Bogdanov Vladimir Leonidovich


Bogdanov Vladimir Leonidovich was born on May 28, 1951 in the village Suerka, Uporovsk district of Tyumen region. In 1973 he graduated from the Tyumen Industrial Institute with a degree in drilling of oil and gas wells.

From 1973 to 1976 - assistant to driller, driller, Senior Engineer of production and technical department, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Shift Supervisor TSITS Nizhnevartovsk Drilling Operations (Nizhnevartovsk, Khanty-Mantiysk Autonomous Region).

In 1976 he was transferred to Surgut UBR-2 to a technologist position.

In 1978 - Deputy Head of Drilling in PO “Yuganskneftegaz”. Since 1980 - Deputy General Manager of Drilling in PO"Surgutneftegaz". In 1983 - Deputy Head of Drillingin "Glavtyumenneftegaz”. He worked in the oil-producing enterprises in Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut and Nefteyugansk.

In 1984 he headed the Production Association "Surgutnefegaz", which was later transformed into a corporation.

From 1985 to 1993 - deputy of the Tyumen Regional Council of People's Deputies. From 1990 to 1993 - deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. Since 1993 - Director General of OAO "Surgutneftegas". Since 1994 - deputy of the HMAO Duma, a member of the Standing Committee on Regional Policy.

Since 1994 - Chairman of the Board of Directors in Surgutneftegazbank.

Since 1994 - Member of the Boards of Directors of AOOT "Kirishinefteprodukt", OAO "Lennefteprodukt", OAO "Oil Tank Farm "Ruchyi ", OAO "Krasny Neftyanik", OAO "Onegoneft."

From 1994 to August 1996 - Member of the Board of Directors in “Nefto Kombi”. "Since 1995 - President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of private pension fund "Surgutneftegaz".

From April 1996 to June 1999 - Member of the Board of Directors of Mosbusinessbank. Since October 1996 - Member of the Board of Directors in Oneksimbank.

From May 1996 - Chairman of the Boards of Directors of “Surgutfondinvest" and ZAO "Neft Invest”. From April 1997 - Member of the Board of Directors of OAO “Nafta-Moscow ".

From April 1999 - Board members of the Federal Securities Commission. Since June 1999 - Member of the Presidium of the political council of the Interregional socio-political association "Ugra". Since October 2000 - member of Business Council under the government of Russia.

In December 2000, became a trustee to Sergei Sobyanin at the election compaign of Governor of the Tyumen region. On January 14, 2001 - deputy of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District of the third convocation of the electoral district № 17, received 91.46% of the vote. At the election he was supported by the Inter-regional social-political movement "Ugra". Member of the Standing Committee on Regional Policy.

In April 2001, became a member of the organizing committee of a public association of entrepreneurs "Business Russia".

In 1990 he graduated from the Academy of National Economy under the USSR Council of Ministers.

Doctor of Economic Sciences. Member of the Academy of Mining Sciences and Academy of Natural Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Technological Sciences.

Member of the Academy of Mining Sciences. Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences. Corresponding Member of the Academy of Technological Sciences.

For his contributions to the development and establishment of the petroleum industry of Russia, Vladimir Bogdanov was given honorary titles: "Honored Worker of the Oil and Gas Industry of the Russian Federation" (1993), "Honored Worker of fuel and energy complex" (1999), "

Bogdanov has won many state awHonored Worker of oil and gas industry of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District "(2000). Bogdanov won many state awards, such as: "Order of Badge of Honor" (1981), Red Banner of Labor (1986), 'Merit' grade 3 and 4 (1997 and 2001), the Order of Merit of the Republic of Belarus (2001), Medal "For development of mineral resources and development of oil and gas complex of Western Siberia" (1984).

In October 1996, he was a confidant of Alexander Filipenko at the gubernatorial elections in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. In December 2000, he became a trustee to Sergei Sobyanin at the election of the Governor of the Tyumen region.

