Zimin Victor Mikhaylovich


Was born in August 23, 1962 in the village of Discos of Krasnoturansky District of Krasnoyarsk Region. Spent the first years of his life in the village Katanov of Askizsky District of Khakassia autonomous district of Krasnoyarsk region.

In 1982, he graduated from the Agricultural College of Abakan. Military conscripts took place in the ranks of the Tank Soviet Army.

Employment History of Viktor Zimin began in 1983 in Irkutsk construction management. Three years later, he was appointed a chief engineer of SMU in Bogotol, and after a year and a half - the head of department.

Since 1985 - the chief engineer, the chief of construction and installation management.

Since 1992 - approved as a deputy head of the Abakan branch of the Krasnoyarsk Railway for construction.

In 2003 - elected to the Supreme Council of the Republic of Khakassia.

In 2007 - elected to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

December 10, 2008 has received the consent of the Supreme Council of Republic of Khakassia for the appointment of the Chairman of the Government of Republic of Khakassia, presented to the duly empowerment by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

In early December 2009 by the decree of the Russian President Medvedev included to the composition of the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation.

January 15, 2009 - Prime Minister of the Republic of Khakassia. Immediately after the election of Zimin in Khakassia on TNT-Abakan the operation of the analytical program "Kiricheshki", which criticized the new governor, was stopped. Also one of the first Zimin decisions as governor was the statement that the Republic will not be combined with the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Zimin calls himself a close friend of Sergei Shoigu - former Minister of EMERCOM of Russia, later - the Minister of Defense of Russia.

April 12, 2015 - natural forest fires occurred in the Republic of Khakassia, as a result, were completely burned several villages, more than 30 people died and several thousand people were left homeless. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a live television broadcast instructed Viktor Zimin to provide new housing for victims of the fire on 1 September 2015, but the one failed to execute the President order, and 3 billion rubles, allocated for these purposes from the federal budget, were stolen.

Viktor Zimin - is one of the founders of the Khakass regional branch of the party "United Russia", May 2008 - Secretary of the Political Council of the XPO Party "United Russia".

         He has the title of honorary railway man.

He is married and has three daughters, one of which, Alena Viktorovna Zimina, is the most influential businessman in Khakassia.

Source: Lentapediya



Khakassia has become an example of how you should not build

After the tragic fires of last year (in April 2015) in Khakassia, federal media cite the republic as an example to show how you should not build. Residents of the presidential buildings repeatedly complain about the constant condensation that accumulates on the ceiling and windows. A huge number of complaints come on problems with the heating system, the formation of mold, the lack of a number of plumbers and more. Last winter, in some buildings, due to technical errors in the heating, furnaces completely exploded. And this is only a small fraction of what problems have to meet fire victims to this day. It is not clear, why the houses for the victims of the wildfires occur such defects, because the funding was sufficient to ensure that people receive a high-quality housing. (...) Were constructed and constructing and set up a several criminal cases. That is just there is no one to punish in a strange way. General Director of the contractor LLC "Chernogorsk Otdelstroy" Vasily Smolnikov is on the run, he was put on the international wanted list. Rumor has it that Vasily hides in Vietnam, however, it still failed to find him. Meanwhile, the poor-guy-fire victims continue to mend the deficiencies in the presidential homes. And it is not known, how soon they will be able to bring them to the mind.

Source: IA "Khakassia", 06/02/2016



The head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin has not fulfilled the promise, given to President.

Builders have not received 3 billion rubles yet, allocated by the Government to the elimination the consequences of emergency. According to an Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation, the price of the contracts was seriously overstated. Zimin managed to report on the construction before the president, although fire victims are still indignant at the fact that it is impossible to live in their new homes (furnaces smokes, wiring and insulation are substandard, a lot of gaps). According to the Ministry of Construction, the salary debt to builders is equal to 80 million rubles; builders are talking about the amount of more than 200 million rubles. The general contractor of Khakassia - LLC “Chernogorsk Otdelstroy”, built 90% of homes. Builders were deceived on such a scheme: the team proceeded to the construction of the house, then came the check and the level of work was announced low. The team was expelled from the site, and the house passed for the completion of the other team.

