Maganov Ravil Ulfatovich


Ravil Maganov (born 1954) graduated from I.M.Gubkin Institute of Oil and Gas Industry (Moscow) in 1977.

1988-1993 chief engineer, deputy director general, director general of Langepasneftegaz oil-and-gas company

1993-1994 vice president of LUKoil JSC

1994 first vice president of LUKoil JSC

2006 first executive president of LUKoil

Maganov holds honorary title of meritorious worker of oil and gas industry. He has been awarded with two orders and thee medals. He has been awarded the Government Prize in Science and Technology 3 times. 

Source: LUKOIL webpage



Formed in 1991, LUKOIL became first Russian oil company to begin offering shares to foreign investors. Merger of state-run oil production plants in Langepas, Uray and Kogalym, and two oil refinery plants in Volgograd and Perm, firmed the company. The initials of three Siberian cities gave the name of the company - LUKoil. The idea belonged to Ravil Maganov, director of Langepasneftegaz. Vagit Alekperov appreciated the idea and paid Maganov 300 roubles as an award.

Source: Profile, 17 July 2000 


 In June 2002 vice president of  LUKoil Ralif Safin, who is a father and chief sponsor of popular singer Alsou, was ousted from the company. Maganov was reported to pushed out Safin, because “he could’t handle his job the way the responsibilities of top manager require” and abused alcohol.

Source: Vokrug Novostey, 6 November 2002


After the divorce, Maganov turned 0.118% of shares over to his wife Elena, LUKOIL press office says. His stake decreased from 0.486% to 0.368%. Maganova’s stake in the company is worth $44.35b, Maganov’s stake - $138.98m.   

Source: Vedomosti, 29 June 2009


In 2010 tax inspectorate for the Odintsovo District of the Moscow Region said that Ravil Maganov, millionaire with the wealth of estimated 230m and co-owner of the largest private oil company LUKOIL (0.368% of shares), did not pay taxes for his real estate property in the Moscow Region. The duties he had to pay amounted to 114,000 roubles ($4000).   

Source: Marker, 20 July 2010


In 2011 Maganov was ranked 88th in the list of the top managers with the highest salary. His annual income amounted to 67.11m roubles ($2.4)   

Source: RBK, 1 July 2011