Butorin Sergey Viktorovich





He was born on November 9, 1964 in Ostashkov, the Tverskaya region.

For the first time Sergey Butorin's name got to the police reports in the mid-nineties. Before that he was in operational lists as an active participant of the Orekhovo-Borisovskaya organized criminal group; he was known under the nickname of Osya.

Butorin became one of the "authorities" as soon as the leader of the the Orekhovskaya gang Sergey Timofeev (Sylvester) was killed in 1994. Then in Orekhovo the internal war for Sylvester’s inheritance rose in which twenty gangster brigades took part. One of them was crewed up by Osya. And as it was found out later by investigators, his gang did not consist of criminals only, but also of the former and operating employees of Main Intelligence Directorate, FSB and troopers. Participants of other gangs named never-offended Butorin’s militants as “wet-noses”.

In the beginning all the operations between the gangsters had been conducted in Orekhovo, but then a war spread across Moscow.

The police managed to catch participants of Butorin’s group in the summer of 2000. By the autumn 11 gangsters including Sasha Soldier had in a slammer. Five more were put on federal and international wanted lists.

Some of the arrested persons started giving testimonies. Details of many murders had been found out; the arrested persons named some places where the gang had stored weapons and explosives. Besides, it was established that gangsters operated not only in Russia but also, for example, in Israel.
Source: Newspaper "Kommersant" # 28 (2158), 2/16/2001





Sergey Butorin was mentioned by the major mass-media for the first time in 2000 in connection with a detention of the killers’ gang by the police. It was referred to the Orekhovskaya criminal group which members according to the investigation by the time of detention made at least 32 murders.

In connection with this detention the history of creation of this group appeared in large mass-media for the first time. Journalists wrote that the Orekhovskaya criminal group was found in the early nineties. Then several isolated gangs operating in the south of the capital united under control of the criminal “authority” Sergey Timofeev. The new criminal croup pressed Caucasians operating in the neighborhood and was engaged in extortion of money at businessmen, kidnapping, robberies, shop breaks and arms traffic. During the best times the Orekhovskaya group included a few "brigades" with total amount of about one thousand participants.

One of the leaders of the gang Sergey Butorin attracted several beginners to "brigade"— the former commandos; among them there was Alexander Pustovalov who received in the gang a nickname of “Soldier” (“Soldat”). The Orekhovskaya group had a rough time — it fought a war with several competing groups at once. Therefore it was decided to create a special division of the former commandos which were to be engaged in shooting of contenders.

According to operatives, in 1995 some prominent representatives of the capital underworld became victims of the Orekhovskaya gang's killers. Among the victims there were - the leader of the Assyrian group - Alexander Bidzhamo, heads of the Kuntsevskaya "brigade" - Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Kaligin, and also one of the leaders of the Sokolnicheskaya group - Vladimir Kutepo. Then bloody showdowns with Odintsovskaya and some other groups located near Moscow followed. In the Moscow region alone the killers shot at least ten competitors.

At this time a person of the Kurgan gang got popularity, it was the former policeman Alexander Solonik who made some sensational murders in the capital.

Soon relations between the Orekhovskaya and Kurgan criminal groups became aggravated: the last considered that Timofeev paid them too low for thecompetitors’ elimination. As a result, Solonik organized a murder of the leader of the Orekhovskaya group — Timofeev was blown up in the car. After that some more leaders of the Orekhovskaya group were killed. Suspicions fell on Solonik, so he hastened to leave to Greece. According to some information, in 1997 he began to prepare attempt at Sergey Butorin. But Butorin learnt in time about it and directed the killers led by Soldier to Greece. During a party Soldier together with his assistants strangled Solonik, then killed the witness of the murder — a cover girl Svetlana Kotova.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 138 (2023), 7/29/2000


In 2001 Butorin already lived in Spain, there he came into the view of the local police. Employees of the Spanish police detained Sergey Butorin and his 29-year-old partner Marat Polyansky. They were suspected of the organization of 29 murders and multiple grave crimes. Both of them at the moment of detention were in the international wanted list. Before coming to Spain Butorin and Polyansky hided in the Near East; then they got to Europe where they changed several countries.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 28 (2158), 2/16/2001


After the arrest of Butorin and Polyansky the Spanish policemen had an opportunity to track down and arrest the Russian citizen Jury Pylev who, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, was the leader of the Medvedkovo group in the Moscow area and also five of his accomplices.

