Zavalny Pavel Nikolaevich

Biography: was born August 11, 1961, p. Khotkovo, Kaluga region



In 1984 he graduated from the Kaluga Branch of Bauman specialty "turbine construction."

From 1996 to 2012 he headed the LLC "Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk". Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the sixth convocation of the "United Russia" (regional group of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District-Ugra), chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy.

Zavalny Pavel is co-founder of the following organizations:

NP "Club Ugra" TIN 8601026960.

NP "Yamalsky club of miners" TIN 8901013761.

CJSC "Aero Club Maestro" TIN 7709706374.

He served as president of NP "Mini-Football Club" Gazprom-Ugra ".

Wife: Zavalnaya Elena Georgievna, 21.05.1963 year of birth, born of the village Vasilevka Bolgrad district of Odessa Region, Ukrainian SSR.

He has three children.




According to official data, income of Zavalny with his wife in 2011 amounted to more than 250.6 million rubles. The family owned four plots of land with total area of 6 thousand sq. Meters, a house area of 706 square meters, apartment, cars Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes-Benz.



Squabbles that arose between the management of "Gazprom" and minority shareholders, has appeared on state hand. Two court decisions were adopted, as a result of which many members of the board may not even be allowed to be included in the voting lists. First, when " the Gazprom's" decided to put out " the Fedorov", May 4 Arbitration Court of Moscow under the claim of "Java-Invest", owned by the son of the Duma lobbyist of "Gazprom" Valery Yazev, not allowed to the election representatives, rebellious minority shareholders: Boris Fedorov, Ivan Tyrtyshkin, Ilya Shcherbovich and Charles Ryan. And then, when the "Fedorov" decided to answer, May 24, at the suit of minority shareholders, court took a similar decision with regard to Rem Vyakhirev, Vyacheslav Sheremet, Pavel Zavalny, Sergei Serdyukov, Victor Tarasov and Igor Shchegolev. The appeal on the first claim will be considered on June 18 and the second - is not known when, so the whole company will be in limbo until the election, and perhaps thereafter.

"". 13.06.2001


What does he need? Currently Zavalny behaves like a real Gazprom employee, following central office politics. And the concern, as it is known, is recently set on the release of the budget under the "burden" of the social sphere. In this regard, insiders say, between Paul Nikolaevich and the leadership of a number of municipalities, in which "Tyumentransgaz" operates, periodically arise frictions. And a Governor Filipenko constantly has to sit either side of the negotiating table, so to speak, to blow out the fire. However Gazprom employee remains in good standing at the head of the district and his team. It can be called a man of Filipenko.

URA.RU, 30.03.2006


Governor Eduard Rossel concluded his northern tour and returned to Ekaterinburg. On the last day of a business trip, he went to the edge of the region and came close to the Arctic Circle...

The only large company in Pelym - linear production department of main pipelines of "Tyumentransgaz". This giant facility, where gas in turbines is sent down the pipeline. The director of "Tyumentransgaz" Paul Zavalny met Rossel personally at the entrance.

Together they went to the central control and Pavel, as an experienced businessman, immediately began to talk about the problems. His company needs gas turbines and Turbo motor plant, owned by Viktor Vekselberg, doesn't want to go to the meeting and to deliver them.

- So I'll call Vekselberg, and we all will decide everything - Rossel promised.


"Gazprom" came in Russian billiard! As it was just said to "BS" editorial office, during the annual report and election conference the head changed at the Federation of billiard sports of Russia. Valery Shantsev resigned and on his post was elected General Director of LLC "Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk" Pavel Zavalny. 12.11.2008


In each regional list of "EdRa" (United Russia) there are businessmen, who on a mandatory basis throw off on campaign spending in their region...

Federal Electoral Fund of the "United Russia" will not primarily fund the party campaign in the regions. In each regional list, there is one or two businessman who throws off on campaign spending in the region on a mandatory basis. As RBC daily found out, the average amount, made by businessmen, who have got to the list - 5 million euros.

