Golubev Vladimir Semenovich



He was born in the spring of 1955 in Leningrad (according to other sources - in the village of Bryansk region). Doctor of Economics. He was convicted of theft, burglary and robbery.

According to mass media data, the first time Golubev got 6 years for theft and fraud under the sentence of the October trial in Leningrad on Sept. 19, 1975, and served a prison sentence. On Sept. 1, 1983 Petrograd court in Leningrad sentenced Golubev to 6 months of imprisonment (according to some reports, for some operations with documents), and on April 28, 1986 Golubev was sent to prison for 10 years with the confiscation of property and for 2 years of exile. It was reported that a campaign against corruption launched by Andropov severely effected the beginner - authority, however, democratization and model behavior let him to freedom 27 months before the end of his term, as well as it helped him to avoid exile.


He tried to establish a fund of social assistance to the military; he was a co-founder of the retail chain "Adamant" (household goods, restaurants, cafes). He established the non-governmental pension fund "Faithful”, LLC “Moscow Gates”, he was the Head of the American company BIONT Corp. He tried to intrude into the gambling business. According to police data, he was familiar with a number of criminal authorities. He has many friends in the so-called Tambov criminal group.

Source: Gazeta from 30.09.2002, "Our version on the Neva River" from 15.10.2009


Golubev’s Nicknames – Sizyi (“dove-coloured”), Golub (“dove”), Barmaley (a fictional character from the children's poem Barmaley by Korney Chukovsky.).

According to press reports, he has been married several times. As reported he acted as Ostap Bender with his numerous wives: first he married them, them collected valuable things and left. Golubev supposedly lived for years, married to two or three women simultaneously.

Source: "Gazeta" from 10.09.2001


Press calls him a former husband of Oksana Federova - Miss Universe 2002. Then wrote also that another Russian star – “Beauty of Russia-2002” Anna Nanarintseva attracted the attention of the ‘authoritative” businessman.

Source: "Gazeta" from 10.09.2001, eg.ru from 26.12. 2003





The press contains a very large number of legends about Golubev, which are very interesting, but require critical attitude.

According to press reports, Golubev didn’t study very well while he was at school. But today he is the Doctor of Economics. The press believes that Golubev had no problems with the writing and defense of a thesis, as it was simply paid for.

It was reported that at school he was regularly beaten in the women's restroom because he was peeping for the girls.

It was reported that after school Golubev was engaged in black marketeering on the famous gallery of Gostiny Dvor in Leningrad. This was followed by theft, plunders, robberies. According to press reports, Golubev was convicted in accordance with articles 147, 144, 195 and 174 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR and spent several years in a labor camp. It is reported that in prison Golubev wheedled thieves and warders.



But he didn’t become the guy from their environment. According to some reports – it was so because the elite of the criminal world does not appreciate freeloaders and cheaters. According to rumors, Golubev was not once caught on the various horror stories about his criminal past, composed by him, while trying to

earn credibility.

As the press writes, in the prison camp Golubev was very rude and arrogant with simple people. For this, he supposedly got his nickname Barmaley.

As it was written in the press, when Golubev, returned to St. Petersburg after his release, he did not want to enter any criminal gangs because of greediness – it was needed to pay a share of the common fund of a criminal community.

He presented himself as a great authority to the leaders of the criminal groups, who were imprisoned for 12 years and lived by the rules of the underworld. Those, as reported, didn’t check his tales.

Press wrote that initially Golubev belonged to the local supervisors from the Moscow thieves. But he didn’t become the guy from their environment. As the press says, for the same reasons as in the prison camp.

Then Golubev tried to establish a "Social Assistance Fund to Soldiers". But the military men, when they found out that Golubev had only seen Kalashnikov in the hands of the guard in the tower, they rejected from his services.

Then, as the press writes, Golubev continued his usual business - black marketeering and women.

According to press reports, Golubev had "supervised" the trading network "Adamant" in St. Petersburg for several years on the rights of a reputable businessman. Then he co-founded this commercial system, and made good profit.

Then, according to the press, Golubev established a pension fund “Vernyi” (“Truthful"), OOO "Moscow gates”, and also represented the interests of the American company "Biont Corporation".