Inspectors became interested in Butorin’s wife Elizaveta who veined then in the luxurious resort, in the city of Marbella. Through her they caught Pylev who had bought a magnificent residence in the same area and had veined there with the spouse. They considered Pylev an accomplice to Butorin and Polyansky when they had been committing crimes in Russia (the Medvedkovo criminal group is an ally to the Orekhovskaya).

During the police operation Pylev and his spouse were arrested as well as Butorin’s wife, two Russian citizens whose surnames were not disclosed and Spaniard Raul Rene Rodriguez who helped "authorities" from Russia to make operations with the real estate. Those operations, according to the Spanish police, were executed for money which criminals laundered in Spain. Three country houses in the total cost of 1 billion pesetas ($5.5 million) where the gang members lived - were arrested. The considerable quantity of cash currency and the jewelry found in their houses was withdrawn. The judge brought accusation to the arrested persons of money-laundering and an affiliation to a criminal group.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 84 (2214), 5/18/2001


Meanwhile Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor finished investigation and transferred case of the Orekhovskaya criminal group which had been accused of 28 murders - to the Moscow City Court. Ten gangsters came up for trial: Alexander Pustovalov, Victor Sidorov, Dmitry Usalev, Jakov Yakushev, Sergey Filatov, Ivan Sausaragis, Vladimir Kremenetsky, Vitaly Aleksandrov, Alexander Vasilchenko and Oleg Pronin. All of them were considered as Butorin’s subordinates. Participants of group of Sergey Butorin were arrested within 1999-2000. Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 98 (2228), 6/7/2001


In July, 2001 employees of the Moscow criminal investigation department detained one more killer of the Orekhovskaya and Odintsovskaya brigades, Dmitry Polyakov. He was searched in connection with the case of the "authority" Sergey Butorin.

After the detention journalists got access to the information that Butorin had been arrested in Spain and had unexpectedly gave testimonies about his relation to the employees of DOCU and special services, and he allegedly executed some tasks under their orders. As the Orekhovskaya and Odintsovskaya groups did involve former employees of the special divisions, then testimonies of the "authority" who declared that his life had been in danger in the homeland - were interesting to the Spanish Office of Public Prosecutor.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 133 (2263), 7/28/2001


A bit later journalists described a rather interesting fact from the biography of Butorin. At the very beginning of the criminal career the former Butorin’s chief Sergey Timofeev took under the guardianship one of the most skilled and successful shady businessman — Grigory Lerner. However, Sylvester whom Lerner named as Ivanych, always underlined that they were partners instead of "the businessman and a backing". When Timofeev was killed all his financial empire passed to the Osya’s gang. Osya started kidnapping with Lerner in France.

Scope of business of Lerner is characterized by an extract from criminal case #145055. "From indications it follows that $10 million are brought by Lerner in an authorized capital stock of company PRIFK created by him; $46 million are used for increase in an authorized capital stock of Independent trade-union bank at territories of Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus then are given out as credits to firms belonging to Lerner”. However, the surname Butorin in these documents is not present. Osya left abroad under several counterfeit passports — as Isahim Karsliev, Vladimir Shcherbakov or Stepan Pishchenko.

