Tyurin Vladimir Anatolyevich


Born Nov. 25, 1958 in the village Tirlyan of Beloretsk area of the Bashkir ASSR, Russian, secondary education, nicknamed "Tyurik", convicted: 
- November 1, 1974 by the Irkutsk Regional Court (Presiding Oreshkin) - for his complicity in the gang rape and hooliganism, the court admitted his guilt in part; 
- June 11, 1980 by the Bratsk City Court (Bolshedvorov was presiding) - for his complicity in the apartment theft and hooliganism, the court admitted his guilt in part;
- October 28, 1985 by the Bratsk City Court (Lukhnev was presiding) - for being engaged in proscribed fishing, sexual abuse of minors, the involvement of minors in criminal activity - to 4 years in prison; the court admitted his guilt in part. 

March 15, 1999 the investigative department of the FSB of the Russian Federation Irkutsk region initiated criminal case number 209425 against V.A. Tyurin, but in fact for a fake and the use of foreign passports in the name of the Gromov, Vladimir Pavlovich and Pugachev Alexei Pavlovich. 
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For the first time journalists became interested in Vladimir Turin in 1996, when studying the criminal situation in the Irkutsk region. journalists portrayed Vladimir Tyurin as a man who took the place kingpin from Irkutsk, Alexander Moiseyev (Masya) who was killed on June 10, 1991 Moses was known that he had been crowned by Vyacheslav Ivankov (Jap), when served time in Tulunskaya prison. Journalists wrote that after his death of Masya his power passed to his two assistants. They did not have big strength, and had been removed quickly by the supporters of Georgian groups. Then the power was taken over by the closest friend of Masya - Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik). He differed sharply from the local gang – he did not drink or smoke, and graduated from high school with a gold medal. However, the 16-year medalist landed in the colony for rape. Then he was convicted a few times for the unintentional infliction of bodily injury, vandalism and other crimes (he was accused of five articles of the Criminal Code). Tyurik was the first one in Bratsk who bought a VCR. He collected from the gang 5 rubles for showing porn at home. For this village once again and got the nickname of Projectionist. Then Tyurik engaged in bodybuilding and opened a gym, and then - the only casino in Bratsk, in which there are almost no visitors up to now. Credibility of Tyurik grew rapidly. This made Georgian clans troubled greatly. In the spring of 1993, several authorities, among whom there were Yakovenko, Udartsev, Lysenko, attempting Tyurik. They threw a grenade in the window of his car. It bounced off and exploded, and almost did not damage the car.

Wanting to find out whose did that, Tyurik appointed a gathering indoors of a swimming pool "Chaika". Then his detractors got prepared more thoroughly. They decided to blow up Tyurik after the rallies. The road was blocked by the pool log, and mined. Nearby felled clearing where placed an ambush. They put a wiring with remote control; Put "police patrol" of disguised gangsters. They were supposed to report the ambush on the radio, when the car of Tyurik would arrive. However Tyurik moved into another car after the gathering. "Patrol"did not find him and gave the signal to clean mines from the road. With the rise of Tyurik in the Irkutsk region Jap’s positions became stronger. Ivankov and his supporters gained control of large enterprises by acquiring their shares through nominees. In particular, the police said that one of the smelters area belonged to Jap, although there were no  shareholders registered on the name of Ivankov, of course. In 1994 Tyurik moved to Moscow. He bought a house in Spain. In June 1994 in Moscow Tyurik was crowned. His sureties were Jap, Shakra and Hassan. In the capital Tyurik plunged into the business of criminal money laundering. According to police, he's gained solid connections. In early 1995, the Georgian underworld clan lost its influence in the Irkutsk region. 
Source: Kommersant № 15 (973) on 03/02/1996 