Source: Regions of Russia 06.02.2016





Who get rich on the victims of the fire of Khakassia?

In mid-November, when the work ended, crowds of defrauded workers began to besiege the headquarters of the construction. Owner of "Chernogorsk Otdelstroy" Vasily Smolnikov gathered foremen and just with Andrew Kisurkin, a Deputy of Viktor Zimin, threw on the table 245 thousand rubles. "To you spirit was not here! The next day, OMON will be called here, and you will be thrown out of here in any case. «Those who came from afar were paid exactly the ticket price. Total wage arrears is still a mystery. The Ministry of Construction of the republic has its own number - 80 million rubles. But if you believe the contracts. The real figure is said to another: more than 200 million rubles. Foremen left, subcontractors fled. There is no one to emerge in the field kitchen. Krasnoyarsk and local workers did not get money even for the tickets. Witnesses say that a convoy of thousands of workers wandered to Abakan on foot. One hundred kilometers or more. Those who remained were thrown out directly to the Siberian frost. In December, construction workers blocked the road to the Shire, announced a hunger strike, and went to the meeting to the building of the local council. At a meeting of the Government of Khakassia Viktor Zimin demanded: "Find those who stole the money!" A commission was created. But each weekly meeting postponed the final calculation.

In addition, the victims of the fire are robbed continuously. Natalia Ovinnikova experienced a double tragedy. First, her house burned down, some time later her daughter died, who managed to receive 110 thousand rubles compensation as a victim of a fire. Officials from the regional social support of the Office decided that the dead man money for improvement is not necessary. Natalia Ovinnikova was forced to return the money, allocated for the daughter. When she came to the reception to Vladimir Putin, who visited Khakassia, local official, which met, chided for being too trusting and advised to go to court to claim the money of the daughter back. At the same time, he announced the "Directive", which gave the fire victims Viktor Zimin: "Do not disgrace Khakassia. Do not complain about their problems. " ... By the way, officials ignored two court decisions on refund Ovinnikova. Local officials, as well as representatives of Viktor Zimin know problems of citizens and builders in the Shire. But there are no changes. Someone else hopes, but most are sure:everything that happens in the village, and in the entire region, doesn't care the local authorities. Half of Khakass government visited the Shire. Ministers and Assistant of Zimin "soared in the same saunas, walked in the same local restaurants. Here the owners of the facilities just get rich. «And this at the time, when hundreds of construction workers had nothing to eat in general! And only in the reports of Viktor Zimin before Moscow, everything looked smooth.

Source: "Komsomolskaya Pravda", 01.06.2016



The governor of Khakassia "arranged a psychosis" to Kremlin

Khakassia took 65-th place there, getting down, in comparison with the previous rating, at four positions. In recent years, this region has always goes down on all counts in the tables of the regions, the republics and areas, in which the authorities provide people a decent life.

Enterprises of absolutely all members of the family of Zimin are literally inundated with grants, subsidies and other benefits from a regional and even federal budget. Such public money flows allow the governor's daughter Alena to grow a personal herd of racehorses for his father, to buy stallions valued at $ 5 million, as well as to build palaces with helicopter pads and giant hot tubs with a view of the Yenisei. This happens at a time when the population of Khakassia, entrusted to Zimin, still cannot recover from the terrible fires of April 2015 that killed more than 30 people and left thousands of families homeless.

One of the poorest regions of Russia - Republic of Khakassia has got perhaps the most outspoken governor in Russia. Outspoken in not only the sense of undisguised, even more ostentation and "development" of budget funds in the interests of his own family and many friends-relatives. No, we are talking about the revelations of a different order - the relationship with the federal government and a willingness to "bend" Moscow from Abakan on the eve of the federal elections of 2016.