It was reported that Barmaley had tried for several times to wheedle the King of St. Petersburg gambling business, Mikhail Mirilashvili. The press wrote that once Mirilashvili even took Barmaleev with him to Israel. But friendship failed between them because of his unflattering reputation, as the press wrote.

But, as the press reports, Golubev made friends with the ringleader of the most cruel gang of Petersburg, a former Komsomol functionary Andrew Volov, known by the nickname "Little". As the mass media writes, thanks to Volov Golubev was able to establish contacts with the FSS (Federal Security Service) officer Baranov and former chief of the Regional Department for Organized Crime Control Ivanov, and even two retired generals from Central Internal Affairs Directorate together with Barmaley became co-founders of "Adamant". It is reported that military men are generally more loyal to Golubev than the thieves and bandits.

How the press writes, Golubev was able to gain the confidence of “Tambov” criminals. According to rumors, he was often seen in the company with famous "Tambov" authority, a former State Duma Deputy Mikhail Glushchenko named Khokhol (the Ukrainian). Golubev met with and Kum (i.e. godfather of one's child) himself (Vladimir Barsukov).

According to the press, Barmaley became "Tambov" team middle foreman. After that he spread a rumor about himself as about the main sponsor of the Tambovskaya criminal group. But in the late 90's on the date in “Astoria”, his exposure occurred. There were rumors that Misha Khokhol knocked out Golubev in the hotel toilet.


Some argued that this meeting was not limited the knockout and described in detail the fork that was stuck in the Golubev’s ass, and Golubev’s dragging on the rope following the boat, skimming along the Neva river. The press discussed a large amount of money allegedly recovered from him as a fine. However, as it was written in the press, it is only the legends and the myths of gangster Petersburg.

Barmaley tried to find protection at the famous St. Petersburg businessman Konstantin Yakovlev, who was struck by such a naive impudence: his contempt for Barmaley was widely known.

Again Golubev came to pay homage to Tambov criminals. They "pardoned" him, however, firstly, they deported him to Moscow, secondly, - forced him to make monthly payments. Barmaley agreed to do so with pleasure. The brightest and most successful period of his life started in the capital.



Golubev started visiting reputable events, liked to talk on a mobile with a certain "Ivanovich" in public, supposedly with a member of the Presidential Administration. In general, he made strong hints that he has good connections. Many believed in this. The press described the case when Golubev offered assistance in improving the business to the Director of the Hotel “National”. He agreed and issued an advance payment. Then it turned out that the presidential administration is not ready for extension. But the director did not receive his money back: Golubev, introduced him a convincing intimate compromising evidence.

As the press wrote, Golubev has promoted one of his friends to the Presidential squadron, receiving a good sum for the assistance in employment. In addition, Aeroflot employees were sent a directive: to meet arriving at the airport Golubev at VIP-class (which was a usually case).



It was reported that the Golubev cheated one big businessman, intending to become an oligarch, who wanted to meet "Ivanovich" from the presidential administration. The service cost a million dollars. At a reception, one administration official actually approached him, patted him on the shoulder, and went about his business. All that was left to the entrepreneur - to promise Golubev a hard session of nontraditional sex. Golubev used the same scheme for cheating another big shareholder from the St. Petersburg seaport.

According to the data in 2001, Barmaley rode in a car with a governmental number 001; he was listed as a commander of not only of the three Orders of Lenin, but also of several military decorations. It was reported, however, that his number plate was specially made in a workshop and the premium certificates were signed by a madman Communist Sagy Umalatova, which introduced herself as Acting Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. They also wrote that Golubev remembered to supply his guards (people realized from prison camps) with orders.




Actually no one has ever seen Golubev’s "Ivanovich". But the wife of "Ivanovich", as the press says, visited one of his birthdays in St. Petersburg. In 2001, the press wrote that no longer had «Ivanovich", but "Oskarych" phoned to Golubev, and this "Oskarych" was not from the presidential administration, but from the Government of the Russian Federation. This "Oskarych", according to Barmaley, invited him to occupy an important post in one of the ministries.

Sources: Gazeta from 10.09.2001, "Our version on the Neva" from 15.10.2009


According to press reports, Golubev was involved in the struggle for control of outlets in Kupchino, pavilions in Harbour and business structures, which turned into the holding “Adamant”.