In 1998, journalists remembered Tyurik in connection with the murder of a businessman from Bratsk, Igor Korchugov, in Moscow. According to investigators, the cause of the massacre could have been his long-standing conflict with the Turin. Korchugov engaged in business in the early days of perestroika. Together with a friend he opened the firm “Demikor", which literally flooded Bratsk with cheap American chicken legs. Trade brought big profits, but in 1994, the partners had a falling out and began to divide the property. In the section interfered "kingpin" Tyurik and Korchugovu had to flee from clashes in the nearby Irkutsk. Then businessman invested in the firm of Irkutskprodukt, becoming one of its founders, but he was not allowed to get developed there. Then he decided to open his own business in Moscow. But four months later he was killed. 
Source: Kommersant № 194 (1597) on 17/10/1998 

In April 2004, news about Tyurik came from St. Petersburg. This occurred after March 10, 2004, when Oleg Makovoz was arrested, born in 1968, a native of Irkutsk region, the candidate of the State Duma on the federal list of "People's Party", then in the election materials as head of the Northwestern State Construction Directorate. Makovoz is also the Head of Fund supporting humanitarian programs. Then it was reported that a gang by Makovoz committed dozens of murders and assassinations. Journalists wrote that the syndicate of assassins was killed when they went to the final stage of their goal. The operational materials and even interrogation protocols contained the facts that they had been preparing an attempt on Vladimir Kumarin, thus solving the ultimate issue with a key figure in the informal world. It gets worse and worse as it goes on. They were preparing to remove one of the existing heads of criminal police of the city and an important figure in the security business. It is anticipated that all actions Makovoz stood Vladimir Tyurin. In addition to other known facts, journalists reported that Tyurik has a joint business with Roman Abramovich. 
Source: "Fontanka.ru" from 19.04.2004 

Journalists wrote that according to the Interior Ministry, Tyurik already at that time was positioned Slavic leader of thieves and "authorities" who have long waged this war with the representatives of the Caucasian tribes. As a result, the entire Irkutsk region was ruled by Tyurikov, although he himself was forced into hiding abroad in 2005. It is possible that the disappearance of Tyurik and gang of Makovoz were linked intimately. in fact the police believed the thugs of Makovoz were implementing another high-profile crime - the murder of a "alpha dog" in St. Petersburg, Konstantin Yakovlev (Bones Tomb-“Kosti Mogily) in May 2003. A detective believed that customer of the murder was the same Tyurik, as his firms allegedly could not share with Tomb contracts for the construction of protective structures from flooding in Petersburg. Source: Kommersant № 10 / P (3094) on 01/24/2005 

In 2007 it became known that the Moscow City Court received a criminal case of attempted murder in March 2001 of a State Duma deputy Bashir Kodzoev, then the MP himself was seriously wounded and his bodyguard, a policeman was killed. The crime was solved due to the fact that one of the accomplices started to cooperate with the investigation and called the names of other accomplices. The inhabitants of St. Petersburg, Oleg Makovoz, Alexander Avdeev and Denis Dolgushin brought to the Moscow City Court on charges of attempted murder of the deputy. Prosecutor General's Office considered Vice-President of the fund supporting humanitarian programs "North West" by reputable businessman Makovoz to be an organizer of the crime, and others – the performers. Investigation called an unidentified member of the so-called fraternal criminal group, headed by "thief in law" Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik) to be the crime customer. There was another defendant in the dock - Nikolay Seredin. Investigation called him the murder of the Executive head of security in "Tatneft", Alexander Kalyakin, which was committed in 2001 in Almetyevsk on orders of the same Mr. Makovoz. Hearings on the crime are combined together with the case of the attempt on the deputy Kodzoev. 