Now the head of the region Viktor Zimin in public and openly tells his officials and journalists that he commanded the Khakassian Prosecutor's Office and other law enforcement agencies, while the leadership of the General Prosecutor's Office, Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, Gostekhnadzor and the Investigative Committee of Russia may still have their own illusions on this score. Prosecutors and other law enforcement officers are really tend to "jump" in Khakassia on the order of Zimin as Chinese hand dolls. And, frankly, very few people would care about it in Moscow, if the tragedy of the fires would not have happened a year ago, which burned a few villages of Khakassia, and more than a thousand families left homeless.

Source: IA "Ruspres" 16/05/2016



As Khakassia khan "bends" Moscow

After the terrible fires in Khakassia arrived Russian President Vladimir Putin in April 2015, which held a meeting under the camera and instructed the head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin to pay compensation and build new homes for all the victims of the fires until the onset of cold weather. The federal budget allocated more than 3 billion rubles for this grandiose and emergency construction - about 40 thousand rubles per square meter, which is sufficient for quick and high-quality housing in these volumes. However, Zimin and his officials received federal money as accustomed - builders received not 40, but 5-7 thousand for the quarter meter. Builders were obligated to buy materials for housed of the fire victims for several times inflated prices from the company "Chernogorsk Otdelstroy" (OPA), which is linked with Viktor Zimin himself and his friends through nominees. As a result, the construction time were torn, and President Putin's promise was fulfilled so disgusting that it would be better not to carry out out at all. Houses are not suitable for life in the cold of the Siberian steppe, and hungry, literally, workers and builders still haven't got money for their work. Because the money for "Presidential construction" were allocated from the federal budget, so the expenditure of them was checking not by the hand of Zimin Prosecutor's Office of Khakassia, but the Accounts Chamber of Russia. Which, delicately as it could, reflected in its damning report some aspects of budget spending by the efforts of the government of Viktor Zimin. Head of the region, which has a truly khan power in Khakassia, was so outraged and horrified with this criticism on the part of the federal government that has ceased to comply all the subordination and caution. He began to publicly oppose himself to federal officials and state companies, and, as they say in Khakassia, went to the winds: without hesitating, the Khakass Khan family some kind of lost a bit and now fills their coffers so intense, that there's no tomorrow, and no one will bring them on the clean water.

Source: "INFOLIKS" 13/05/2016



Republic of Khakassia has not taken adequate measures to ensure the fire safety of the region

Violations and shortcomings in the implementation of forestry and fire control in the Republic of Khakassia: in the course of control activities have been revealed violations and shortcomings in the field of forest management and fire safety in the Republic of Khakassia, indicating the lack of readiness of the republican authorities of executive power to the fire-dangerous period of 2015 and lack of effective execution of the Republic of Khakassia of forest powers, transferred to it. Test of the readiness of the Republic of Khakassia for actions in the fire-dangerous period of 2015, conducted by the Siberian regional Emergencies Ministry, revealed the absence in 20 of the 31 settlements of the provided works on the plow and arrangement of mineralized firebreaks. The bulk of the forest fires in the Republic of Khakassia discover forestry workers together with employees of autonomous institutions in ground patrols of forests. Common specialized forest fire agencies, carrying out air monitoring and extinguishing forest fires in the Republic of Khakassia, is not created. The existing fire safety equipment is worn by 80-90%.

Violations and shortcomings by using the intergovernmental transfers, aimed at eliminating the effects of fires: in the period from June to September 2015 by the State public institutions of the Republic of Khakassia "Capital Construction" was signed 97 state contracts for the construction of 1,038 dwellings to replace the lost housing totaling in 2,3 billion rubles. Wherein, competitions for the supply of goods, works or services on the fire safety and fire fighting were not carried out. Contractors for the construction were selected without a tender. At the time of the check (29 October 2015), the volume of the performed work amounted to 48% of the total contract price (1.1 billion rubles). 60 of 97 contracts are not fulfilled, including 4 objects of the social sphere (2 schools and 2 obstetric stations in the Ordzhonikidze district) in the amount of about 2.2 billion rubles. At the same time the claim activities to collect a penalty for failure to comply the government contracts was not carried out in a timely manner.