In 1996, supported by extra-budgetary election fund of President Boris Yeltsin.

Vladimir Bogdanov is married, adopted a daughter


Vladimir Bogdanov was defeated in the fight against Belalov and Suleiman Kerimov for a large stake in “Nafta-Moscow", when the privatization of the company had started. By the time Bogdanov owned a blocking stake of 15%. First, Kerimov bought the management and private shareholders papers, then shares of "Surgutneftegaz" in the "Nafta-Moscow". Even some time after that "Nafta” continued providing "Surgutneftegaz" with traders' services for sale of oil exports to Germany and through Novorossiysk ("Nafta" had the status of special exporter, while Surgutneftegaz did not); but in 2001, Bogdanov refused services of "Nafta”, explaining his position so that he failed to agree on commission with Kerimov. Then all the export supplies of "Surgutneftegaz" went through a specially created unit.
Sources: of 04.10.2001, "version" of 06.06.2000

In 1999, Bogdanov surprised the society with the fact he had published his profits documentary, which amounted to almost one billion dollars - none of his colleagues had ever dared to such a revelation beforehand.
Channel: NSN from 05.02.2001

In 2000 Bogdanov conflicted to the leadership of the company "Transneft". Surgutneftegaz bypassed export barriers and carried oil "by the pipe”. "Transneft" became indignant with the export by the company, conducted out of the schedule of "Transneft" as due to the losses caused by that independent export: then “Surgutneftegaz” had circulated 3500 km along the pipe by internal tariffs and sent oil for processing instead of exporting it. "Transneft" then initiated legal proceedings and “Surgutneftegaz” reduced volumes of oil transportation. In the courts,"Transneft" tried to make "Surgutneftegaz" pay for the transportation of the volumes of oil at the level of export tariff.
Source: "Vedomosti" of 12.07.2001

They call trhe personality of Vladimir Bogdanov odious. He can afford swearing obscenities at his subordinates, dismissing them for the slightest infraction; his company promoted mutual denunciations by the staff, set fines for minor infractions. During the visit of Alfred Koch, who was the head the State Property Committee, the Moscow office of "Surgutneftegaz" the employees had been banned to leave the office during a whole daym and they were forced to starve and urinate in a specially jars brought from the House. They talked that Vladimir Bogdanov was a sponsor of the German party CDU (Christian Democratic Union).
Source: APS on 18.07.2001

In late 2001, Vladimir Bogdanov planned to participate in the auction for the stake of Slavneft, owned by the Government of Belarus. In that case, the competitor to Bogdanov was the leadership of “Slavneft”. At the last moment Bogdanov rejected the auction because he did not dare to confront the serious Moscow lobby, headed by Alexander Voloshin, TNK and Sibneft. During the privatization Slavneft had been managed by Sibneft managers, they owned large blocks of shares of Slavneft and its subsidiaries and the outcome of the auction for Bogdanova were apparent.
Source: from l2.04.2002

In the mid of 90's Vladimir Bogdanov happened to conflict with the Tambovskaya criminal group - Vladimir Coumarin had actually taken away all Bogdanov's Petersburg business. "Surgutneftegaz" had two tank farms in St. Petersburg - "Ruchyi" and "Krasny Neftyanik", the company “Nefto-estate" (controlled the gasoline market in St. Petersburg), and "Lennefteppodukt "(100 stations in the Leningrad region and 22 oil depots). For several years, Kumarin,,had driven Bogdanov out of the fuel market with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg: Bogdanov was accused of petrol crises. At the same time Petersburg fuel company was created. Its documented owners were Mayor of St. Petersburg, "Baltic Shipping Company", "Sea port", avia enterprise "Pulkovo". In fact, there were three owners at PTK: the leader of the Malyshevskaya OPG Alexander Malyshev, the leader of the Tambovskaya criminal group, Vladimir Kumarin and Ilia Traber. They took control over the enterprises of "Surgutneftegaz" through the contracts for sales. As a result, PTK ended up with one master - Vladimir Kumarin, and Bogdanov lost his business in the North West.
Source Leningradskaya Pravda on 26.05.2003

