Alekperov Vagit Yusufovich



Born 01.09.1950 in Baku (Azerbaijan).

 In 1974, he graduated from the evening department of the Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute, specializing in mining engineering on technology and complex mechanization of oil and gas fields’ development.

Since 1972, he worked as a driller in a production association "Kaspmorneft».

In the period from 1974 to 1979, he started as operator for oil and gas production, he soon became an engineer-technologist, then the shift supervisor, foreman, chief engineer and finally deputy chief of the oil field.

In 1979 -1985, Alekperov worked in management of manufacturing associations "Surgutneftegaz" and "Bashneft».

From 1985 to 1987 was the first deputy general director of «Bashneft» in Western Siberia.

From 1987 to 1990, he worked as general director of the production association "Kogalymneftegaz». In 1990-1991 - Deputy, First Deputy Minister of Oil and Gas Industry of the USSR.

In 1991, he became president of the oil concern «Langepas-Urai-Kogalymneft».

In 1993, on a decree of President Yeltsin the state concern «Langepas-Urai-Kagalym-oil «was transformed into joint-stock company «LUKoil ".

In 1995, Alekperov was chairman of the Board of Directors "Imperial"; in 1998, he became chairman of the supervisory board of the bank. At that time, LUKoil owned a stake of 26% shares of «Imperial» bank and bought from «Gazprom» another 7%. According to numerous publications in the media, "LUKoil" was late with the repayment of loan at 33 million dollars to the bank.

In 1998-2000, Vahid Alekperov was chairman of the Board of Directors in “Petrokommerts».

In April 1996, he was the confidant of Boris Yeltsin during the presidential election in the Tyumen region.

Since 1999 - Member of the Economic Council of the Government of Russia.

In January 2000, he was relieved of his duties as chairman of the board of directors of the company "LUKOIL".

Since 2000 - present time- Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO RITEK.

Since 2001- present time - Chairman of STC NK "LUKoil".

According to the magazine "Finance", his status for the year 2009 amounted to 7.60 billion dollars; he took the 4th place in rating of Russian billionaires.

Married; has a wife Larisa, a son Yusuf (born 1990). He tends to spend spare time with his family. He is fond of tennis.



Since 2007 - the founder of the Fund "Our Future" of regional social programs.

Since 2010 - the Council of "Skolkovo" Foundation member.

In 1990, he became the father of son Yusuf, who graduated in 2012 RSU of Oil and Gas behalf of Gubkin with a degree in "Development and exploitation of oil deposits"

According to Forbes magazine, Alekperov personal financial state for 1996 was US $ 3.7 billion. The first wage of Alekperov was officially published in 2002 in connection with the forthcoming deployment of ADS on the state-owned stake in the company. At that time, according to the five-year contract, the salary of the president of "Lukoil" was $ 1.5 million per year, plus an annual bonus - $ 3.336 million (150% of the salary).

According to the rating of Forbes magazine, published in March 2009, the state of Alekperov reached $ 17.8 billion, he is ranked 27th in the world rankings of the richest people. According to a 16 February 2012, Alekperov held the 5th position in the list of richest Russians with a fortune of $ 10.6 billion.

In 2015, in the list of Forbes he took 6th place with a fortune of $ 12.2 billion.





In privy Alekperov's name is "Don". He even holds out his hand at the meeting so that one looks liking kissing it. Alekperov has earned an «every minute" respect due to the fact he knows the oil industry "inside and out». He started as a drill man, and rose to a director of field. As a professional, he was formed in the Siberian Kogalym when leading «Kogalymneftegaz», thence the psychology "everything is possible" is.  Also in Kogalym, Alekperov has received another nickname from drill men - Alec the First - for the fact that despite the party instructions, he built normal brick housesfor the workers, not shacks. Another story of those years: Alekperov sat down on the damaged oil pipe to give moral support to the welders fearing of explosion. In Alekperov’s days, life level in Koglame was considered the highest in the USSR - payments for oil were made by real money. "Bright future" builder of was soon transferred to work in the Ministry of Petroleum Industry of the USSR. Alekperov was the youngest first deputy minister in the history of the Ministry. It is unknown who favoured him for the post. Leonid Filimonov headed the Ministry (at first he headed «Nizhnevartovskneftegaz», then a president of Eastern Oil Company). Alekperov co-authored with to work out a scheme of vertical integration of oil companies - VINK. Thus, in late 1991 the first international oil concern «LUKoil» appeared in Russia, which consisted of "Uraineftegaz" and "Langepasneftegas.Alekperov met those companies' heads back in Kogalym - Putilov Alexander and Yuri Shafranik (the latter subsequently headed the Petroleum Ministry and helped a lot to "oil king" Vagit in business).  The structure of "LUKoil" also included the Perm and Volgograd refineries. The name of the concern consists of the first letters of the cities' names as follows: Langepas, Urai, and Kogalym. A major shareholder and strategic partner of LUKoil became the U.S. Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO). LUKoil secured a reputation of Americanism Company.