Source: Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation, 27.01.2016



"Republic" Foundation: how long can you measure?

Foundation "Republic" in Khakassia is preparing a detailed report on every spent ruble. This information is spread on the eve in the local media. But there was no report itself, and still there is no report now. However, as the same media notes, there are quite a lot of compassionate people who send donations to the Fund. However, there are many of those who need the help of benefactors to this day and cannot get the long-awaited response from the Fund. It is known that money flocked to the Fund "Republic" from around the country. But how much the coffers of the benefactors boosted at the expense of compassionate citizens, is unknown. But recently philanthropists reported that since April fires of last year's they have already helped 445 families of the republic. But again, the Fund's management has not notified, in which amount was the help provided to these lucky. One gets the impression that the "Republic" does not act completely transparently.

Source: IA "Khakassia", 06/01/2016



"Fund of the Republic" in Khakassia, or a murky mystery.

According to the Internet, Khakassia regional public organization "Fund" Republic" was registered on June 1, 2009. The President of the Foundation is well known in Khakassia Vladislav Torosov. The organization operates in the following areas: "other cultural activities" and "the activity in the field of sport." Based on the above data, the question arises: why donations to fire victims come to the bank accounts of this particular social organization? It is also interesting the moment that the very next day after the horrific fire on April 12 the republican newspaper "Khakassia" informed the public: "At the meeting in the government of the republic the head of the region Viktor Zimin instructed to create an account, to which the concerned people would be able to transfer the money to help the victims of the fire." However, six months had already passed since the fire, and no one still reported on the funds that were received by the "Fund of the Republic" for these purposes.

Source: IA "Khakassia", 16/10/2015



"A Black Mark" for Viktor Zimin?

Let us note that Golyshev in the Government of the Republic of Khakassia headed the "key" unit of economic strategy and financial control. So the degree of credibility to him on the part of Zimin has been very high. Another interesting fact is that after the resignation of Golyshev the post of first deputy head of the republic Victor Zimin got the Khakassian Finance Minister Yury Lapshin. By the way, Yuri Lapshin and Alexander Golyshev came to Khakassia from Krasnoyarsk. They began to work in the government of the republic after the appointment of Viktor Zimin as the head of the region in 2009. Thus, previously Lapshin and Golyshev form the backbone of the "team of Zimin," which was partly recruited from Krasnoyarsk officials. Political experts say that because of this "national groups in power" level of corruption has increased strong enough in Khakassia government, and, most importantly, there was a "mutual responsibility". The author of this "concept of power" is considered Viktor Zimin himself.

Source: RUCOMPROMAT, 27.05.2015



Viktor Zimin "seduced" on Prank

Known prankster Vovan phoned the head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin and discussed with him the situation, related to forest fires. Moreover, prankster asked who would be responsible for the catastrophic situation in the country. Head of the region said that the causes of the disaster became the natural factors and the statement of the presidential envoy in the Siberian Federal District Nikolai Rogozhkin of the existence of the opposition-mongers, he considers the "PR stories." Moreover, Zimin vowed prankster to "execute the command" and assign the heads of settlements and administrations the "extreme" (guilty).

Source: The Moscow Post, 30.04.2015



"Tyanitolkay" of the Khakass policy

However, here it is - the "inner circle" of Zimin, his Political Bureau: Lapshin, Golyshev, Shtygashev, Prelovsky, Nezhevets, Starinetz, Warshavsky, Popov, Nam, Titov, Denshikov, Byzov, Novoselov, Wagner and Novikov. Candidates for members of the Political Bureau are Baziyev, Olkhovskaya, Kraft, Karamchakova, Okolnikova, Komarov, Shpigalskih, Sobolev, Belonogov, Ponomarenko, Kurlaev and Bykov (Head of the Sayanogorsk). Treasurer when they remains Semen Aeshin; Popov and Kraft provide the cover in the law enforcement and supervisory system Shtygashev and Prelovsky, as wise elders, make up "the arbitral tribunal" in the "bank of the spiders." Of all the members of the team only Nikonov and Krasnov lost their place. And Nikonov was "merged" as a stranger, who has concentrated the main resources in their hands - "access to the body" and the information, i.e., he created a monopoly position, which is not suffered by the "collective", claiming to have its own opinion. This team never had Bulakin, which is symptomatic itself.

