Ablyazov Mukhtar Kabulovich



Ablyazov Mukhtar Kabulovich was born 16.05.1963 in the Lenin region of South Kazakhstan area. In 1986 he graduated from the Moscow engineering-physical institute.

In 1986-1990 he worked as an engineer and junior research assistant in the Kazakhstan university. In 1990 he became post-graduate student of the Moscow Engineering-physical Institute (MEPhI). At the same year he gave up studies for business In 1990-93 - director of some small enterprises. In 1992-97 - founder, owner and president of the company “Astana-Holding”.

In 1997-98 - president of the national company "KEGOC". In 1998-99 - Minister of energy, industry and trade of Kazakhstan in N. Balgimbayev's government. Since October, 1999 he was in resignation; he was on remand with the case of stealing of money, concealment of incomes, creation of criminal group and excess of responsibilities. In 2001 - Chairman of board of directors in Joint-Stock Company «Kazakhstan Airlines». In September, 2001 he was detained by police but soon after got released. In 2001-02 - Chairman of board of directors’ in "Temirbank" which was a property of "Astana-holding". After release in November, 2001 he became one of organizers, sponsors and heads of the group «Democratic choice of Kazakhstan». Since February, 2002 was under a subscription on his own recognizance. In March, 2002 he was arrested by financial police on the above-mentioned charges. He is a co-owner of "Temirbank" and "TuranAlem” bank, "Astana-holding" corporation, "Kustanayasbest" and "Aralsol" enterprises, "ТАN" TV channel, "Republic" and “Time On..” newspapers and of some other companies. He is married, has three children. The chess player. He has extensive business relations in Russia and Uzbekistan. Since January, 2005 – the President of Investitstment Industrial Group "Eurasia" LLC; from May, 2005 till February 2, 2009 - Chairman of board of directors in joint-stock company "Bank TuranAlem". On February 2, 2009 by Governmental order of Kazakhstan Republic he was discharged of a post of the head of bank «in connection with a recognition of his activity not corresponding to interests of investors and creditors of bank as well as current legislation requirements». Daughter Madina is married with the son of the head of Ministry of Emergency Measures in Kazakhstan Republic Ilyas Hrapunov.



Mukhtar Ablyazov appeared in the conflict situation in 2001 when he together with the head of the Pavlodar area Galymzhan Zhakiyanov declared creation of «Democratic choice of Kazakhstan» group and criticized a policy of the president of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev. Ex-Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Ablyazov and Galymzhan Zhakiyanov accused Nursultan Nazarbayev of opening confidential accounts abroad, in greenwashing up bribes from the oil companies and also sounded the fact of the confidential currency fund’s existence which could be disposed only by the leader of Kazakhstan. Ablyazov was sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment but thanks to the the world community which stood up for the political prisoner, he stayed in prison hardly more than a year, he was pardoned and released conditionally-ahead of schedule with a condition that he would not be engaged in political activity.
«The Independent newspaper», M.Romanovsky «Opposition accuses Nazarbayev of corruption» 6/21/2002

Litigation over Mukhtar Ablyazov was widely covered in a mass-media. In 2002 he was accused of responsibilities’ abusing during his work as Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, of illegal enterprise activity, of mobile telephone use for personal needs at the expense of state energy company KEGOK. In a reality Ablyazov was judged as the political criminal and the party leader of «Democratic choice of Kazakhstan».
«Institute on war and peace reflection» (IWPR), A.Kuanov, T.Zhagiparov «The leader of opposition is judged», 6/26/2002

During litigation over Ablyazov some details of his biography began to appear in mass-media. Ablyazov began the Career of the government official with a post of president of the national power company "KEGOK", then he held a post of the Minister of Energy. Ablyazov and Zhakiyanov created the largest in 1998-1999 financial industrial group (FIG) which included "Bank Turan-Alem" (one of the main banks of Kazakhstan), "Temir-bank", "Astana-holding" company, "Aral-salts" and "Kostanajasbest" enterprises, "Astana-motors" company and a number of others. Interests of this FIG was presented in a mining industry, in the grain market, in the banking sector and car market. Ablyazov became the owner of many Kazakh mass-media such as "ТAN" ("Morning") TV channel, “Business review”, “Republic” and “Time ON” newspapers. Ablyazov’s group was unique in the republic which was not representing interests of a family of Nazarbayev. In 1999-2001 interests of FIG crossed with business interests of the senior son-in-law of president Rahat Aliev. That years he held a post of the vice-president of Committee of national safety of Kazakhstan, and under his instructions criminal cases concerning Ablyazov began to be raised.
«The Independent newspaper», V.Kharlamov «President of Kazakhstan on forthcoming elections can be crushed not by opposition, but his own family», 4/26/2005