A list of Golubev’s partners was, as written in the press, of particular interest. For example, Golubev was a participant in TSG (condominium) together with Galina Sharikova. The press noticed that was the name of wife a of very talented businessman Boris Sharikov, who was mentioned in the press in one context with antiquarian-submariner Ilia Traber and Cheka- banker Viktor Korytov. Convicted of extortion Ali Beglov (better known as Alec Tartar) together with Golubev established LLC “Baltic flagman”. Alexander Rosenbaum, a singer, a State Duma deputy and a recognized leader of St. Petersburg Cossacks, known for his friendship with many of Petersburg authorities became the partner of the same LLC “Biznesstroyservis” along with the company “Dec plus".

Golubev established Regional Fund of Assistance to Military Men together with the owner of the complex "Golden Country", a friend of Vladimir Kumarin - Eugene Kupsinym. "Biznesstroyservis" and "Golden Country" were both registered at the same address - Vladimirsky avenue, 9 in St. Petersburg. Bella Kupsina and one of the official Golubev’s wives, as stated in the press, have been co-owners of the restaurant "Sakura" on Griboyedov channel.

Alexey Fursov, the head of the company "Dec plus" and the head of the sushi bar network "Eurasia", together with Golubev established LLC “Kaykhon". Finally "Biznesstroyservis” with Rosenbaum and the Kupsins among the owners founded OOO “Gallery of Jewelers “Golden Country".

Source: "Our version on the Neva" from 15.10.2009


According to press reports, Golubev supported a future Miss Universe - 2002 Oksana Fedorova since she was 16 years old. According to rumors, Golubev noticed the girl in the competition "Miss St. Petersburg". According to press reports, as a student, Fedorova complained to her girlfriends that she was tired of living in a "golden cage", she wants to have a family and children, though Golubev was against it. The press wrote that, according to rumors, it was Golubev who forced Fedorov to renounce the title of "Miss Universe" and to stop attending events and return from abroad.

Source: "Gazeta" from 30.09.2002


In 2003, Golubev was mentioned in the press in connection with the assassination attempt on the President of the Board of Directors of JSC "Soyuzprominvest Vladimir Vecherko. They wrote that the armored BMW-750 with Vecherko in it was driving along the 1st Frunze Street in Moscow. Expensive car was blocked by a red Zhiguli "Nine", from which a man in a mask emerged and made 12 shots from two pistols into the car. One of the bullets wounded Vecherko. Killer fled in his car, throwing the weapons.

It was reported that Vladimir Vecherko moved to Russia from Ukraine several years before this attack. At that time, one of the main activities of "Soyuzprominvest" was the purchase of energy coal for power plant, and the delivery of oil and oil products to Ukraine. Verechko’s interests also spread to the wood-and steel industries of Krasnodar region, Rostov, Belgorod and Moscow regions (based on media reports, "Soyuzprominvest" was engaged in manufacturing and supplying of pipes for the oil industry).

As the press wrote, Vladimir Golubev was in the attacked car except Verechko

Source: Kommersant № 21 (2624) from 07.02.2003


In 2003, according to the press, Vladimir Verechko was involved in the conflict associated with change of owners of JSC "Dongazdobycha” – the developer of Markovski condensate field in the Rostov region. Verechko, according to the press, began co-investing in the development, having incorporated about 25 percent of "Dongazdobychi” in its "Soyuzprominvest". Having funded only a part, he stopped investing. But during that time, he managed to foreclose "Dongazdobychu" to pump gas to the Ukraine and began to do it himself. Then "Dongazdobycha" passed into the hands of the people who organized an attempt on Verechko (as he stated himself).

Source: "Men's Work", № 6 (12) 2003


In 2004, Oxana Fedorova told the press that Golubev asked her to marry him. It was also reported that Golubev had appointed two strong guards to Fedorova, with whom she made her transfers around St. Petersburg.