In conducting the campaign in the region were ordered to collect 2-10 million euros - an average of € 5 million - from the sponsor. The most affluent region in these elections is KhMAD. According to RBC daily, in Ugra for the elections were collected from 1.5 billion to 2 billion rubles. In the region on the pass position of the list is the general director of LLC "Tyumentransgaz" Zavalny Pavel, whose company provides, as listed on its website, transporting more than 80% produced in the Tyumen North natural gas (1.4 billion cu. M. Per day)., 03.10.2011


Soviet region is called the most problematic municipality of Ugra. And even the "hot spot". ...

Therefore, the regional political council of "United Russia" in March 2011 to the post of the Speaker-head of the district agreed the candidacy of Anatoly Kostandi - Director of Berezovsky timber factory. In this connection, in the Soviet and Yugorsk with a special mission came a prominent United Russian Zavalny Pavel, who held a meeting with Deputies and clearly set out the views of the party of the authority. In addition, the Governor Natalia Komarova, during working meetings with the head of the district, did not hide the fact that he, turning the area into one of the most socially tense municipalities, need to work on supporting roles, earn the trust, and then to qualify for such an important post.

"". 09.11. 2011


The issue of staffing castling in the "daughter" of concern arose after December 2011, due to the election to the State Duma, Pavel Zavalny left the director's post of "Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk". According to the order of the chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" from 17 December the Acting Head of the largest gas transport "daughter" of the group became the first deputy - chief engineer Vyacheslav Yugay. This circumstance disturbed employees of the enterprise, since there were rumors about a complete change of the company's management. Note that Zavalny himself, he said, proposed to his post Yugay exactly. Meanwhile, according to our agency, the man of Zavalny will not be deprived also. Tomorrow, May 30, he will be presented as a general director to the team of another transport subsidiary of the concern - "Gazprom Transgaz Nizhny Novgorod."


Among others, deserved close attention of the colleague in the State Duma, were the owner of 201 thousand shares of Gazprom and 9 thousand 250 shares of UP "Cooperative bonds IzhAvto" Pavel Zavalny, General Director of LLC "Consulting Management Strategy" Ilya Kostunov and Elena Nikolaev - a shareholder and an owner of a number of companies, including the "Golden Pretzel" LLC.

RBC, 27.08.2012


It is worth mentioning that yesterday, the deputy of "SR" Dmitry Gudkov published the   list of violators, like United Russia's. He has 5 surnames in his list - Andrei Isayev, Gregory Anikeev, Pavel Zavalny, Kostunov Ilya and Elena Nikolaeva. Acquisition of some of them, according to the data, provided by Gudkov, do not correspond to the level of the declared income, some of them own large stakes in commercial organizations, and two deputies - Kostunov and Nikolayev - until now served as CEO of businesses they own....

Mr. Gudkov also cites the example of United Russian Pavel Zavalny, who owns a mansion in the Krasnodar region, apartment in Moscow and garage area of 18 square meters. Besides, "The Right Russian" doubts that in this garage will fit all cars, belonging to Mr. Zavalny: Bentley Continental, Porsche Cayenne, as well as two the Mercedes, owned by his wife....

"Ruspres". 30.08.2012


Knowledgeable people in the KhMAD remind that Mr. Kikot was the chief lobbyist of General Nikolai Gudozhnikov, who worked in Ugra until the spring of last year. Moreover, Kikot is the in-laws to Penza policeman. It is because of Vladimir Kikot once the ex-chief of police department of Ugra had no problems. Sources, close to the unit of the Interior Ministry of Russian Federation, told that in-law of Gudozhnikov some time ago headed staffing department of the Interior Ministry. Since the beginning of the 90s and up to zero, he worked in St. Petersburg. Interestingly, that immediately after the transition of Kikot to the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2005, Nikolai Gudozhnikov was appointed as the head of the Internal Affairs of KhMAD. It is also interesting that after Kikot dismissal from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and his appointment as senator from Primorye Territory Government, Gudozhnikov have a question with the extension of the labor contract.

This problem general from Penza tried, according to observers, to solve on their own. But he did it clumsily, through the criminal case on the representatives of environment of the past, by the time, Alexander Filipenko - Duma speaker of KhMAD Sondykov Basil, the current State Duma deputy Pavel Zavalny, prominent businessman Alexander Makarov and former deputy head of the Government of Khanty-Mansiysk District Vyacheslav Kozlovsky. As a result, the work, which, according to experts, Gudozhnikov supervised personally, only brought his resignation closer.