(Source: "aloud about ...» May 2003," Top Secret ", November 2002)


Since then, LUKoi has passed not a single oil project. Exploration of Timan-Pechora, the Caspian and the Arctic shelfs, Baltic transit, construction of the Baltic Pipeline System and the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, building a new oil terminal in the north, the development of the tanker fleet, and the order for production of railway tank — "LUKoil" took part in everything. Moreover, the company tried to control directly the competing projects. The aim was expansing in all directions under the auspices of public interest. Today LUKoil - this is 1,3% of global oil reserves, and 2.3% of global oil production. Speaking of Russia, LUKoil is a 18.6% oil production and 18, 1% of all-Russia oil refining.

In 1993, Boris Yeltsin signed a decree on privatization of the oil industry. At the same time, Alekperov announced the idea that there should not be more than three or four oil companies in the country. He actually took the sweet spots of the oil sector.

The then President Heydar Aliyev hoped that Alekperov would defend the interests of Azerbaijan in Moscow, but everything turned out the opposite. Alekperov primarily defended the interests of Moscow. But in spite of exhibiting his loyalty, in the late 90’s Alekperov began conflicting with the authorities. On the one hand, Putin did not want to tolerate too large and independent monopolists. On the other hand, LUKoil became in the way of its main rival «Sibneft», the company of the "family". As a result LUKoil was prosecuted for withholding taxes of hundreds millions of dollars.  Viktor Kalyuzhny – an outspoken lobbyist of LUKoil resigned the post of Fuel and Energy Minister (it is noteworthy that Alekperov did not take him to the company, probably being displeased with the work of "hand-minister).  Meanwhile, Alekperov was "caught» in a doubtful relation with criminal authority Bogomolov named Bogomol (Tyumen OPG). He was even listed at one of the LUKoil's posts. Everybody in the underworld avoided communicating with Bogomol remembering the death of the famous thief in law "Shakro-old" (also Kakachia); he was killed in the vicinity of Berlin. It is believed that "godfathers" controlling "LUKoil" were involved in the murder, since shortly before his sudden death "Shakro-old» had quarreled with one of the heads of LUKoil.

MIA was aware of relations existing between the structures of "LUKoil" and the criminal world controlling the gasoline business. In particular, former Interior Minister Kulikov written about it in a note addressed to Chernomyrdin, but no decisions on that matter followed.

By the way, back in 1997 vice-president of LUKoil Vitaly Schmidt died from a coronary heart disease; his death was subsequently treated in the press as the murder by poisoning. Schmidt was  an author of  restructurization of offshore system in LUKoil, which was disadvantageous for Alekperov, and therefore was not implemented after Schmidt's death. Relatives of Schmidt voiced accusations against Alekperov, Ralif Safin, and other leaders of "LUKoil" in the "Top Secret" program on the NTV channel.

First deputy of Alekperov Sergei Kukura also suffered after a few of years later. He was kidnapped by unknown persons, and then safely returned. Then it was discovered that lukoylovtsy had been engaged in the sale of diluted gasoline for a few years through its network of petrol stations. Tthe state treasury, according to conservative estimates of the tax police, was damaged in the amount of 4.5 billion rubles.

In 2000, the Federal Tax Police Russia announced the initiation of criminal proceedings against Alekperov and chief accountant of "LUKoil" Lyubov Hoba on the fact of "sheltering large funds of taxation». On the same day, Alekperov met President Putin in the Kremlin. As a result, the prosecution was not presented to him. In August 2000, Arbitration Court dismissed most of the claims of the Federal Tax Police Service against "LUKoil".