As for Lerner, the arrest in Israel and imprisonment became a guarantee of his life safety. Employees of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department have reasons to consider that Osya "sentenced" Lerner and waited for an opportunity to carry out a sentence. It is interesting that business of Lerner is only a part of the one that Osya and his people had. As investigation demostrated, this group had completely supervised a number of the largest markets of the capital including Mitinsky and Dorogomilovsky, some banks, private security companies and model agency.
Source: Magazine "Money" # 51 (355), 12/24/2001


In the beginning of 2003 employees of Moscow criminal investigation department detained an active participant of the Orekhovskaya group - Alexey Gusev suspected of murder of Alexander Solonik. 31-year-old Alexey Gusev was detained by employees of the Moscow criminal investigation department on Thursday on Vavilov street where he rented an apartment.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 12 (2615), 1/25/2003


In some months in the luxurious Spanish resort city Marbella one of leaders of the Orekhovskaya group Andrey Pylev (Dwarf) was detained. He had been living in Spain with a family for the last few years. In 2001 the Spanish police already detained him but then the proofs of his fault presented by Russia were recognized as insufficient.

In this connection in a press in particular there was an information that by order of Butorin and Dwarf the regular the killer of the group Alexander Pustovalov (Sasha Soldier; arrested in 2001) killed a military inspector of the commandants’ office Jury Kerezya. The one who had investigated the case of the murders made by the members of the gang in the closed military camp RVSN Vlasiha, and then a criminal case under article 210 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ("Organization of criminal community") was opened for the first time in history of Russia . Also the murder of the deputy chief of the operation-searching part in DIA of the Southern district of the capital police major Sergey Kostenko and the police sergeant Anatoly Glebov was made by the gang of Dwarf and Osya.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 141 (2744), 8/9/2003


In October, 2003 the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow declared an end of the criminal case investigation, concerning 11 participants of the so-called Orekhovskaya and Medvedkovo criminal groups. But at that point leaders of that gangs Sergey Butorin (Osya) and Andrey Pylev (Dwarf) could not come up for a trial to Russia. They stayed in Spain.

It was referred to participants of the interdistrict "brigade" created in 1994 by Osya. Just at that time in the car the leader of the Orekhovskaya group Sergey Timofeev (Sylvester) was blown up and after his death a big repartition began. Many of its leaders were killed one after another: Kultik, Dragon, Vitoha. As the Office of Public Prosecutor subsequently established, all those crimes had been organized by Osya clearing away the road to the "inheritance" of Sylvester. It was a struggle for hundreds million dollars received from the firms and banks which had been supervised by Sylvester.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 190 (2793), 10/17/2003


In April, 2004 employees of the Moscow criminal investigation department declared new successes in the investigation of the crimes by Sergey Butorin’s (Osya) Orekhovskaya gang. Detectives solved the murder of the person whom gangsters tried to blame for liquidation of the former deputy chief of Directorate for Combating Economic Crimes of Moscow, the vice-president of the company "Russian gold" Nodari Gelashvili.

That time gangsters revealed a secret of Alexander Tokarev's murder, the bodyguard of the "authority" in the Izmailovskaya group Vladimir Zaichikov (Hare). As it was found out he had been killed to shift responsibility for liquidation of the vice-president of the company "Russian gold" Nodari Gelashvili to the Izmailovskaya group. Osya’s gangsters shot him with a pistol-machine gun "Scorpion" on December 15, 1998 in the Small Levshinsky lane. Then Osya tried to take "Russian gold" under his control. The policemen undertook investigation of this murder as Nodari Gelashvili had been their colleague in the past , the deputy chief of Moscow Directorate for Combating Economic Crimes. Having fears that police could solve the murder, Osya’s gangsters decided to direct the investigation to a wrong track. On March 13, 1999 members of the gang Vladimir Ponomarev, Alexander Fedin and Igor Banin caught Alexander Tokarev at a house entrance in Magnitogorsk street at a door of his apartment. Banin shot to Tokarev’s head several times from Makarov gun. Then a pistol-machine gun "Scorpion" from which Nodari Gelashvili had been killed was put to the hands of killed person and some shots were made to create an illusion that during the attack he was shooting back. According to the employees of the Moscow criminal investigation department, Vladimir Ponomarev and Alexander Fedin liquidated also the executor of that attack - Igor Banin to keep all as fiduciary. His body was buried in a forest near Naro-Fominsk.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 69 (2908), 4/16/2004


