims of another investor.

Source: Kommersant, 8 September 2010


In 2010, it suddenly became clear that in addition to the United Industrial Corporation (OPK) of Sergei Pugachev, current investment contract with the department of Vladimir Kozhin on the object Red Square, d. 5, transmitted to the Federal Protective Service (FPS), had IFC "Metropol". In the early 2000s, the company allegedly paid for the preparation of project of documentation package in exchange for the transfer of the restored buildings for the lease for 49 years.

According to Slipenchuk, in 2002, "Metropolis" structures acquired company, have entered into investment contracts with FSUE «Kremlin», subordinate to the Presidential Affairs Management. The investor obliged to pay for the development of project documentation in exchange for renovated rooms this building with a total area of 1 square meters in rent for 49 years, and ten car places. "All of their obligations we have fulfilled in good faith," - said Slipenchuk, refusing to specify the amount of funds, invested by "Metropol" in the project "Kremlin".

In response to the president's affairs they said they did not know anything about the financial claims of another investor.

Kommersant, 08.09.2010


Shortly before 2011 parliamentary elections, the Central Election Committee published income declarations submitted by candidates of United Russia party. According to

these data, director-general of Metropol  Mikhail Slipenchuk, who was second in the list of Buryat Republic,  seemed to be a real feudal lord: despite quite a modest income of 282 million rubles, he owned about 120 land plots, most of them in the suburbs of Moscow, two plots  in Buryatia with an area of 40 and 80 hundred square meters and two plots measuring  12 and 13 hundred square meters  in the Republic of the Congo, where he  had  two houses with an area of ​​500 and 600  square meters. Slipenchuk also declared three apartments, in Moscow, St. Petersburg and France, three cottages in the Moscow region, Infiniti FX 45 car, several snowmobiles and ATVs.  Slipenchuk kept 1.8 billion rubles in the united investment bank and tens of millions in Swiss and French accounts, as well as in the Bank of Monaco.

Source: live journal, compromising evidence, 21 November 2011


And another interesting fact. Mikhail Viktorovich works a deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology. He even is the Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Assistance of Lake Baikal (FPLB). So he, kind of like, must protect the environment and Lake Baikal. Memorized regalia?

Now we go here and find out that the company "Metropol" plans to produce lead and zinc in the central Baikal protected zone, where any industrial activity is prohibited.

According to environmentalists, Michael Slipenchuk is actively lobbying changes in legislation, guarding Baikal, that the company "Metropol" has received permission to develop "Kholodninskoye" lead-zinc deposit within the boundaries of the site "Lake Baikal" World Natural Heritage.

There was a big environmental scandal, on this occasion. Read more on the website of Zhenya Chirikova!, 2012


The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation joined in one proceeding criminal cases of attempted murder of a businesswoman Tatyana Balsamova and the theft from the cell of Sberbank of 20 million euros, owned by State Duma deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk. According to law enforcement agencies, someone wanted to kill the entrepreneur wanted, so she didn't tell, who stole the money. And this amount was intended for establishing relations with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Michael Slipenchuk said "Rosbalt" that he just lent personal funds to his friend Balsamova.

... As it follows from the case materials, 20 million euro, stolen from the department of Sberbank, belonged to the founder of the group of companies "Metropol", State Duma deputy from the "United Russia", Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology Michael Slipenchuk. His personal assistant produced attachments of funds into the cell; parliamentarian together with Balsamova appears the victim in this case. However, himself Michael Slipenchuk said "Rosbalt", that he is not the most mysterious businessman, in whose interests acted Balzamova.

Rosbalt, 12.04.2012


Investigative Committee announced an international search of Michael Koryak and Walid Lurahmaev, nicknamed Validol who, posing themselves as President Putin's advisors, deceived State Duma deputies, officials and businessmen on the multimillion-dollar sum. Investigators do not exclude that in case of emergency - in order to remove witnesses or victims, which could guess about something - crooks, used killers. They would work "under Putin" further if the gun didn't stuck on the final stage of one of the scams.

Last scam began in 2011. According to the investigation, the State Duma deputy from the "United Russia" Mikhail Slipenchuk asked entrepreneur Tatiana Balzamova to communicate with the high-ranking officials, so that they included some commercial structures in the transit agreement on Russian gas supplies to Ukraine.