According to some reports, Zavalny was a supporter of the second term of President Dmitry Medvedev. However, after the Congress of "United Russia" in September 2011, he quickly "rearranged" and began actively to position himself as an unconditional supporter of Vladimir Putin. At the same time, he supported the latest initiative Medvedev, in particular, on the return of gubernatorial elections.

Paul Zavalny loves active sports, fishing, hunting. At the same time he prefers to hunt bears with helicopters, which is a poaching, in fact.



Sometimes our government works very quickly and efficiently. In a few hours after my publication on the "Echo" that the Putin government ministers Rogozin, Kolokoltsev, Trutnev, Shuvalov and others do not pay taxes to the regional budget, the Federal Tax Service have closed the service "Learn about your indebtedness", which was used by millions of taxpayers.

When we published information about debtors-deputies of the State Duma on December 19, when the information about debtors-United Russians of the Yaroslavl regional Duma was published on December 22, the tax service did not respond and the service worked properly. Moreover, the Federal Tax Service has announced December 17 a large-scale nationwide campaign "Learn about your indebtedness" and intended to establish terminals in the country's airport, so that the citizens, flying abroad, could find their debts and repay them immediately. And suddenly everything was closed on December 26 and now, to find out their debts, you need to go to the tax office and get a special password to access personal account of the taxpayer. ....

But these, of course, are not leaders (except Zheleznyak). There are deputies here (mainly of the "United Russia", but there are also representatives of other parties), whose debts to the budget in taxes for individuals exceeded 100 thousand rubles:


Gridin Vladimir Grigorievich, United Russia 285.893,37 rubles

Zavalny Pavel Nicholaevich, United Russia 279.628,1 rubles

Khadartsev Maharbek Hazbievich, United Russia 323.725,87 rubles

Fedyaev Pavel Mihailovich, United Russia 103.544,52 rubles

Umahanov Umahan Magomedgadzhievich, United Russia 112.798,9 rubles

Napso Yuri Aisovich, LDPR 141.365,51 rubles

Alexei Valerievich Kazakov, Fair Russia 152.484,54 rubles [...]


Now I wonder how they will dodge.

"Boris Nemtsov Blog". 17/12/2013


However, the participants of the solemn meeting are whispering that the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova caused offense to one of the most important politicians of Ugra of previous years, the deputy of the State Duma of the Khanty-Mansiysk District Paul Zavalny.

"Did you see, how he grimaced, when Komarova was listing, so to speak, the Parliament authorities of previous years? There were names of Vladimir Bogdanov, Sergei Sobyanin, Sondykov Basil, Boris Khokhryakov, Lubov Chistova, Yuri Vazhenin, which was not even on a meeting, and so on. And Zavalny was not mentioned. You should have seen his face at that moment - someone but, Pavel was always one of the most influential deputies of all convocations. After that he had spent all meeting acidly, "- says the source.

URA.RU, 04.04.2014


Agency sources say that ostensibly there is a small village in the middle zone of Russia that lives only by Pavel Zavalny, where the deputy, in fact, is a gentleman - except that serfdom is not....

In addition, connections with Alexander Makarov are credited to Zavalny. Surgut member of the political council of "United Russia", Director of CJSC "ITA", one of the largest companies in the Russian jetting is rumored to have great influence not only in Ugra, but also in Moscow. For example, the dismissal of the former chief of police KhMAD Nicholay Gudozhnikov is credited to Makarov. Several years ago, the guards of the law found on the boat of the company "AIT" skinning the bear, elk antlers and valuable fish. The scandal over the illegal hunting ended with the resignation of the policeman. And in that hunt, the results of which were worth positions to Gudozhnikov, according to rumors, participated Paul Zavalny. ...