The company of Bogdanov was attempted by the structures of the Tyumen Oil Company. In 2003, the company "Sovlink" started buying the shares of Surgutneftegaz acting in the interests of TNK.
Source: on 16.04.03

We talked that it was Vladimir Bogdanov who had been standing behind the company "Baikalfinansgrup", which in 2004 won the auction for Yuganskneftegaz. "Baltfinansgrup" was represented by the people of "Surgutneftegaz" - head of the organizational structures management of "Surgutneftegaz" Igor Minibaev and the first deputy head of financial management Valentina Komarova. Supposedly, Bogdanov decided to help Gazprom and bought Yuganskneftegaz in its interest. Gazprom itself could not acquire the company - the U.S. court ruled the ban on its participation in the auction. Bogdanov could buy Yuganskneftegaz for the subsequent sale to Gazprom without violating the prohibition of the United States.
Source: from 21.12.2004

Officially, Vladimir Bogdanov owned less than 1% stake in Surgutneftegaz, but in fact after the loans-for-shares auction in 1995 Bogdanov gained the sole control over the company. Bogdanov was supported by Vladimir Potanin - Oneksimbank acted as guarantor to NPF “Surgutneftegaz”at the pledge auction. As a token of gratitude Bogdanov had kept an accountin the bank of Potanin for few years. In the mid of 90's Bogdanov enlisted the support of owners of "Nafta-Moscow" - he exported oil through it.

Vladimir Bogdanov drew lobbyists supporting his interest in the government. One of them was Gennady Timchenko. Thanks to him "Surgutneftegaz" signed an agreement with Rosneft and Gazprom on the joint development of East Siberia and received the Yakut Talakan field without any tender.
Source: Russian Forbes, April 2004

The foreign companies - Hermitage Capital Management, Firebird Management and Prosperity Capital Management together with the Association of Investor Protection - at the time filed lawsuits seeking for recognition of 62% of the shares of Surgutneftegaz as treasury and making them writtten off. The companies were minority shareholders of "Surgutneftegaz" and cited in the lawsuit that "Surgutneftegaz" could not hold its own shares on its balance sheet longer than a year – it had to sell or extinguish them, as the scheme with the "cross" ownership of shares was illegal. Khanty-Mansiysk District Court, and then the Federal Arbitration Court of the West Siberian district rejected the claims. In January 2005, minority shareholders sent a similar suit in the Supreme Arbitration Court (SAC), but the decision was not in their favor again. In the "Surgutneftegaz" they commented the initiative with claims as follows: such funds like the Association for the Protection of the rights of investors has to show its relevance to the customers.
Source: Russian Forbes, April 2004, dated 26.05.2005

They talked in October 2006, that "Rosneft" was going to ask Vladimir Bogdanov to borrow about 15 billion dollars in sponsorship for the acquisition of assets of Yukos. Just at the same time, Vladimir Bogdanov was hinted by the Kremlin that he had to share profits. There are no details of corrupt practices in respect of Bogdanov in the open sources. However it is known that in 2003 thre were attempts to repurchase shares on the stock market and thus to conduct unfriendly takeover of "Surgutneftegaz". Bogdanov immediately reacted to the situation: the board of directors changed the form of ownership of the subsidiary of "Surgutneftegaz" - NK "Surgutneftegaz" from OAO to OOO and renamed it ; it owned 36.7% of its shares. After the reorganization of the new structure - OOO “Leasing Production"- took off its obligation to inform the public about its activities, thus the threat of the concentration of a large package of shares in the hands of foreign investors disappeared.
Sources: from 12.10.2006,