(Source: "Profile" from 17.07. 2000; "Novaya Gazeta" on 20.12.1999)


In early 2000, LUKoil voluntarily refused of participation in financing project works on the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, although it had every right for a share in the future "pipe". That sudden act of philanthropy had an explanation - Alekperov utmost tried to maintain the image of the most public, most patriotic company in Russia. refusal of share in the Azeri oil pipeline was supposed to emphasize the loyalty of "LUKoil", which had been questioned after the establishment of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC).

Since the beginning of the First Russo-Chechen war, it was necessary to determine the routes for transporting of Caspian oil. The USA, Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan insisted on the south side of the Caucasus Mountains, while Russia - on the northern slopes of the Caucasus. Then LUKoil took a strange position, as it was acting against the public interest. LUKoil was for development of the field "Kyapaz». LUKoil signed the agreement with Azerbaijan on doing that. Official Ashgabat made a note of protest considering the agreement an intrusion on their territory. Russian Foreign Ministry was forced to justify itself, and to recognize Russia's debt to Turkmenistan of $228.5 million as compensation. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that the choice of transporting routes of Caspian energy resources depended on position of Turkmenistan. In addition, Ashgabat was the only ally of Russia against the United States in struggle for the Caspian Sea.

As a result, Moscow failed the struggle from the very beginning. It was thanks to the policy of "LUKoil" that Caspian Sea had been divided into national economic zones. LUKoil also was an active participant in the intrigue on construction of the "pipe" bypassing Chechnya. MFA of Russia defended Russia's route of transportation by all methods, including war in Chechnya.   Meanwhile LUKoil expanded its presence in the Azerbaijani oil fields and was a member of the AMOK, which was going to drive oil through the "pipeline" Baku-Ceyhan. A friend of Alekperov- Viktor Chernomyrdin persuaded everyone that Russia's national interests were met, referring to state status of LUKoil.

In the northern direction, LUKoil pursued primarily its own profit. Having bought an oil company "KomiTEK" and in fact having absorbed it, LUKoil became the owner of majority deposits of the Timan-Pechora and the pipeline, which was supposed to become a part of the Baltic Pipeline sysetm (BPS). BPS - is a direct access to the world oil market, which Russia had lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore, Putin took the BTS under his patronage, but LUKoil opposed that from the beginning. As a result, LUKoil developed an alternative BPS project called "Northen Gate", which involved the construction of oil terminal in Varandey with capacity of 30 million tons per year with the following transportation by oil tankers. Under that project, LUKoil managed to gain ownership of the oil base of the Northern Fleet in Mohnatkina Pahta.

(Source: "Stringer" from 14.11.2000)


But Alekperov is famous for his capability to roll with the punches - Vagid Alekperov knows how to parley. He agreed with the authorities. As early as in 2002, Alekperov was called the favorite of the president. As they say, Alekperov is the man who does understand the system, and signals that authorities send. "It is impossible to separate the company's interests from the interests of the State on which territory it operates», said he once. «We have the same interests. Everything that is good for Russia is good for our company." In 2005, Alekperov received order "For merits before Fatherland» of IV degree from Putin. It is noticed that level of consumer prices for gasoline depends on conversations of Putin and Vagit Alekperov.

Today Alekperov owns 20, 6% of LUKoil. Another 20% belong to the American ConocoPhillips, 9, 25% - Vice President Leonid Fedun. Many experts believe that the whole empire of Vagit Alekperov has been created on money of the U.S. companies, which control Russia's projects through LUKoil.

(Source: Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 16.02.2006)


Alekperov explained very lucidly, why all of us face a deficit and a rise in price of gasoline.

But wherein he "forgot" to explain, why none of the fabulously wealthy by oil Russian billionaires did not built a single (!) Oil refinery in the last ten years. Including himself Vagit Yusufovich, whose state just last year, according to some estimates, has increased by half a billion dollars. According to "Forbes" magazine, he now occupies second place in the ranking of Russian billionaires. His capital is estimated at $ 11 billion. It would seem that there is something to invest in the construction of new plants. But no! "Novorussky" capitalist prefers to lament the fact that the construction and renewal of facilities is not performed. 17.03.2006


Oleg Deripaska and "Basic Element" plan to spend 450 million rubles for the construction of monolithic houses for the resettlement of residents of Sochi. Also, the "BasEl" has its own cement interest. "BasElCement" company has recently acquired a number of deposits of basalt, bentonite clay, granite and gravel rubble, including a career in Adler. Vagit Alekperov presented Lukoil the project: Olympic format retail network worth $ 400 million.