And this "team" concentrated an absolute power in the country in their hands, controls its resources, determines the information, electoral, municipal development agenda, and suppresses all kinds of opposition attempts with the current system through the control of the law enforcement system (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Prosecutor's Office, the courts and the investigative committee, the FPS, UFSKN and UFSSP), having covered with the mandate of the "Shoigu personal friend." Somewhere in here - is an organized group, which has long been firmly linked to the Khakass power through the carve-up of ownership, trade, and transit. And at the head of this whole pyramid - is Viktor Mikhailovich Zimin. Long and permanently. For, he is also a pawn in the big Moscow game for the Russian throne after 2024 - the system of vassal subordination of governors in exchange for feeding to the jurisdiction of the territory is established for a long time. A second term of Zimin powers after the first election cycle comes to an end only in 2023, when Viktor Mikhailovich will only be 60 years old ... At this point, through the Government of Khakassia, headed by Viktor Zimin, will be "pumped" a huge amount of budgetary funds - about 300 billion rubles. What part of them will settle in the "sandbox" is even fearfully to assume and the horoshavinsky billion appears to be a miserable alms in comparing...

Source: REAL Khakassia, 27/03/2015



Viktor Zimin "rents" cities to the oligarchs?

As a rule, those regions that are rich in natural resources, is always the "fiefdom" of a group of oligarchs. So, for example, Khakassia has always been considered the impact of the area of influence of "Evraz" and "Rusal". However, it seems that the recently re-elected Governor Viktor Zimin is now building their "business model" of the control of the Republic, in which key areas of the economy fall under the influence of his friends, relatives and colleagues. Now investigators may be interested in who now controls important assets - namely the mining of minerals. The reason for this interest of the investigation was an accident at the mine "Abakanskaya" of the local company "Ore of the Khakassia", which is located near the town of Abaza.

Source: The Moscow Post, 18.07.2014



The Governor "with an aluminum shade"?

The confrontation of the political elites sharpened in Khakassia after Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed an incumbent governor Viktor Zimin as the acting head of Khakassia. After that, it became clear that Zimin is going to take part in the election of the head of the republic, which will be held in October 2013. Moreover, Zimin has already talked about why he wants to be re-elected for a new term. "It sounds corny, but too many is began to recede, and the republic is gaining momentum. I'll be nominated. I'm responsible also for the team, with which we are working here for already four years. Of course, the party - it is a good support ", - said the head of Khakassia. However, soon after such statements of Zimin a major scandal erupted in the republic. In fact, according to media reports, Zimin uses the support of the Russian oligarchs. "The nomination of Viktor Zimin - is an expected move, because it has a lot of support from the main operating business entities, "Rusal" in particular. He was able to avoid serious problems in the election for a while, as well as a significant competition ", - said the head of the fund "Petersburg policy" Mikhail Vinogradov. Thus, it becomes clear that after Zimin may well be not just "oligarchic circles", but also personally the head of UC Rusal Oleg Deripaska.

Source: The Moscow Post, 15.01.2013



What forms the head of Khakassia

No check (the obligatoriness of it is enshrined in the binding legislation on elections), it seems, not have been carried out. Or, the "United Russia" managed to sweep them all cleverly. And after six days, 9 November 2004, the Electoral Commission shall make the following decision - №44 / 284-4 «On registration of the national list of candidates for deputies of the Supreme Council of the fourth convocation of Khakassia, extended by the Khakass regional branch of the All-Russian political party" United Russia ". This decision is published in the newspaper "Khakassia» №218 from 13.11.2004. The essence of this decision - to register a list of 37 candidates, to issue certificates to all of them, to publish presented by the "United Russia" information about registered candidates to deputies in the media. The republic list of candidates, registered by the electoral commission and published in the media, Zimin is listed as a person with a higher education. This - is the falsification of election documents. Article 142 of the Criminal Code. Up to four years.