Besides, Ablyazov was accused that being the co-owner of a controlling interest of industrial complex "Kustanayasbest" he operated in interests of his enterprise to the detriment of the state companies. Then Ablyazov’s business partner obtained a post of the president of «KEGOK» and his son-in-law became the financial director of «KEGOK». Ablyazov was said to supply his private enterprise - industrial complex "Kustanayasbest" with the electric power and paid off its debts by parts to the detriment of «KEGOK». In total for 6 months of 1998 Ablyazov caused damage for «KEGOK» for more than 557 million tenge. Ablyazov was accused also that his company "Astana-holding" made some enterprises bankrupt and money was forwarded abroad into accounts of the offshore companies.
V.Gerber, «And to sit on a path?», newspaper «Aktyubinsk bulletin», 5/26/2005

The next conflict situation around Mukhtar Ablyazov inflamed in 2008 when he became an investor of la arge pharmaceutical factory "Max-Well" in Borispol, in Ukraine. The factory at first sight was scale and perspective; it was created together with Americans. But actually it could not bring legal profit – the factory did not have certificates and licenses for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. President of the company was Kenneth Alibek, Dr. Sci. Biol. (Kazakh on a nationality; he obtained citizenship of the USA and located in America – CIA helped in exchange on the top-secret information). Ken Alibek was actively used by administration of the USA in information war, his position justified intrusion of the American armies into Iraq. Alibek showed a great interest to the biological weapon. Subsequently Americans accused Alibek of no-purpose use of grant means which were received for medical researches, in financial swindle and stealing). Company "Max-Well" became almost a bankrupt in a short space of time. All finance passed through company "Eurasia-Ukraine", branch of holding "Eurasia" headed by Mukhtar Ablyazov. Company’s activity raised big doubts. Assumptions that there was a real threat of release of dangerous pharmaceuticals under a brand "Max-Well" were come out.
«Komsomol truth – Ukraine. I.Shmelev «The greatest investment into pharmacological branch of the country became a soap bubble», 11/29/2008

In 2008 police of Kazakhstan accused Ablyazov of a conclusion of actives of «BTA Bank», opened criminal case and Ablyazov had to hide first in Moscow, then abroad. Then he was accused also by the Russian police - of other swindles. In particular, in plunder of the credits allocated for building of business centre «1812» on Kutuzovsky prospect in Moscow. Ablyazov was suspected in credits’ stealing of Bank of Russia - in November-December, 2008 Bank of Russia gave to Ablyazov straight loans for maintenance of liquidity at a rate of more 24 billion rubles. The majority of means of the Central Bank of Russian Federation was given out to the companies that had signs of "something ephemeral" which, in turn, have bought a foreign currency on means of the Central Bank of Russian Federation and have directed it to Kazakhstan in joint-stock company «BTA Bank» supervised then Mukhtar Ablyazov. During a search in Ablyazov’s bank stamps of several Russian companies have been withdrawn, through which «BTA Bank» LLC carried out operations on greenwashing up of the stolen means and directed them abroad. Ablyazov actively financed own companies and projects abroad, including in Russia with the means received from Kazakhstan investors and by loans in the West.

And in the beginning of February, 2009 the prime minister of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov sounded the information on discharge of Mukhtar Ablyazov from a post of the chairman of board of directors in «BTA Bank». Then his deputy, the chairman of board of bank Zhaksylyk Zharimbetov was also discharged. The agency on regulation and supervision of the financial market and the financial organizations initiated compulsory stock issue owing to what the State fund "Samruk-Kazyna" redeemed 78,14 % of actions of bank investing about 2,09 billion dollars to his capital and spent additional stock issue washout of a share of former owners. Ablyazov then accused the authorities of forcible takeover of his business.
Internet resource "Kompromat.ru", P.Kushnareva, «Former leader of opposition Mukhtar Ablyazov after a meeting with Nazarbayev has got to disgrace», 2/2/2009

In its turn, the Kazakhstan police accused Ablyazov of plunder of money resources of joint-stock company «BTA bank» and joint-stock company "Temirbank” for a total sum about 560 million dollars.During the investigation it was found out that the bank management gave out credits to own companies on the security of property with the overestimated cost, nonexistent property or on the security of the earths which depreciated with the beginning of crisis. Right after discharges from a post Ablyazov left the country and located in London. Within 2008 by means of the several LLCs which were registered in our country through the offshore companies, Ablyazov managed to dilute share of Kazakh BТА in an authorized capital stock of Moscow BТА and to transfer it under the personal control.

