Tatarenkov Vladimir Ivanovich


Vladimir Tatarenkov was born on December 4, 1953 in the city of Kursk. He only has secondary education. He served a prison sentence in Khakassia. Two of his prison terms were linked to burglaries and robberies. 

In 1987 he was convicted for robbery. After his release he stayed in Abakan, and then moved to Sayanogorsk. 
In 1991 he first came to the attention of the media. 

In August 1999 he was arrested by law enforcement agencies in Greece on suspicion of committing several serious crimes. 

In 2010 he was extradited to Russia. 

His nickname is Tatarin (Russian for “Tatar”). His Ministry of the Interior nickname is Kitaets (Russian for “Chinese”). 

In a Greek prison he began to write poetry. His poetic works are in four notebooks. 

Source: Information collected by Rumafia 



In 1992 under mysterious circumstances a local authority was murdered in Sayanogorsk. It was the leader of a criminal group, Rasim. He was replaced by Tatarin. At those times the group was only engaged in racketeering and wine and vodka business. But in June 1994 aluminum war broke out in Sayanogorsk, 10 members of rival groups fell victims of the Tatarin’s gunmen. 

Tartarin’s gang consisted of about 60 members. The gang members possessed weapons, including automatic firearms, means of communication and transport. Tartarin’s militants eliminated, in particular, K. Voitenko and A. Naumov, and a Moscow kingpin Vladimir Mustafin (Mustafa), who tried to penetrate into the KrAZ and CaAs. All in all in 1991-1996 the gang killed many criminal bosses and Victor Tsimik, former second secretary of the Regional Committee of the CPSU. None of these contract murders were solved. 

In late 1994 Tatarin’s gang ceased to exist. Nearly two tons of weapons and ammunition was seized in its stock. Most of the militants were arrested. Tatarin and Vladimir Chuchkov, his "right hand", managed to escape. 

Tatarenkov continued his activities even in such circumstances. In spring 1995 there was a murder attempt aimed at Valery Tokarev, Commercial Director the Sayan Aluminum Plant. The man and his driver were literally riddled with a machine gun in the stairwell of an apartment building. In August 1997 Pegesov, a well known in criminal circles kingpin, was shot in Sayanogorsk with a machine gun. He was considered the main witness in the case against the gang of Tatarenkov.


Source: Versiya , 30 May 2000


In 1997 Krasnoyarsk Regional Court sentenced six members of the gang to long prison terms, and Sergey Bakurov received death penalty. Tatarenkov was arrested in Greece only 2 years later. He was charged with illegal possession of weapons and forgery and was sentenced to 14 years. In July 2010 the Greek authorities released Tatarenkov from custody and on the request of Russian prosecutors extradited to Russia.

Source: Kommersant, 19 August 2010 


In June 2000 Tatarenkov visited Krasnoyarsk even while serving the sentence in Greece. He was brought as a witness in the case against the former chairman of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminum Plant (KrAZ) Anatoly Bykov. 

In January 28, 2000 Krasnoyarsk State Broadcasting Company Centre of Russia broadcast a video with the testimony of Tatarenkov, who accused Bykov of organizing more than a dozen contract killings of businessmen and criminal bosses in Krasnoyarsk region in 1994-1997. According to Tatarenkov, Bykov ordered to kill, in particular, Victor Tsimik, Sergey Skorobogatov, Oleg Gubin. 

owever, local journalists were not surprised by the broadcast. On September 17, 1999 Governor Aleksander Lebed quoted abstracts from the testimony in front of the media. He repeated certain phrases of Tatarin word for word, wanting to prove what kind of person KrAZ board of directors chaiman was. 

Source: Vzglyad, 16 August 2010 


On June 3, 2000 Tatarenkov was temporarily extradited at the request of the Russian side. First for three months, later until December 3, 2000. Officially, he was a witness in the case against two Krasnoyarsk residents accused of killing a businessman. But he was not interrogated on the mentioned issue. Law enforcers tried to get his testimony on Anatoly Bykov. 

Tatarenkov, being in a Greek jail, said that he would tell the whole truth about his former associate, including how he contracted the elimination of competitors. But once in Russia, he suddenly refused to testify, saying that he learned about Bykov’s crimes from the newspapers and invented the rest.

However, in February 2001, having returned to Greece, he again changed the testimony. He called from a prison in Athens a Krasnoyarsk television station TVK-6 channel and said he was willing to give incriminating evidence against Bykov. When asked why he had changed his mind, Tatarin explained that Bykov’s men promised him to secure his release from the Greek prison, but then cheated and did not help. 

Source: GZT.Ru, 21 July 2010 


In summer 2011 Krasnoyarsk regional court started hearing against Tatarenkov. He immediately declared that the case against him was completely falsified and handed a petition with the court to reconsider the case. According to the defendant, the investigation violated the international convention on extradition, according to which an extradited person can only be persecuted for crimes for which the extradition order had been issued. According to Tatarenkov, Russian authorities received the extradition order on charges of murder of Krasnoyarsk businessmen, Cyril Voitenko and Aleksander Naumov. 

The court found the petition untimely. Tatarenkov was recommended to address the court with such petition after submission of all evidence in the case. 

Source: Kommersant, 29 June 2011