Source: "Novaya Gazeta", 24.02.2011



Ranking of Russia's richest governors and members of their families

The published information on earnings of the governors also reveals some logical inconsistencies. For example, the head of Khakassia Viktor Zimin and his wife indicated an income of 1.667 million rubles in 2009, but could purchase for this period an apartment of 184.7 square meters and 13 units of vehicles with total value of more than 17.3 million rubles.

Source: Slon.ru, 18.06.2010



December 6, 2004 was initiated a criminal case under Part. 3 art. 129 of the Criminal Code (“Libel") against the journalist Mikhail Afanasyev. Viktor Zimin appealed with a statement on the initiation of proceedings in the republican prosecutor's office, which put forward his candidacy for election to the Supreme Council of the Republic. In the material was told that Zimin built in the largest reserve of Khakassia "Karotoshko-Ineyskom" an elite taiga recreation center, where the President Vladimir Putin was vacationing. The base owns LLC "Moose". CEO of the company Oleg Zimin - is a nephew of Viktor Zimin. On the basis of the reserve indulges various elite with hunting - high-ranking police officers, prosecutors, and just the "right" people. They were touted to "have a good rest", and later used their visit, fanning rumors about their "unsinkable" and "Friends."

The case of Afanasyev was heard in the courts for more than two years. In 2006, the Magistrate's Court sentenced him to 2 years of imprisonment with a probation period of three years. However, the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Republic overturned the verdict and sent the case to the appellate court, which issued the acquittal in August 2008.

Kommersant (Novosibirsk), №138 (3955) 07.08.2008


December 15, 2008 are not aired an analytical program "Kiricheshki" of the channel TNT-Abakan. In this weekly program in the style of ironic were commented the current events of the political life of Khakassia and the actions of the authorities.

The author of "Kiricheshki" Aleksey Kirichenko, also - a leading journalist of the national newspaper "Chance", which published a series of materials of Kirichenko, criticized the Khakas branch of "United Russia" and personally Viktor Zimin. So, Kirichenko wrote about the strange stories with a diploma of higher education of Zimin. According to a copy of the diploma, submitted to the Election Commission of Khakassia by Zimin, the current head of the republic studied in high school for 4 years, instead of the 5. The materials of Kirichenko was also reported that in Abakan lives a woman, who has a diploma from the same University, and with the same number that is on the document that Zimin submitted to the Election commission of Khakassia, when he went running to the State Duma. In October 2008, the Government of Khakassia sent to the prosecutor's office and the Electoral Commission official requests on the verification of the authenticity of the document on education of Zimin. However, responses were not received.

According to information, at the close of the program of Kirichenko insisted Viktor Zimin. Abakan Mayor Nikolai Bulakin, controlling TNT-Abakan, carried out this order. Bulakin and Zimin are considered to be close political partners. Exactly Zimin and his patron Sergei Shoigu persuaded Bulakin to join the party "United Russia". Earlier Bulakin supported the SPS Party.

Source: Chance On-Line, 17.12. 2008


Viktor Zimin began the election campaign by trying to prevent the opposition parties to participate in elections. December 29, 2008 "Patriots of Russia", popular here, were denied in the certification of the party list of the election commission of the Khakass. In January 5, 2009, The Central Election Commission ordered the Khakass election commission to assure the list of "Patriots." Zimin has publicly stated that he will make maximum resources to ensure that the "soak this group ("Patriots") with any means."

APN.Ru, 27.03.2009


Zimin Deputy on Social Affairs Irina Smolina was actively working for the removal of unwanted candidates from the elections. At a meeting of the regional headquarters in January 31, 2009 Smolina said: or you will provide 80% for the "United Russia" with any means, or all of you will go to the unemployment office.