In March, 2009 the public prosecutor of Kazakhstan Saken Ihsangaliev stated a charge to Ablyazov: he declared that Mukhtar Ablyazov had stolen and deduced out of the country money of thousand investors of «BТА Bank». Criminal case concerning Ablyazov and his six colleagues (former deputy to board of bank’s deputy, the chairman of credit committee Zhaksylyk Zharimbetov, the ex-chairman of board Roman Solodchenko, the former head of department of corporate business Veronica Efimova, employees Rifat Rizoev, Bulat Karimov, Zhanna Ahmedyarova) upon creation and management of crime group, legalization of money resources got in illegal way was raised. Besides, Office of Public Prosecutor of Kazakhstan accused Ablyazov that being a head of a gang by illegal financial operations with the ground areas located in Alma-Ata and regions gave out large illegal credits in «BТА Bank» which then were made out on specially created firms and companies, including offshore, with the subsequent conclusion of the received money resources to settlement accounts of Ablyazov and to accounts of the foreign companies affined with him.
http://www.ca-oasis.info, 26.03.2009г.

The name of Mukhtar Ablyazov appeared in mass-media in a context of story about bankruptcy of Joint-Stock Company «Factoring company "Eurocommerce". Company had rather quite good chances to survive in the conditions of crisis but in 2008 management was unexpectedly changed and "Eurocommerce" stopped to carry out the financial obligations. People close to Mukhtar Ablyazov - Rifat Rizoev, Arthur Trofimov and Alexander Volkov as well as Dmitry Ovsyanko who was appointed to the post of general director became owners of 70,7 % of the company. Money of "Eurocommerce" was funneled to other companies and into offshore accounts – behind everything that happened in the company the shade of Mukhtar Ablyazov was clearly visible.
«Solomin», O.Zaharov «Who has ruined "Eurocommerce", 7/1/2009

Ablyazov was accused of power capture of the largest Ukrainian insurance company "Oranta". In 2006 a part of shares of company was redeemed by the structures connected with BTA-BANK. Thus about 35% of shares were owned by bank and 50 % - by Mukhtar Ablyazov’s companies Colorino Trading and Saleta. Sources in police of Kazakhstan considered that actions of "Oranta" have been bought by Ablyazov’s Cyprian companies not for his means but at the expense of BTA-BANK. In August, 2009 capture of "Oranta" for a conclusion of the company from under the BTA-BANK control was plane (accounts of Ablyazov were arrested in connection with maintenance of the claim for criminal case, money was deduced from the Ukrainian company by Ablyazov on purpose not to admit imposing arrest on it). Mukhtar Ablyazov in this question tried to reach arrangements with the certain Konstantin Grigorishin, known Ukrainian raider.
«The Moscow Post», S.Gradov «Ablyazov and Grigorishin throw down a challenge to Nazarbayev?» 8/4/2009

In 2009 the investigatory committee at the MIA of RF brought accusation to Mukhtar Ablyazov for the organization of the roguish scheme for the purpose of plunder of actives of the Kazakhstan bank at a rate of more than 70 million US dollar in Russian territory. Similar charge in swindle fulfillment under this scheme was given to Dmitry Pak, the former co-owner and the head of «Leasing company Business"(Moscow). The swindle scheme, according to Russian inspectors, was following: “LC Business" received from joint-stock company «BТА Bank» money resources under 70 credit contracts, Ablyazov and Pak have made fake contracts of cession according to which the debts under credits for amount of more than 70 mln. US dollars was transferred for the scanty sum to the offshore company Alphasea Investments Limited located on the British Virgin Islands. Subsequently the requirement rights have been transferred to the Cyprian company Kimoce Limited which received means instead of joint-stock company «BТА Bank». According to inspectors, Ablyazov supervised a number of the Russian companies financed by «BТА Bank» and created in Moscow holding "Eurasia" for criminal intents. Actives of Ablyazov include trading-entertaining complex on the area of Paveletsky station in Moscow, a chain of logistical centers which he had constructed together with company Mos City Group in Moscow international business centre "Moscow-city", 75-storeyed building of "Eurasia Tower», "Oceanarium" on a Hill of Respectful Salutation, business centre «1812» at Kutuzovsky prospectus, villa community Eurasia Village, business complex "Setun".
«The Moscow Post», A.Pushin «MIA left on a trace of the Kazakh banker», 10/13/2009)