Sobesednik, 18.03.2008


Businessmen did not panic, and vied with each other to talk about their innovation achievements. Mikhail Prokhorov recalled their development of innovative vehicles running on LPG, Vladimir Yevtushenko - about a system of emergency care to people, caught in the accident - "ERA GLONASS". And the head of "Lukoil" Vagit Alekperov boasted a valve engine for submersible pumps, which were developed by experts of "Lukoil" and has even started production.

It would seem, what's wrong? God himself ordered oilers to improve their uncomplicated production. Only Vagit Yusufovich, appear to be modestly silent not only about the fact that the inventors of this wonderful technology and related units is he personally, his first deputy Ravil Maganov, former head of the "daughter" "RITEK" Valery Graifer and several top - managers of "Lukoil", but that this innovation was patented in 1998, and invented much earlier (by the way, the staff of "Lukoil", extend patents in PHIPs, their period of validity will expire soon!).

SLON.RU, 12.02.2010


Yusuf Alekperov. This 17-year-old young man, the son of "LUKOIL" Vagit Alekperov, owner of the oil company, "shines" ever-paternal 12.3 billion dollars. He is the only child in the family, contrary to traditions of Alekperov native country - Azerbaijan. Although some Azeri mass media claim that Vagit doesn't lose ties with their historical homeland, the information slipped that the young Yusuf owns "only Russian language." That is unlikely: if the boy gets a proper education, he speaks not only in Russian. Another thing - he does not speak Azerbaijan; that fact countrymen perceive not without regret. As usual, the information about the rich heir is almost nil, because the powers of the world cherish their "golden" boys and girls more then an eye. We managed to find an old message: "From early childhood, the baby develops control of the vehicle and firmly makes the overload on the rides in the park of culture and recreation. It is not known what will happen to the boy in the near future, a sudden Dad would take and give him the exclusive Yak-142 of the discharge "Lord", the same as it is rumored, he presented to Nazarbayev." By the way, in those days, which include the message, Vagit Alekperov had ten times smaller than it is now, financial state. In addition, it was able to dig in the forum of one of the sites a quite narrow-minded cry: "And in my classroom is studying a son of a General Director of" Lukoil"!!! Alekperov is his surname and the name is Yusuf. Such a goof, but he has o lot of money, of course!!!!” Well, well, but just genetics of the boy, apparently, is not bad. His grandfather, Yusuf, was a junior political instructor of the Great Patriotic War as part of 221-th infantry division of Azerbaijan. And the father has never been a weak man, even in the days, when there were no oligarchs in the former Soviet. In 1974, at the well, where he worked, there was an explosion. Vagit dumped into the water from 12-meter height. Then two workers died. He swam. There was an episode when the future magnate spent on the platform in a stormy sea without food and water for several days. So, if you're lucky, the ancestor’s blood should not take Yusuf down. Although there are rumors that he will a billionaire without "Lukoil": Vagit Alekperov, according to some reports, a few years ago conceived, departing, to transfer the company to the state to save it from dismemberment., 2010


The building with a private square was built a decade ago just behind Doroninskiy Moscow Art Theatre (on Tverskoy Boulevard) - on a special order of the Office of the President Affairs. That's why not only the location dictated the price, but also the status of tenants. We go over the list of names: Tokarev (President of "Transneft"), Lavrov (Foreign Minister), Alekperov (LUKOIL), Prikhodko (deputy prime minister, who replaced Surkov), Reiman (former Minister of Communications), Chemezov (corporation Rostec), Sechin (Rosneft), Kudrin (former finance minister), Klebanov (ex-envoy, "driving" Sovcomflot), Ernst ("1-st channel") ... in total 45 apartments in the house, but some residents have two, and some of them even four.

... It wasn't told in President administration, who else helped whom to "beat out" apartments in this house, leaving the request of "Sobesednik" unanswered. Therefore, so it is unclear on what basis was determined the choice of the local residents. It is unclear how to the number of "public servants", namely they had to get apartments, appeared the wife of "Moscow Virtuosos" Spivakov, sister of tycoon Alekperov, businessmen (though employed by the state) Tokarev and Chemezov, and the same Ernst. For active cooperation?