Source: "Komsomolskaya pravda" from 05.03.2004




In 2007, Golubev was mentioned in the press in connection with the struggle for the forest resources of Russia. It was reported that the plans of Russia to enter in 2009 in fact barrage duties on the export of unprocessed timber (50 euros per cubic meter), were given a hostile reception by EU countries The press wrote that EU put pressure on Russian negotiators on the issue of Russia's entering the World Trade Organization, demanding not to introduce new duties. Russian lobbyists were betting on the placement of "their people" in the bureaucratic hierarchy of the forest industry. According to the press, they tried to put their man on the post of the deputy of Alexei Gordeev. They talked about Yuri Kukuev, who headed the Forest Service of Russia in 2000-2003. Candidacy of Kukuev, the press wrote, was "pushed forward" by an authoritative St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Golubev.

Source: Kompromat.ru citing Solomin from 24.07.2007



According to press reports, Golubev proved to be one of those people who contacted Gennady Petrov, arrested in Spain. According to the minutes of a wiretapping, on August 23, 2007 Golubev called Petrov to talk to the deputy of State Duma Vladislav Reznik, because at that moment Petrov and Reznik were together. It was reported that Golubev asked Reznik to speak with a certain G. that would stand up for Michael Blinov, who was supposed to take a position that was relevant to real estate issues. The press noticed that Mikhail Blinov had managed the territorial administration of the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management of Leningrad for some time, and then was nearly to move to Moscow on the post of the acting local territorial administration, allegedly in accordance with Gref’s personal order.


Source: Novaya Gazeta from 02.11.2009


In the end of 2009, the press wrote that Golubev got his own diary on the Internet. Golubev says about himself that he was born in the city Klincy in Bryansk region, he is Honoured trainer of Russia on boxing, Honoured doctor of St. Petersburg State Academy of Physical Culture named after P. F. Lesgaft, sports figure in the second generation. The site says that Vladimir Golubev, like his father Simon Arkadevich, most of his life had devoted to education of athletes, among which are: twice winner of the Cup of Russia on boxing, champion of Russia and finalist of the World Cup Boxing Gennady Khlobystin, champion of Europe and the winner of the World Cup of boxing among oil countries Denis Tsariuk, the world champion among students Ilyas Kayumov. The site also reported that in honor of his father, he was recently awarded with honorary title "a veteran sports Bryansk region” by the Federation and the Council of veterans of sports.

At present, as indicated on the site, Golubev manages business, he is seriously keen on breeding domestic breeds of dogs, is a member of the Russian Cynological Federation. According to the site, he keeps dog breeding nursery in Moscow, where he breeds alabai - Central Asian Shepherds.

It is reported that in other Internet resources semi-official biography of Vladimir Golubev appeared with a reference to the mentioned-above blog. There is an expressed opinion in the press that the content of the Internet with new information about Golubev was undertaken in order to wipe out all negative information about his past with the first lines of the electronic search.

According to press reports, Alexander Inshakov, the head of the Association of stuntmen of Russia, the president of the National Association of Karate and the country's first winner of the Moscow city championship in karate in 1979, is the leader of the Russian Cynological Federation, where Golubev is one of the members. The press wrote that after the ban of karate in the USSR Inshakov went into the underground sports, where he was on friendly terms with very reputable people. According to media reports, giving testimony under oath, the U.S. FBI agent Lester McNulty said that the man nicknamed Inshak was among the leaders of groups operating in Moscow under the supervision of the late Vyacheslav Ivankov (Japonchik).

Source: "Our version of the Neva" from 15.10.2009, vgolubev.ucoz.ru


According to the media by the end of 2009, Vladimir Golubev owned “American Medical Clinic” - a part of the holding “Adamant” LLC - a medical institution, placing in the mansion on the embankment of Moika in St. Petersburg. However, as noted by the press, it is stated in the clinic brochure that the clinic was created by individuals – the citizens of the United States with the support of the U.S. Consulate in St. Petersburg. The "American" chief doctor, when asked about Golubev, refuses to continue the conversation.

It is reported that by the end of 2009 Golubev together with Igor Leytis (the official head and the leading shareholder of "Adamant") owns another company - "Alliance”. Golubev also manages Boxing Federation "Army Sports Club", established by "Adamant"

As they say in the press, the Moscow business of Golubev develops as successfully as in St. Petersburg, occasionally emerging in the form of rumors about the roads, land, and almost about the airports. Due to Golubev’s metropolitan activities, such companies as "Babylon", "Inwort holding", "Terra" are mentioned.

Source: "Our version of the Neva" from 15.10.2009