Abeltsev Sergey Nikolaevich

The biography:


Born in May, 6, 1961 in Moscow Region Lyubertsy in a family of servants; a citizen of the Russian Federation. In 1978 graduated from the public school. In the same year entered a Moscow Higher Combined Military School of Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, which he graduated in 1982 with qualification of combined command tactics.

For his military service he was sent to a Leningrad Military District. He held a post of platoon commander and commander of the reconnaissance company. In 1990 he worked as a deputy chairman in kolkhoz named after Lenin in Luberets district, Moscow region.

In 1993 he was elected to a post of the State Duma member of the first convocation of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Fulfilled duties of the LDPR faction deputy chairman. In 1995 was re-elected to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the second convocation. Fulfilled duties of a deputy chairman of the LDPR faction, a deputy chairman of the Committee on Security.

In 1997, he defended his thesis for a degree of Candidate of Jurisprudence on a theme "Greed and violence of grave crimes against the person. In 2001, he graduated from the Law Institute of Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia, Department of Criminology and Penitentiary Law. At the same time he kept working on his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence on "Criminological Study of Violence and Protection of the Person from Violent Crimes," which he defended in 2001. While working over the dissertation he had prepared and published 18 monographies and more than 80 scientific articles. According to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 1132 from 13.09.01 he was granted the qualifying category “The State adviser of the Russian Federation of the class II ”.

In 2001, Abeltsev was trained in a Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia in a group of senior officials of the central federal executive bodies in the area of defense and security of Russia. In 2003, he was elected a member of the State Duma of the Federal Assemble of the Russian Federation of the fourth convocation. Fulfilled duties of Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Security.

In 2008, Abeltsev was re-elected to the post of the State Duma member of Federal Assemble of Russia of the fifth convocation. Currently he is a member of the State Duma Committee on Security; Supervising activities of the Federal Penitentiary Agency.

Abeltsev has been awarded with the medals: "For merits in the development of parliamentarism" (an honorary sign), "For strengthening military cooperation", "For distinguished military service" (I, II degree), "For distinguished service in the criminal-executive system" (I, II degree), "For the military prowess" (I, II degree), "For strengthening the criminal-executive system" (I, II degree), "For Diligence" (I, II degree).

He has obtained a commendation of the Russian Federation Government. Married.

Legislative activity (at all points acted as an initiator):

- 26.04.1999, the bill “On state regulation of circulation of ferrous and nonferrous metals scrap” in the State Duma was introduced. On June, 16th, 2005, it was approved in the second reading. According to the new article 3 of the bill, that was especially designed by working group in the State Duma, which proposed to establish a list of kinds of nonferrous metals scrap and waste which could not to be accepted from the individuals. In accordance with that article, businessmen were also obliged to get licenses for operation of explosive industrial objects in compliance with the requirements of industrial safety. In addition to the licence, the small businesses had to have their own industrial equipment with certain technical characteristics and permissible production capacities. In experts' opinion, the bill reflected the interests of RAO «UES», which is mostly suffering of the thefts of metals on their objects and large collectors of scrap. (Business from 17.06.2005).

- The federal law "On Amendments to Article 126 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the RSFSR on the Granting of additional rights to the bodies of Tax Police, introduced in the State Duma in 01.09.1999; Published in the Legislative Assembly of Russia.

- The federal law "On Amending to the Federal Law "On operative-search activity "for granting additional rights to the bodies of Tax Police, introduced in the State Duma in 01.09.1999; Published in the Legislative Assembly of Russia.

- The federal law "On Amendments to the Article 73 of the Penal Code of Russia" regarding changes in a process of convicts placement for serving sentences in correctional facilities of the criminally-executive system; approved in the State Duma in 28.06.2006; Published in the Legislative Assembly of Russia.

