Ustinov Vladimir Vasilievich

Ustinov was born on February 25, 1953 in the town of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur in Khabarovsk region to the family of a procuracy employee. His father was a deputy prosecutor in Kurganinsky district of Krasnodar region. Vladimir Ustinov’s brother is also a prosecutor, but in the military.

In 1968-1972, he was turner and toolmaker at Korenovsky sugar factory in Krasnodar region.

In 1972-1974, he served in Soviet Army.

In 1974-1978, he was a student of Kharkiv Law Institute

 In 1978-1983, he was an intern, assistant prosecutor, senior assistant prosecutor of Korenovsky district of Krasnodar region.

 In 1983, he was deputy prosecutor in Dinskoy district of Krasnodar region.

 In 1983-1985, he was prosecutor in Gulkevichsky district of Krasnodar region.

 In 1985-1992 years, he was prosecutor in Khostinsky district of Sochi.

In 1992-1994, he was prosecutor of Sochi.

 In 1994-1997, he was first deputy prosecutor of Krasnodar region and prosecutor of Sochi.

 Since October 15, 1997, he was Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

In 1998-1999, he was head of the Prosecutor General’s Office general department for supervision over execution of federal security legislation and interethnic relations in the North Caucasus, the head of the Coordinating Council of law enforcement agencies of all entities of the Russian Federation of the North Caucasus region.

On April 6, 1999, he was transferred to Moscow to serve as Deputy Prosecutor General.

On July 29, 1999 by a presidential decree, he was appointed Acting Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

On May 17, 2000, he was elected Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

On June 29, 2000, he was elected Chairman of the Coordinating Council of Prosecutor Generals of the CIS.


August 23, 2000 - Ustinov led the investigation of death of "Kursk" submarine. Later, he published the book "The Truth About" Kursk »(ISBN 5224048621).

2001 - Ustinov had a successful opposition to the then-deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak, who proposed to deprive the prosecutor's office of investigative functions, leaving her only a supervisory role.

November 15, 2001 - personally led a group of public prosecutors in the trial of Chechen field commander Salman Raduyev. December 25 Raduyev was sentenced to imprisonment for life and a year later died in prison.

In 2002, in International State Law Academy defended his PhD thesis on the topic "International-legal problems of struggle against terrorism." In 2003 (a year later) defended a doctoral dissertation.

April 13, 2005 re-approved in the position on the proposal of President Putin.

June 2, 2006, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a representation to the Council of Federation of the release of Ustinov from his post with the official wording "of his own request."

June 23, 2006, Vladimir Ustinov was appointed a Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation (previously this position held Yuri Chaika, a few days before he was appointed a General Prosecutor).

In 2006, the official's income amounted to 5.5 million rubles.

May 14, 2008 he was appointed a Plenipotentiary Representative of RF President in the Southern Federal District.

An Active State Counselor of Justice, honored lawyer of the Russian Federation. He graduated from the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

He is State Counselor of Justice of the first class, Distinguished Lawyer of the Russian Federation, and Distinguished Worker of the prosecutor's office. He was awarded the Order of Merits before the Fatherland of the III degree.

He is married. He has a son and a daughter. In November 2003, his son, Dmitry, married Inga Sechina, daughter of Igor Sechin, Deputy Head of the presidential administration.




Was happy to serve, to smarm –to.

Strokes to the portrait of acting of General Prosecutor.


Sochi media accused Ustinov of illegally obtaining two plots of land in the most prestigious area of the resort and involvement in the extortion of money from businessmen under investigation. It was alleged that after the transfer of large sums of money to Prevoporyadok (Russian for “law and order”) fund, charges against the companies were dropped. Both scandals ended in nothing.

Source: Novaya Gazeta, 16 August 1999


According to some reports, in 1997 Ustinov proposed his candidacy for the post of head of the Prosecutor General’s Office general department for supervision over execution of federal security legislation and interethnic relations in the North Caucasus, because nobody wanted to fill the position. According to other sources, he took the job thanks to the efforts of Aleksander Voloshin, the then head of the Russian presidential administration. Boris Berezovsky vouched for Ustinov. At the same time, Berezovsky allegedly promised that his man "will be loyal and remain silent."

Source: Profile, 30 June 2000


In 2000, Ustinov forced the investigation of the case against Vladimir Gusinsky, the owner of Media-Most, which had been initiated when Yuri Skuratov was Prosecutor General. After the arrest of Gusinsky, accused of embezzling $ 10 million, SPS andYabloko suggested factions in the Duma that demand the resignation of Prosecutor General, but the deputies did not support the proposal.

Source: Polit.Ru, 24 January 2001


In 2000, Ustinov had to defend himself with regard to obtaining an apartment in Moscow. , Ustinov did not pay taxes for the apartment, allegedly provided by the Office of Pavel Borodin. NTV television network hinted that Ustinov got the apartment for a quick closure of the case against Mabetex, which was also referred to as the case against Borodin. Main Control Directorate received orders from President Vladimir Putin and examined the circumstances of Ustinov obtaining the apartment. It found no corpus delict in the incident.

Source:, 12 February 2001


In 2003, Ustinov began an active attack on the head of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. On October 25, 2003, Khodorkovsky was arrested on charges of embezzlement and tax evasion. The Prosecutor General offered him to pay the debts of the company before the tax authorities from personal assets. Khodorkovsky refused. In May 2005, he was convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Source: Utro.Ru, 09 September 2004


In 2003, the son of Ustinov, Dmitry, married the daughter of Igor Sechin.