... Well, Balzamova turned to her friend, and she introduced her to three "advisers" of Putin: Michael Koryak, Walid Lurahmaev and Sigauri Sultan - who agreed to help the deputy Slipenchuk. However, Koryak warned that the gas contract will cost dearly: they will have to place - 20 million euros to their boss (Putin), 10 million - on the Old Square, to the leadership of the FSS and the Interior Ministry, and 20 million euros is owed to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. The "Putin's people" insisted that the deputy has prepared 20 million euros and put them in a depository of the branch of Sberbank.

Novaya Gazeta, 07.07.2012


African countries also could be met in the list. State Duma deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk has two villas in Congo. One of them, said Slipenchuk - is next to the palace of the President of the Republic in Kinshasa. The villas were bought back in 2009, when IFC "Metropol" of Slipenchuk started doing business in Congo, opening there a Mining Bank of Congo. "We saw that there are only two hotels in Kinshasa, and employees have to live somewhere - says the deputy. - I just formed it upon myself to show the leadership of the republic, that we are serious people. Employees of our bank live there now." Slipenchuk doesn't reveal the amount of the deal: "It cannot be compared with Paris, of course, but not a penny. The cost of villas increased by 4 times since the transaction."

Vedomosti, 20.08.2012


A separate issue - is the rejection of officials and deputies of the foreign accounts, to which they were forced under the "nationalization of the elites." Unfortunately, the format of the publication of declarations on the sites of government agencies doesn't allow tracing, in which financial institution the expense of an official is posted. A pleasant exception from this rule was the declaration of deputies, submitted by them as candidates in the elections two years ago. 13 people, that passed to the State Duma, on December 31, 2010 accounts were opened abroad (it turned out that Mikhail Slipenchuk, Marat Safin and Vladislav Reznik have more than one account). These are the names we want to see in the report of the presidential administration first of all, when we happen to read them in real life.

Geographically candidates are unequivocally opting for cash holding in the old Europe. Apparently, the biggest foreign account belonged to United Russian Gregory Anikeev - he kept more than 370 million rubles in one of the Swiss banks. Mikhail Slipenchuk, Anikeev colleague in the faction, prefers to diversify their assets - he had already three bills: in Switzerland, France and Monaco, with totaling almost 40 million rubles.


UR Slipenchuk Michael Viktorovich



3) BNP PARIBAS PRIVATE BANK MONACO 18,521,898 9,304,219 11,845,216 Switzerland, France, Monaco

SLON, 05.11.2013



Second richest deputy of the State Duma, representing the faction "United Russia", Mikhail Slipenchuk drew the attention of the RIC, writes "Kommersant". In connection with the revocation of the licenses of the International Joint-Stock Bank, controlled by him, investigators on behalf of the General Prosecutor's Office will check the information, referred to in the declaration of income of the deputy. In 2014, he has declared 868.3 million rubles; it is the second result after another United Russian Gregory Anikeev to 995.1 million rubles.

The information on income Slipenchuk in 2010-2011 will get under the check. It follows from the Declaration that at December 31, 2010 there was 160,831 rubles on his account at the Commercial Bank "Rosbank", and in the CB "OBI-bank" (now the YAR-bank.) - More than 1.8 billion rubles. The record of the case states that after three months aide of the Deputy Sergei Veselovsky removed from his account in Rosbank 5.437 million euros by proxy, and Slipenchuk took from OBI-bank 16 million euros. Slipenchuk allegedly lent his business partner Tatiana Balsamova 20 million euros from withdrawals. She told that the founder of the Foundation for the Development of municipalities Michael Koryak, who introduced the Assistant of then Vice-Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov and the chairman of the Board of Directors of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, offered her to put the money in the cell of Sberbank, formed for the deputy Slipenchuk.

It follows from the case that 20 million EUR from Sberbank kidnapped Pavel Makarov, allegedly presented a notarized certified power of attorney from Slipenchuk on the right of access to cells. Slipenchuk himself denies that he gave such power of attorney and said that he doesn't know Makarov at all. However, the notary Lubov Yakusheva has confirmed the authenticity of all the Makarov documents to obtain the power of attorney, including the original leases of deposit of boxes.

Vedomosti, 02.05.2016