Source: Materials IRENA / IRENA


After the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP Viktor Zimin, he began to insist a place in the Council of Directors of RusHydro and June 30, 2010 entered it. Then it was created a 100% "daughter" of RusHydro - LLC "Management of restoration and reconstruction of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP." The Chairman of the Board of Directors became the Deputy Minister of Energy S.Svetlitsky, and a member - the Deputy of Zimin A.Novoselov.

Soon appeared a "Prommetall" LLC. The main owner of the company (62.5% of the share capital) appeared to be the wife of Zimin. The company began to take part in tenders, associated with the disposal and removal of metal from the accident site. Only on publicly available information, the company took part in 13 tenders worth a total of more than 100 million rubles, winning 2 competitions. The main type of activity of the firm was the export of scrap metal to China. Wherein, under the guise of scrap was exported an electrical steel and other expensive equipment, dismantled after the accident with the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. Officially, the Chinese bought all these at the price of ordinary scrap, really paying off "Prommetall" with black cash.

Export of steel by Ltd. "Prommetall" assisted the first deputy prosecutor of the republic senior counselor of Justice Nikolai Makeev. The criminal scheme was organized as follows: prosecutors of Beysky region and Sayanogorsk City initiated a lawsuit against RusHydro, and the Sayanogorsk city court under the pretext of oil pollution of the plot ordered the company to clean up the tract of Karlov Logue, where was kept a large part of the exported after the accident metal crash from SSHHPP.

It is not known for how long would this machinations continue, if Zimin with Makeev not decided to "expand" the business and began to carry out shipment of scrap to China through Irkutsk also. In Irkutsk, a large consignment of electrical steel was detained at customs, ready to be exported to China under the guise of a simple scrap.

Source: InterRight, 29.12.2010


In January 2011, after the publication of the note on corruption on the site of IA "Khakassia", Viktor Zimin publicly threatened to bring the agency to court for libel, but he abandoned his intention. Then he asked security officials to check the accuracy of the facts, set out in the articles. Khakassia Prosecutor Nikolay Popov reported to the Khakas Government that no violations during the inspection have been identified and the facts in the articles have not been confirmed.

Novaya Gazeta, 23.01.2011


When the Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko learned about the true activity of the LLC "Prommetall", just two Deputy Minister of Energy left their posts- V.Azbukin and S.Svetlitsky, head of the Board of Directors of LLC "Management of restoration and reconstruction of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP." However, the true problem of Viktor Zimin and his family began after the Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin found out about the smuggling electrical steel.

United Russians, irritated with the fact that their fellow party "does business on the tragedy", decided to complain on him the leader of the faction United Russia in the State Duma Boris Gryzlov and Chairman of the UR Vladimir Putin. Finally, after the pressure from the White House in the Presidential Administration began to look for a replacement of Zimin.

Source: The Moscow Post, 27.01.2011


February 16, 2011, investigators of Khakassia on behalf of the Russian Investigative Committee launched an investigation of media reports about the violation of law by the region head Viktor Zimin.   News reporters of the IA "Khakassia" addressed the IC with a request to perform a separate test.

Source: RIA Novosti, 16.02.2011


A real "black PR-campaign" started against Victor Zimin, organized by his political opponent - the former head of the region Alexei Lebed. It was he who spread rumors that Zimin's wife allegedly "owns" the company "Prommetall", which allegedly "supplied the electrical steel of the SSHHPP under the guise of scrap to China." As a result, instead of bringing Alexei Lebed to criminal responsibility for libel, investigators descended on Viktor Zimin.

Source: vg-news.ru, 18.02.2011


During the three years of his leadership, Viktor Zimin not only failed to find their base, but also managed to quarrel with all the local elites and bring to the mass acts of protests that have poured into the streets. "The Kremlin was looking for a reason to change this manager, and started checking’s - are just an excuse to do it without a further litigation," - believes the political scientist Sergei Komaritsyn.

Source: Kommersant (Omsk), №29 (4567) 18.02.2011