Sardarov Rashid Selimovich



Rashid Sardarov was born on June 27, 1955, in Makhachakala (Dagestan Autonomous SSR). He graduated from Dagestan State University and has a degree in geophysics.

1983-1985 chief of a geophysical testing ground of the Southern branch of All-Soviet Geophysics Research Institute 

1985-1988 head of physical and geophysical scientific expedition of All-Soviet Geophysics Research Institute

1988-1991 Director General of “InterSoyuz” Society and co-chairman in presidium of “Civil Society” independent association

Since 1991 Director General of the South-Urals Industrial Company holding


Golden Badge of Honour “Public Recognition”

 Member of Moscow’s English Club,

He is married. His wife Marianna is a co-owner of contemporary art gallery “RuArts”. He has a son – Timur. He is the Finans magazine top list of 2011, which lists Russia’s richest. His wealth is estimated $ 4.9 billion.   



In November 2005 Ms Veronika Khilchevskaya, A. Borovik’s widow and the owner of “Sovershenno Sekretno” (Top Secret) Publishing House, pointed at Rashid Sardarov and said: “This will be our buyer”.

Source: Kommersant newspaper, №218/П (3302), 21.11.2005


In May 2006 the media reported that “Sovershenno Sekretno” Publishing House may change the owner. According to reports, Veronika Khilchevskaya, the owner of the publishing holding, owed to Rashid Sardarov, the head of the Soth-Urals Industrial Company. The debt arose from a business failure of Ms Khilchevskaya.

2 years before Veronika Khilchevskaya borrowed $12 million from Mr Sardarov. But something went wrong and she got the short straw. Rashid Sardarov asked to pay debt, but Veronika Sardarova ran out of money. Rashid Sardarov turned out to be a gentleman and treated lady with respect. Nominally Khilchevskaya carried on as the holding’s leading manager. Maybe it is just because Sardarov was smart enough not to distort a balance in the business he had so unexpectedly been involved into.       

Khilchevskaya continued carrying out the commercial policy of the TV-company and other media-projects and developing its Moscow’s real-estate assets. She cooperated with businessmen Suleyman Kerimov and Rashid Sardarov.

General producer of “Sovershenno Sekretno” TV-company Eteri Levieva launched an event-production business, which pleased Rashid Sardarov’s wife.

Veronika Khilchevskaya became a single proprietor of “Sovershenno Sekretno” Publishing House after death of her husband Artem Borovik. Her management was unsuccessful and she did everything but develop the asset of her husband. Time and again she tried to sell the business. It was reported that the price was $ 80 million. At the same time Mr Khilchevskaya insisted she was to remain the possessor of the brand.

Source: Press-attaché.RU, 22.03.2006


 In March 2009, just in the middle of the crisis, Rashid Sardarov invited Sir Elton John as a guest to his wife’s birthday party. The singer’s visit cost approximately $ 1.5 million. Initially there was Kristina Aguilera on the list of guests. But the organizers rightfully decided not to invite so many foreign celebrities to a private party during the crisis.

At a reception the Satarovs’ close friends were present: publisher Veronika Borovik-Khilchevskaya, dancer Nikolay Tseskaridze, the Spivakovs, musician Stas Namin and designer Elena Yarmak.

Source: Izvestia, 26.03.2009


Rashid Sardarov, a businessman from Dagestan, is a remarkable figure both in business and high life. He was first to buy Rolls-Royce in Moscow. He has also bought an entire mountain in Lower Austria and fenced it.

Source: Izvestia, 20.03.2010 


On November 27, 2010 a citizen of a village called Ostrov in Kimrsk district of Tver region posted a story on his blog. According to his words, while boating along the Volga he was fired at with a carbine from the land belonging to Rashid Sardarov.

Soon after the post appeared on the net an official from the local council rang him and advised that he report to the militia. The officers arrived an hour later. They were led by chief officer Lieutenant Colonel Mescheryakov. The group drove to the scene of the accident. The fire had not stopped. The militiamen got into the car and drove away.

On the blog one can also read that the forest near the village is fenced off. Also the fence surrounds 5 km of the sandy bank of the Volga where people used to swim. Now it is a shooting land to fire a rifle.   

The forest has been rented and sandy bank bought by Russian businessman Rashid Sardarov. Sardarov’s people does not let locals go to the forest. They warn them against it saying in case they go there will be fires in the village. A man claiming he is a FSB’s general has been to the village. He said that the owner of the forest is a distinguished man and Vladimir Putin’s friend and that the forest had been bestowed upon him for his outstanding services for Russia. “This man, presenting himself as a general of FSB, recommended we should not get in the new owner’s way, because he is an eastern man and used to achieving his goals. If he set a task of not letting locals come closer to the forest or river, he will succeed”. 

Source:, 30.11.2010