Prosecutor General's Office learned from a former member of Makovoz gang, Dennis Dolgushin that in 1999 Mr. Makovoz organized a gang of assassins on the basis of the St. Petersburg security company "Iltis", which consisted of mostly former soldiers who had been in "hot spots". The gang carried out orders to eliminate competitors from several criminal networks. Its members have committed at least a dozen of contract killings, assassinations and kidnappings in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Almetyevsk and Bratsk, including the assassination of Bashir Kodzoev. According to the indictment, which referred to the Moscow City Prosecutor's Office, "the deputy Kodzoev activities aimed at countering the proliferation and growing influence in the Irkutsk region of criminal groups"; it came into conflict with the interests of "subsidiary" which sought "to put the most profitable sectors of the economy and social and political life of this region under its illegal control." A respected entrepreneur Makovoz undertook to organize the assassination of Bashir Kodzoev, "wanting to get protection and support of a criminal gang of Tyurin. 
Source: Kommersant № 100 / C (3676) of 13.06.2007 

In November 2010 it was reported that in Moscow at the request of law enforcement agencies of Spain, one of the most influential leaders of the Russian criminal underworld kingpin Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik) was detained. Spanish authorities charged him in absentia for the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means and the establishment the criminal community on its territory. Russian authorities intend to extradite Vladimir Tyurin to Spanish authorities, claiming that he is not a citizen of the Russian Federation. In this same case Spain asked to temporarily transfer another powerful kingpin for investigation - a recently convicted Tariel Oniani. 

Vladimir Tyurin, was detained on 2 November in Moscow, on Novy Arbat in the restaurant "Kupol" to FSB operatives and Moscow Criminal Intelligence. The occasion was the request sent to Russia by Spanish law enforcement authorities. The next day Presnensky court in Moscow issued a warrant for the arrest of criminals. Russian kingpin drew attention of Spanish law enforcement authorities in June 2005 during a police operation "Wasp". Then, they arrested about 30 Spanish citizens and immigrants from Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. Those arrested were accused of creating a criminal syndicate, that was laundering money of the Russian criminal world by investing in their property in resorts of Spain. 12 people were brought to the trial, - influential kingpin Zachary Kalashev, lawyer Alexander Gofshtein, a former adviser to the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin, Oleg Vorontsov, as well as citizens of Georgia, Ukraine and Spain. Six of them were found guilty of money laundering and received various prison terms. The most severe sentence was ruled to Zechariah Kalashov - seven and a half years in prison and a fine of € 20 million. The rest of defendants, including prominent Russian lawyer Alexander Gofshtein were fully justified. 

Vladimir Tyurin, permanently residing in Spain and, according to local police, who was one of the organizers of the syndicate, at the time of the operation "Wasp», was in Russia. In the spring of 2006 he was declared an international arrest warrant on the basis of a warrant issued by Judge Fernando Andreu. It is unknown why the Russian authorities detained Tyurin only four years later. Officially the police declined any comment, but news agencies cited unofficial sources and reported that such a long time had been spent on reconciliation of certain legal formalities. According to Kommersant, "there was a certificate in Vladimir Tyurin’s case proving that he is a citizen of Kazakhstan, and he had allegedly obtained a Russian passport illegally (The Russian Constitution prohibits the issue of Russian citizens to other countries). Vladimir Tyurin refuted this information. As one of his former lawyers explained to Kommersant, Vladimir Tyurin received a Russian passport legally in 2005, in OVD “Yakimanka" in the city of Moscow. It is curious that, together with Vladimir Tyurin Spanish authorities asked to convey kingpin Tariel Oniani to them; he was recently convicted for ten years for kidnapping in Moscow. The same judge Fernando Andreu sent the request to the Prosecutor General of Russia. Since Tariel Oniani must serve the assigned punishment in Russia, the judge asked about so-called temporary transfer - for the time of the investigation and trial. 
Source: Kommersant № 206 (4506) on 09/11/2010 

In early December 2009, Presnensky court of Moscow ruled in the case of the former leader of the fraternal group, a 51-year old influential kingpin, Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik). Defense tried to challenge the legality of his arrest on a European warrant issued by Spanish authorities. The court dismissed a complaint of the defence of Vladimir Tyurin, which insisted on his immediate release. 
Source: Z-Online, 09.12.2010