- The federal Law "On Amendments to Article 158 and 168 of the Penal Code of Russia" on execution of sentences when detended in a disciplinary military unit; approved in the State Duma in 01.07.2005; Published in the Legislative Assembly of Russia.
source – a personal site www.abeltsev.ru
The source – an official site of the State Duma www.duma.gov.ru

The Dossier:


The first scandal with Abeltsev name appeared in the press in April, 1994. Abeltsev took part in taking property from businessman Gennady Kravchenko, director of a small business "Ekospan", which was engaged in the upholstered furniture manufacture. One of the founders of the small enterprise was also a collective farm named after Lenin in Luberets district, Moscow region. In accordance with a contract with "Ekospan", kolhoz leased him the premise of the former camp "Youth"with the right of further purchasing. In the summer of 1991 the kolhoz director, Ivan Yakushin ordered to liquidate the small enterprise, and transferred the premise to the balance of association "A+B". After that Abeltsev who was deputy chairman of the farm, posted security guard of the KGB, so that none of the employees of the enterprise could get in. Once the guard was removed, all products and equipment had disappeared from the warehouse. (Kommersant № 059 from 02.04.94). It is possible that the previous episode caused the burning of Abeltsev property later on. In February 1995, in Okskaya street, Moscow, the warehouse of the company "A", which he headed, was burnt down. In the three warehouses there were new sets of furniture, building materials, TV sets and videorecorders. A submachine gun and ammunition was also found in the ashes. Deputy General Director of the company, Alexander Shitov said that those items had been planted on. Kommersant reported on this in № 034 from 24.02.95 "Fire in the warehouses of the firm "A". Perhaps, an unknown foe indeed tossed the weapons to Abeltsev warehouses to cast a shadow on his activities or Abeltsev did store them on some purposes.

Sergey Abeltsev's interests can be traced through the subjects of his deputy inquiries.

In September, 1998 Abeltsev directed inquiries to the FSB and Vladimir Putin with a request to examine affairs of company JSC "Rostek", the main commercial structure of the SCC (the State Fuel Company). In his view, its director Hambardzum Safarian made a covert privatization of the enterprise, provided custom related services in Russia. According to Abeltsev, Safarian transformed affiliated companies of "Rostek" into joint stock companies, and passed the control packets of shares to commercial structures that were close to him. Valery Draganov, head of the SCC, defended Safarian. Abeltsev said in an interview that he did not understand that position. Abeltsev foretold also that Draganov was going to loose his position after the incident. It did happen: after all the trials Safarian remained at his post, while Draganov was removed. Perhaps that a matter of interest for Abeltsev.
Kommersant »№ 180 (1583) on 29/09/1998" Privatization of the state border"
"Kommersant-daily" 27.10.1998 "Board of the State Customs Committee"


In July 2004, Abeltsev asked the governor to assist him instituting a criminal case against the ex-coordinator of the party LDPR, Alexei Grinchuk. A year earlier Grinchuk had been relieved of his duties for violating the party chart by committing some discrediting acts. The reason for Grinchuk's expulsion from the party became the charge with the rape of the minor, that was directed to the regional prosecutor office. The criminal case institution was denied, but still he had been exiled from the party. Another criminal case against Grinchuk was brought for the theft of the party property in amount of 114 000 rubles. Abeltsev tried to step up investigation, however, without any result. The essence of the conflict between Abeltsev and Grinchuk is viewed dimly through publications, but it is clear that Grinchuk had disagreements with many members of the party, and all of them wanted to expel him from the party as well.

After his expulsion from the party Grinchuk continued introducing himself as a "the Head of the deputies assistants of the LDPR faction in the Duma», even though such a post did not exist any more. This fact served as the official cause of steadfast attention of the Liberal Democratic Party to Grinchuk together with other members, including Abeltsev. Later Grinchuk was jailed for slander and extortion of United Russia member, Alexei Plahotnikov.(
Kommersant (Voronezh) № 124 (2963) from 10.07.200, Kommersant (Voronezh) № 211 (4028) on 20.11.2008

In October, 2005 Abeltsev arrived to Belgorod, together with a vice-president of the Joint-Stock Company «Inteko» ,Viktor Baturin to support the Director of the affiliate open company «Inteko-Agro», Alexander Annenkov, who had been attacked and suffered from serious injuries by baseball bats and ax. Abeltsev and Baturin were connected by the fact that in the summer of 2005 "Inteko" supported LDPR on elections to the regional Duma. However, that time the regional election committee refused to register the party list of Liberal Democrats because of the delay in documents filing.