In May, 2004 Moscow City Court determined a criminal case of the most bloody gangster group of the beginning of 90's (Orekhovskaya) which had a track record of about 40 proved murders. 13 gangsters were sentenced to various imprisonment terms: from five years to the lifelong. But journalists informed that at that point in time the basic litigation was still ahead. Leaders of the group who now are out of jurisdiction of Russian justice should come up for a trial: Osya and Dwarf in Spain, and Belok is in hiding.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 89 (2928), 5/20/2004


In August, 2005 in the Moscow City Court the sentence to other 11 members of the Orekhovo-Medvedkovo group was announced. Its leader Oleg Pylev was sentenced to 24 years, the others received imprisonment terms from 4 till 22 years.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 153 (3237), 8/18/2005


In summer of 2008 details of murder of the founder of Fund of social protection of sportsmen Otari Kvantrishvili became known. The executor of the murder, the former officer of internal troops Alexey Sherstobitov told about it in the Moscow City Court.

In 1989 Kvantrishvili created "Association XXI century" and then Fund of social protection of sportsmen of Yashin Lev. Otari Kvantrishvili was extremely close person.

On April 5, 1994 Otari Kvantrishvili came to a sauna together with his friend — fighter Andrey Slushaev. In their team there was also a businessman Andrey Charkin, the soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Mikhail Davydov and a compeer Arnold Gulyanidsky — Otari Kvantrishvili was friendly to many actors. After taking a steam-bath Otari Kvantrishvili asked his friend Sanasar Oganesyants to drive him to the office. Kvantrishvili was killed on his way to the car.

The executor of the murder Alexey Sherstobitov told to the court that the order on liquidation of Otari Kvantrishvili had been given him by "authority" Grigory Gusyatinsky who explained that Kvantrishvili "mortally threatens with the activity to interests" of the leader of the Orekhovo-Medvedkovo group Sergey Timofeev (Sylvester). The closest assistants too Sylvester — Sergey Ananevsky (Kultik) and Sergey Butorin (Osya) — ordered him to arrive on April, 5 to the metro station "Street of 1905", whence they followed him to the Krasnopresnensky baths. Opposite to the baths they rented apartment and defined a place for shooting.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 145 (3962), 8/16/2008


In the beginning of 2010 the court of primary jurisdiction of Madrid made decision to extradite back to Russia Sergey Butorin who had been staying in Spain for nine years for weapon storage. “Kommersant” was informed in Russian National central bureau of the Interpol that the term of the imprisonment given to Sergey Butorin by the Spanish court for weapon storage found at him within detention near night club in suburb of Barcelona — eight years and eight months — ended in October of the last year. However Osya was not released — he was convoyed from the prison of Barcelona to pretrial detention center of Madrid where he is staying till now under so-called per-extradition arrest. The matter is that the court which took place in February, 2001 and gave sentence to Mr. Butorin simultaneously specified necessity of his extradition back to Russia right after prison stints.

As investigatory management of Moscow investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation explained it would be already a second arrival of Mr. Butorin to Moscow under escort. In December, 2003 Spain gave him out for a while for carrying out of investigatory actions. However then Osya interrogated as the witness refused to give evidences and he again returned to the Spanish prison. This time the remedial status of Mr. Butorin will change. As it was explained in investigatory management accusation under item 210 ("Organization of criminal community") and item 105 ("Murder") of the criminal code of Russian Federation will be brought to him. So far he is suspected of the organization of more than 20 custom-made murders.
Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 23 (4323), 2/10/2010


In March, 2010 the Zamoskvoretsky regional court of Moscow satisfied the petition of the capital investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation and gave the permission for arrest of Sergey Butorin given out by Spain. Source: Newspaper «Kommersant» # 39 (4339), 3/6/2010