Interlocutor, 27.08.2013


In fashionable "Cooper House", for example, this year settled the presidential envoy in the Duma Harry Minh. Despite the fact that his salary of 4-5 million per year would not have sufficed for the purchase of 266 square meters on the "Golden Mile" worth 300 million. To do this, he would have had to eat or drink nothing for 60 years. In another house occupied two floors the owner of Lukoil Vagit Alekperov. And in the third, near the former head of the government department on agribusiness Igor Ruden and a long-term government office secretary Andrei Krotov, settled Tula Governor billionaire Vladimir Gruzdev.

Interlocutor, 26.12.2013


However, it is not necessary to sympathize Alekperov Jr. According to knowledgeable people, his life bears little on resemblance to the everyday lives of ordinary hard workers: for example, he has a weakness for luxury cars, changing them as gloves. They say his old BMW X6 Yusuf sold for 160 thousand dollars, but instead bought a Mercedes CLS 63 AMG: the car price goes up to 14 million rubles. And Moscow golden youth doesn't lose Alekperov from sight. Almost every weekend he flies by private plane to the capital, where he "off" according to the status.

AIF, 10/23/2014


In the 24 years the young man is the rightful heir of billions of his father, the president of Lukoil Vagit Alekperov. In 2013, he promised to transfer the shares and the management of the oil giant to his son, but with conditions: not to break down and not to share the stake and to start his career from the bottom, as it did in their time grandfather and father of the future oil tycoon.

... According to rumors, the guy dangle to relax to Moscow. According to his profile on social networks, Yusuf Alekperov likes beautiful life with Moscow restaurants, expensive cars and branded watches still more than the romance of drilling rigs. But the bargain is a bargain. All the more so, daddy's $ 7.6 billion expects Alekperov Jr. at the finish.

Sobesednik, January 5, 2015


"Vagit Yusufovich! Enough!! "Spartac" is yours, nobody's more. Football club is, may be, a stupid thing, but it is more important to manipulate it independently.

Enough of figureheads. It's time to the fore. "Spartac" owner - Vagit Alekperov, not Leonid Fedun. Vagit Alekperov, the word is for you, decide "- Utkin wrote in the text, where he proposed 5 candidates for the post of head coach of red and white.

Note that Vagit Alekperov - is the president of "Lukoil" company.

Soviet Sport, 20 May 2015


The conflict over the Lukoil refinery in Romania reached the President of the country: Vagit Alekperov asked him about the meeting. At the same time, LUKOIL, for the year has already sold several assets in Eastern Europe, has received an offer for the sale of the oil refinery.

... In a letter Vagit Alekperov asks for a personal meeting with Johannis because of the situation around the oil refinery Petrotel Lukoil in Ploiesti (LUKOIL owns a 97% stake in the company). On it became known last week that the Romanian Prosecutor's Office arrested the "daughter" assets of LUKOIL Lukoil Europe Holdings B. V., which controls the refinery, in the amount of € 2 billion. The company is accused of money laundering and tax evasion in the amount of € 230 million in 2012-2013.

LUKOIL conflict with the Romanian authorities started in October 2014. Then, prosecutors, police and customs officers held 23 searches in several Romanian offices of Oil Company "LUKOIL", including in the office at the oil refinery Petrotel. Then LUKOIL has achieved the removal of the arrest through the court, at the beginning of this week the company once again challenges the actions of the Romanian authorities, Mueller said. Prosecutors expanded the circle of suspects - in addition to the plant general director Andrei Bogdanov, investigations are held against five other employees of the company.

RBC, 15.07.2015


The tension in Russian-Turkish relations did not affect the plans of the Russian businessman of Azerbaijani origin, president of "LUKOIL" Vagit Alekperov, who has acquired a hotel Edition Hotel in the exclusive Istanbul's Levent district.

... The publication does not exclude that Alekperov has also acquired the rights to Palmarina hotel in the tourist district of Bodrum., 09.12.2015


- You had put some assets for sale: refills, assets in Europe. Do you still sell; despite the fact that now it is not the best time?

- Yes, we sell. Just processing is experiencing not the worst period of its development. And plants are earning good money today. We even have the ISAB, a complex plant; this year shows an excellent result in net profit and EBITDA. We are negotiating about the sale of our assets in the Baltic States, maybe in Poland, because there is no integration with our production facilities. Plus, of course, the tension that exists about the Ukraine, affected the company's operations. Especially in Eastern Europe.

RBC, 20.01.2016