Sources of the agency also say about the possible support for the candidacy of Paul Zavalny of one of the owners of "Novatek" Leonid Simanovsky. For Simanovskiy Zavalny is more preferable on the place of the governor of KhMAD then many other possible candidates. And Leonid Simanovsky has apparatus-political possibilities for the combination: it is known that the deputy has the opportunity to lobby their interests in the "United Russia". ...

Pavel Zavalny is not the first time tipped to chair the Governor of Ugra. In 2012, when there were rumors about the possible departure of Natalia Komarova on Dmitry Medvedev's government to place the Minister of Energy, experts called Zavalny as the most likely successor to the "Mistress of Yugra". Some sources of the agency even claim that the leaving of the gas-employee to the State Duma was caused by his forthcoming appointment as head of the region. In addition, Pavel Zavalny had already had an opportunity to become governor, however, not Yugra, but neighboring YaNAD. He was included in the lists of candidates in 2005, but refused, not wanting to compete with the current head of the Yamal Yuri Neelov.

URA.RU, 22.10.2014


Ugra MES Office published details of a fire at the gas pipeline, which occurred at night of 12 -13 April, 4 km from Nyagan. The broken and lighted pipe up to 500 mm in diameter was part of the main gas pipeline, owned by LLC "Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk", which was previously headed by State Duma deputy, the candidate for the chairman of the Energy Committee, Pavel Zavalny.

URA.RU, 13.04.2015


Stable earnings showed United Russian Pavel Zavalny. In 2014 deputy earned 122 million 492 thousand 057 rubles. At the end of 2013 the President of the Russian Gas Society has declared almost the same revenues - 123.4 million rubles. Ugra oligarch bought a plot of land last year for individual housing construction (15 acres), three apartments (178.8, 229.1 and 110.3 square meters) and two residential buildings (45 and 164 squares). In addition, the deputy owns a plot of land for individual housing construction (845 squares), a house (706 squares), flat (245.7 squares) and garage box. Zavalny fleet also has changed. Bentley Continental Flying Spur deputy replaced with Lexus LX570. The deputy also moves on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. The wife of the deputy declared an income of $ 52.5 thousand (2013 - 43.7 thousand). And prefers to move on Mercedes-Benz models S 450 4MATIC and S 500 4MATIC. The property of the wife of the Ugra tycoon there are four plots for individual housing construction, each with an area of 15 acres.

URA.RU, 16.04.2015


A candidate eliminated from the governor's race of KhMAO, who was considered the main rival of the current temporarily acting Governor Natalia Komarova. Dismissal of the applicant "kill" one affair, but has given rise to a new one. Representatives of the party "United Russia" - Acting autonomy Governor Natalia Komarova, as well as the chairman of the district parliament Boris Khokhryakov - expectedly appear in the list. LDPR represents the vice-speaker of the Tyumen Regional Duma Vladimir Sysoev. "Fair Russia" - the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Mikhail Serdyuk. From the race has left one of the strongest candidates, whose participation in the fight for the seat of the Governor of Ugra "URA.Ru" predicted a year before the events taking place - a former gas "General" of Yugorsk, State Duma deputy Pavel Zavalny.

URA.RU, 04.08.2015


It is worth adding that Pavel Zavalny was elected to the State Duma in 2011 as part of a federal list of candidates of the party "United Russia". Dweller of the gas industry is called as one of the most influential lobbyists of "Gazprom" interests in the state parliament.

URA.RU, 22.12.2015


Nadym deputy made a loud statement about giant thefts in "Gazprom". ...

According to the now former head of the division of Gazprom Nadym "daughter", the management of "GTYU" is trying to hide embezzlements of $ 1 billion. Allegedly, they were made for many years through front organizations.

Kelekhsaev sure: the theft were carried out by the actions of the former head of the company, now a State Duma deputy Pavel Zavalny and current director Peter Sozonov. Among the attackers, he also assigns deputies of General Director - Bashkov, Knyaz and Chertenko.

"According to the forged documents, money for fictitious contract work were transferring on accounts of companies", - said in the complaint, addressed to the heads of all the possible law enforcement agencies and the President. In a conversation with our agency, former "gazpromovets" explains: nobody finished objects, and middle managers were forced to sign the acts of acceptance of shell companies, money thus were cashed.

URA.RU, 27.01.2016