The next conflict with the name of Ablyazov inflamed in Tatarstan where Ablyazov had interests in bank BTA-Kazan. Controlling interest of this bank in the end of 2009 officially passed to new owners. By one version change of shareholders is attempt of Mukhtar Ablyazov, the founder and the ex-owner of the Kazakhstan joint-stock company «BТА Bank» to rescue Tatar actives. At a time they sold 52,61 % of the actions nominally belonging to different proprietors. New investors were Joint-Stock Company «Oil company Rusneftehim» (one of its owners was 34-year-old Moscow businessman Maxim Puhlikov), "Bashpromreserve" LLC and «Naiad Development» LLC. All three firms were little-known, two last belong to certain physical persons. It is known that 52,61 % of actions in Kazan bank belonged to Ablyazov. In mass-media the version was that Ablyazov had fictitiously sold the stocks to Russian owners, actually he managed to keep BTA-Kazan under real control; Also that Mukhtar Ablyazov was behind the new shareholders, thus he deduced bank from possible judicial claims.
«Business Online», D.Simonov «To whom has the bank BTA-Kazan been sold?» 12/21/2009

In the beginning of 2010 the deputy of State Duma of Russian Federation Sergey Muravlenko submitted the claim to Presnensky court of Moscow to oblige «BTA Bank» LLC to return the deposit at a rate of 26 million US dollars which he couldn’t take away from bank since August, 2009.
I.A.Regnum, A.Hartman «Kazakhstan sustains losses in Moscow», 2/11/2010

The conflict around the name of Ablyazov raised again in February, 2009 when Russian authorities refused to promote Kazakhstan «BTA Bank» in return of the put object of the real estate at Kutuzovsky prospect in Moscow. The object became a pledge subject according to the credit contract between the Kazakhstan joint-stock company «BTA bank» and "Stork" LLC from November, 7th, 2008. For the credit in total sum of 24 million dollars “Stork" LLC should have given 100 % of a share of the company and object of the real estate at Kutuzovsky prospect with a total area of 1464 sq. m. as proof to joint-stock company «BTA bank». According to the loan contract, “Stork" LLC should have issued object as pledge in favor of bank in Moscow FRS within three months from the date of reception of the loan. However it wasn't made, credit money was transferred to the offshore and the specified real estate was sold in favor of the third parties. At the moment of delivery of the credit Mukhtar Ablyazov was an owner and the chairman of board of directors of the bank. He also supervised corporation "Eurasia" which was the founder of "Stork". It is known that "Stork" LLC in December, 2009 divided real estate (object on Kutuzovsky pr.) into two objects and transferred it to the property of the companies with authorized capital stocks in 10 thousand rubles. Persons without constant places of work became founders and general directors of these firms and their registration was made to the address of mass registration of ephemeral firms. At the moment, according to the Kazakhstan investigators the new transaction on resale of the given objects to new firm which, thus, becomes «the diligent purchaser» is being prepared for registration in FRS
I.A.Regnum, A.Hartman «Kazakhstan sustains losses in Moscow», 2/11/2010

Central Bank of Russia interfered to the conflict of Russian and Kazakh bankers: despite incompleteness of investigation concerning loss by Kazakhstan of the control over Russian «BTA bank» Central Bank of Russian Federation approved renaming «BTA bank» to «АМТ bank». In March the new name is planned to be registered in Federal tax service then Bank of Russia can give new license to Ablyazov’s bank.

In February, 2010 investment-industrial group "Eurasia" which belongs to Ablyazov sold business center "Wave" to insurance group "Sogaz" on the Academician Saharov prospect in the centre of Moscow for 140 million dollars. There was a message that "Eurasia" was ready to sell the civil-engineering project of underground shopping center on the area of Paveletsky station (120 thousand square meters) – according to observers Ablyazov deduces the property from under judicial claims.
News agency Regnum, A.Hartman «Kazakhstan sustains losses in Moscow», 2/11/2010

In January, 2010 Mukhtar Ablyazov acted with charges in the organization of criminal grouping to Timur Kulibaev — the vice-president of board of Fund of national well-being of "Samruk-Kazyn" and the son-in-law of president Nursultan Nazarbayev. Ablyazov accused Kulibaev that in 2003-2005 in arrangement to some heads of the Chinese national oil company he made illegal transactions on sale of the state share holding of joint-stock company «CNPC — Aktobemunaygaz» under the price much more below the market one and after that he received the bribe in the sum of 165,9 million dollars which he covered from the taxation.
«The Moscow Post», S.Roshchin «Crime group of the son-in-law of president Nazarbayev», 10/15/2009