Povarenkin Siman Viktorovich


He was born in Omsk in 1969. He graduated from the Omsk State University specializing in chemistry and petro chemistry. He also studied finance and banking at the Moscow Economic Academy, in the Bank Tutors Institute (Frankfurt-on-Main, Germany), and in the Intellectual fund training centre (Paris, France). Since the middle of the 1990s, he managed actives in banking and industrial sectors.

He invested in mining industry, in geophysics, and in public health in Asia, including Vietnam, as well as in Europe and Latin America. He was chairman of the directors’ board of the Industrial investors group, the FESCO transport group, and the Russian Industrial bank. He was also first vice-president and head of investment business of the Inkombank, chairman of the directors’ board of National Container Company and of the Commercial Seaport of Vladivostok. He worked as the Saddleback Corporation Ltd director.

In 2005, together with Sergey Generalov, he bought a big Georgian mining company which included the Madneuli enterprise and Kvarzit enterprises which became one of the main actives of the future GPM Company. In 2007, after the division of the Industrial investors’ actives, he became the major shareholder of the GeoProMining and then he acquired some actives in Armenia and Russia. In June 2012, the company sold its actives in Georgia.

In 2012, he is the main shareholder and the member of the directors’ board of the GeoProMining (GPM) Company which manages the gold and copper mining enterprises in Russia and Armenia.

He is a member of the Business Council under the Russian ambassador in Great Britain. In October 2012, as a head of one of the biggest investors of the region, he took part in the official visit of the governmental delegation of Yakutia in Great Britain.

Another mining project of Povarenkin is GPM Asia. The GPM Asia is not part of the GeoProMinig companies group. In 2009, the GPM Asia bought some assets in mining and processing of mineral sands located in the Binthuan province in the South-East of Vietnam. The GPM Asia produces zircon and natural titanium compounds. GPM Asia production is certified according to the SGS international standards.

According to the Finance magazine, Povarenkin ranks 497th in list of the richest people in Russia.

Source: Wikipedia



The murder of the general director of the Rosar beer concern Ivan Bagnyuk in 1997 was one of the biggest crimes committed in the Omsk region. First of all, it stands out because the murdered man had a impeccable reputation and was known to everyone in the region. And what he had done at the looted and moribund enterprise was considered Omsk economic miracle: today every Russian knows the quality of the Rossiyskaya korona beer.

It is known that Bagnyuk had several meetings with representatives of the famous Baltika Breweries. The role of mediator in the negotiations was played by the manager of the Omsk branch of the Inkombank Siman Povarenkin who with Bagnyuk visited one of the Baltika enterprises.

Sourse: FreeLance Bureau, March 29, 2000


In August 1998, not all people were worried about safety of their savings. Some people tried to enlarge them. For example, the West Siberian Settlement Center of the Inkombank JSC in the person of Povarenkin S.V. and two companies that formerly belonged to the bank. The first one was the Omsk Bacon where the bank had obtained a controlling stake of a state, in the past, enterprise. Note, it was a very successful enterprise, the biggest one in Europe. Another company was the Mobile Communication Systens (MCS). It was founded by the Inkombank and provided mobile services of a new for those times GSM standard. The fates of the two companies were interlaced, at first glance, in a strange way.

The Omsk Bacon company (54, 72%) and the MCS Company (59, 97%) were sold by the management of the Inkombank just a few days before its bankruptcy.

The new owners of MCS weren’t seen at the meeting of the board of directors of MCS in Moscow. As for the documents of that “board”, they seemed to be lost forever. And for the public prosecutor’s office, they never even existed, as the board itself.

On January 31, 2010, the period of limitation of 10 years expired due to the closure of the criminal case with the wording: “…In the course of the preliminary investigation, it is stated that any evidence on the facts set out in the statement of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Inkombank JSC about the illegal alienation of the above shares by the ex-employee of the Inkombank JSC Povarenkin S.V., haven’t been collected …”

Source: Zahvat.ru, February 19, 2011


In 2008, according to rumours circulating in the market, the President of the ALROSA, Alexey Vibornov and his trustees along with the active personal participation of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board were engaged in Siman Povarenkin’s financial problems. It was about the ALROS Company purchase of shares of the GeoProMining Company, engaged in exploitation of precious and non-ferrous metals in Yakutia, Georgia, and Armenia. The purchase was made with the credit of the VTB; the buyer was Povarenkin. According to one high-ranking official, the transaction was carried out in conditions of strict confidentiality, and attempts to clarify its circumstances failed.

Source: Vek.ru, January 14, 2009


Yves Saint Laurent lived in Deauville in a mansion with Neo-Gothic armchairs of the times of Karl X made of pink wood and a chandelier in the Dutch style for 60 thousand dollars. There were nine bedrooms in the house though the couturier lived there only together with his lover Pierre Berge and his French bulldog. Laurent had lived there since 1980s, and after his death, the Russian businessman Siman Povarenkin bought the house for 9, 5 million of dollars.  The purchase was carried out on behalf of Irina Povarenkina’s SCI le Château and the Luxemburg Sjato Gabriel SARL Company, the main shareholder of which is Siman Povarenkin.

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