Company «Inteko» clashed with local authorities. In May 2004, the provincial government announced the holding to be a socially irresponsible and inefficient investor. The conflict escalated in March 2005, when «Inteko-Agro» refused to transfer its allotment to the authorities, for which it was necessary to build a railway to Yakovlevskoe iron ore deposit. And when "Inteko" supported the election of candidates from the Liberal Democratic Party, a conflict from the economic sphere turned into a political one, as LDPR members were opposed to the local authorities. In connection with the above-stated in "Inteko" they used to link the attack on Annenkov with the conflict between the company and the administration of the Belgorod region (Governor Yevgeny Savchenko). As for the member Abeltsev, he considered the attack "an assault against the Liberal Democrats", since the victim was from LDPR.
(Kopromat. Roux referring to "Kommersant", 11.10.2005, "An ax is raised at «Inteko»

At the same time it became known of the attack on lawyer, Dmitri Steinberg, who represented the legal interests of the companies «Inteko» and «Inteko-Agro».
Kompromat.ru with reference to "Regnum", 11.10.2005

In December, 2006 Abeltsev spoke sharply against the initiatives of his faction colleague Suleiman Kerimov who wanted to privatize the National Hotel, which was supposed to become the most valuable asset in the incorporated hotel company created by Kerimov. It turned out that the hotel "National" was a monument of federal importance, and could not be a object of privatization under the legislation operating that time. Abeltsev most likely made the protest in the interest of SUE “Hotel National”, on which balance "National" was.
The newspaper "Kommersant" № 226/P (3557) from 04.12.2006

In May 2007, the Tver Court of Moscow considered the criminal case against Valery Belozerov, another former ally and former Assistant of Abeltsev, as well as against the ex-employee of the organizational-inspecting department of MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs), Alexander Ageev. They were accused of fraud. Belozerov and Ageev promised to help the head of trading- purchasing department of LLC "Infotech", Helen Latysheva - to release the seizure of a large consignment of imported sugar syrup for 300 thousand dollars. Belozerov received Latysheva in the office of Abeltsev, when he was away in a business trip. At trial, Belozerov claimed he acted in Abeltsev's interest. But his words were not proved to be true - printout of their telephone conversations did not give any evidence.

It was not the first criminal case against Beloser and Ageyev. Previously, they had been tried in April 2006 for extorting 600 thousand dollars from the Chairman of the Board of Appin Bank, Natalya Kremleva - to stop the imaginary bank checks by FSB. She met Belozer in the Abeltsev's office several times, where she was invited to come under the LDPR "roof". Then Belozer wrote several letters about Abeltsev to the prosecutor's office. It was said there that Abeltsev was the one who allegedly promised Natalie Kremleva protection from the FSB. And in case of arrest of Valeriy Belozer, he promised to "pull" him out of jail. But there was no evidence of that. Ageev and Belozer were condemned for 8 and 7 years accordingly.
"Businessman" № 84 (3660) from 18.05.2007

Abeltsev was also suspected in the organization of eggs throwing on representatives of Russian human rights movement: the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Lyudmila Alekseeva and the leader of the movement "For Human Rights", Lev Ponomarev. It happened in the Journalists Central House in Moscow, during the press conference devoted to the events in Chelyabinsk region, where several prisoners had been killed in the colony because of the usage of special means. Ponomarev accused Abeltsev of coordinating the youngsters who threw the eggs. (Newsru.com "Honorable legal experts - Lyudmila Alekseeva and Lev Ponomarev – were pelted with eggs in Moscow,10.06. 2008).

When Viktor Shenderovich compared Abeltsev with an animal yahoo from Jonathan Swift's novel on a TV program, the deputy filed a lawsuit.

Soon after that Abeltsev got under the similar suspicions in March, 2009 when the participants of the public hearings in Moscow devoted to beatings of prisoners in colonies were pelted with eggs again. When they tried to detain the attackers, he stood up for them – ostensibly the journalist saw that one of the attackers was set in Abeltsev's car.
Newsru.com «Deputy Abeltsev is again a suspect in organization of attacks on the legal experts», 12.03. 2009

An excessive interest of Abeltsev in a matter of beating prisoners in the colonies has also been noted by the chairman of the investigation department at the RF Prosecutor's Office, Alexander Bastrykin. He accused the deputy of bias in requests he made. They had a plea deal with the legality of the arrest of the employees of Chelyabinsk region colony, who scored four prisoners to death. However Abeltsev rejected the accusation by saying that it was merely a personal bail for the accused employees.
"Kommersant" № 16 (4316) on 30/01/2010