In 2006, they rumored that "Surgutneftegaz" was to be sold to Rosneft: "Surgutneftegaz" had been transferred to tax accounting in Moscow and called it the first stage of sale of the company. The idea of the companies merge was supported by Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko. However, the merger did not happen, but in 2009, Vladimir Bogdanov, on the initiative of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, entered the board of Rosneft. His work for the rival company surprised the members of the oil market. This decision once again rekindled rumors of a merge of Rosneft and Surgutneftegaz.
Sources: "The Company" from 13.03.2006, Kommersant № 34 / P of 01.03.2010

In 2006, Vladimir Bogdanov became the hero of many publications in connection with conflicts of employees in "Surgutneftegaz", who were dissatisfied with low wages. Employees of the pickets captured the Moscow office of "Surgutneftegaz".The managements announcement about the increase of the workers' wages appeared to be fictitious - the salary was increased on several hundred rubles. At the same time, the activists of speeches against the leadership had been dismissed from their jobs and threatened with reprisals. The chairman of the trade union Alexander Sacharin acted as a leader of the strikers.
Sources: of 31.07.2006, "Kommersant" dated 31.07.06

In 2007, they wrote that Vladimir Bogdanov conveyed to his staff the firms' management, which had concentrated over 70% of shares of Surgutneftegaz. According to the source, the companies' shares were dispersed in 23 companies: NPF "Surgutneftegaz" - 8,1% of shares, NK "Surgutneftegaz" - 36,7% of shares (it was reorganized into OOO "Leasing-production"), ING Bank (Eurasia) - 6,07%, OOO "IC" Kias, OOO “Feering”, OOO “Krinum”, OOO “Kaladium" and OOO "Vallot", NP "Egida" and the fund "Oplot” and other companies outside the control of" Surgutneftegaz " but also created by the structures associated with the company. Managers of the firms were the top managers of "Surgutneftegaz" - Chief Accountant Michael Globa, the first deputy head of financial management of the company Valentina Komarova, head of planning and economic management of the company, Svetlana Kukotina, head of the Legal Department Loginovskaya Ludmila and Deputies of Bogdanov - Valery Tatarchuk, Vladimir and Vladislav Ashikhmin Barankau . 10 companies (all of them were non-profit partnerships) were headed by Bogdanov personally, such as OOO “Invest-Zashita" and OAO "Ryel”. In August 2008, Bogdanov left the director's posts in six of the firms, while the information about the four companies, ran by him, disappeared from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.
Sources: Vedomosti on 03.08.2007, "Vedomosti" on 24.01.2007

There were rumors that the company "Rosneft" had become the customer of publication containing negative information about "Surgutneftegaz" and Vladimir Bogdanov. In particular, it was said that the principal shareholders of "Surgutneftegaz" were 23 non-profit structures controlled by Bogdanov and his associates. Then they said that the company Bogdanov had been attacked by Rosneft, which wanted to buy "Surgutneftegas". They said that it was "Rosneft who initiated the strikes by the workers of "Surgutneftegaz”.
Source: of 26.01.2007

In April 2007, the central mass media received a press release sent from the electronic mailbox of "Surgutneftegaz" stating that Vladimir Bogdanov and the head of the board of directors of the company Nikolai Zakharchenko had been arrested due to the alleged tax evasion amounting to 3.79 billion rubles. There was information on the freezing of assets of the company and the suspension of shares trading. The management of "Surgutneftegaz" immediately refuted that information, calling it an information diversion. The motives of sabotage remained unclear. According to some reports, the initiators of such an action wanted to put psychological pressure on the company management in order to obtain the necessary information. One of the versions of the events told that it was a usual bullying: someone tried to check the way in which the similar spam could affect the situation on the stock market. Previously, hackers had already used "Surgutneftegaz" in spam. In April 2007, on behalf of IC “Troika Dialog" newsletter appeared on the Internet with recommendations to buy shares of" Surgutneftegaz ". Due to spam, the stock quotes of the company grew by 4.19%.
Source: "Kommersant" from 05.07.2007