Dmitry studied in a FSB university and allegedly was famous of his ability to lose student cards. Inga Sechina studied in a university no less famous among those close to Putin. She was a student of St. Petersburg Mining Institute, headed by Vladimir Litvinenko, an old friend of Vladimir Putin.

On July 4, 2005, Inga Sechina (Ustinova) gave birth to a son.

Source: Moskovsky Komsomolets, 08 July 2005


On June 2, 2006, the Federation Council satisfied a request by Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning Ustinov’s dismissal from the post of Prosecutor General. The media expressed several versions explaining why the prosecutor lost his job. As possible reasons media cited aftermath of the scandal with a series of arrests of Russian cities mayors (the Prosecutor General's Office could cause dissatisfaction among senior officials), and reluctance of Ustinov for Dmitry Medvedev being the successor to the president.

Source: API, 02 June 2006


In 2011, mass media reported that the driver of the vehicle with flashing lights and government license plate threatened a politician Ilya Yashin with a gun. According to Yashin, the conflict took place after he took a picture of the car with flashing lights and government license plate A910MR, parked right on the crosswalk. The driver of the Mercedes noticed the politician and rushed out of the car. He began shouting obscenities at Yashin, demanding that he stopped taking pictures. “He ran a few metres closer yelling," Frieze! "I have a gun!" Then he lifted up his shirt and grabbed his gun, which was in his holster attached to the belt,” wrote Yashin in his blog.

According to Yashin, the car with government numbers A910MR was assigned to Vladimir Ustinov, presidential plenipotentiary representative in the Southern Federal District. Before that, there had been reports of violations of traffic regulations by the car with these numbers.

Source:, 14 July 2011 


         By the way, the summer of 2005 the daughter of Igor Sechin had a baby from Vladimir Ustinov's son, suddenly making the grandparents the head of "Rosneft", as well as the Minister of Justice.

"Express newspaper." 25.01.2012


Yuri Biryukov is an old hero of our publications. As the first deputy of General Prosecutor Ustinov, he signed unique documents, which is now impossible to watch without a condescending smile.

"Involvement leaders of "Liga Mars" LLC and shopping center "Three Whales" to committing a crime is not established. May 7, 2001 the criminal case was dismissed. The decision is lawful and justified." - Wrote Biryukov to Boris Gryzlov, at the time - the Minister of the Interior Affairs. "The criminal case was dismissed" ... "for lack of evidence. The decision has been made lawfully and reasonably." - This is also from a letter from Biryukov of 2001 to chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security Alexander Gurov. All this Biryukov wrote about the scandalous case of "Three Whales". Only in 2006, after the resignation of General Prosecutor Ustinov, five defendants of the case were arrested and charged. Soon, the court will be held.

"Novaya Gazeta". 02.02.2012


How can the prosecutor be set aside seven years later? Quietly, a few minutes after the statement of Vladimir Ustinov, asking about leaving "voluntarily", was read to the astonished senators. Even before that Ustinov had other desires: in spring of 2006, he began to show extraordinary political activities, said a few loud speeches about recipients of bribes (mzdoimcy) - plus imposed an arrest on the preference shares of "Transneft", which was withdrawn after his resignation. All these actions, says the President's Administration officer, found the "right" interpretation in the folder with compromising, which is collected in the Federal Drug Control Service, which was created as an alternative to FSB source of information of Kremlin. Ustinov appeared there as a leader with his own presidential ambitions, does not accept the first Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev as a successor, and prepares an arrest of the head of "Transneft" Semen Vaynshtk for the benefit of its patron Igor Sechin. "

SmartMoney .08.05.2012


Sechin's daughter Inga was born in April 1982 (although no one can remember that before the end of the 80 official was married). She graduated from the same Mining University (in the 80's - an Institute) in St. Petersburg, where her father was defending. In November 2003, she married the son of Vladimir Ustinov, Dmitry, and in July 2005 presented a grandson to her father. Her last place of work before maternity leave was "Surgutneftegasbank".

Mining University Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov, Minister of Justice Vladimir Ustinov, the general director of "Rosneft" Sergey Bogdanchikov, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev, the head of the FSS Economic Security Service Alexander Bortnikov and senator Sergey Pugachev are credited to the group of Vladimir Sechin. Oligarch Mikhail Fridman and the head of "Surgutneftegas" Vladimir Bogdanov, Metropolitan Kirill and Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, director of the Federal Security Service Evgenii Murov and Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov appear as his allies.

"Rospres". 15.05.2012


In January 2001. "HP Russia" has won a tender; an appropriate contract was signed in June of the same year. Then, however, the deal was delayed due to the fact that the head structure of the HP conducted a due diligence of subcontractors of the order, and the Russian authorities foiled an agreement with the American Export Bank, which should give a financial guarantee. In 2003 to finance the procurement for the General Prosecutor's Office (which was then headed by Vladimir Ustinov) volunteered one of the German banks, and control over the execution of the order went to an HP division in Germany, Hewlett-Packard ISE GmbH.

Due to the changed circumstances the Russian authorities thought about re-tender, prompting managers of "HP Russia" to jittery. In April of 2003 employees of the company pledged 2.8 million euros to one of the Russian officials for the preservation of the contract. Bribes had to walk through a German agent. As a result, on accounts of various shell companies was transferred € 8 million.

To hide illegal payments, the employees of the Russian "daughter" of HP conducted two parallel systems of accounts: one - for internal use, where the recipients of bribes were prescribed, the other - "purified" of suspicious payments - for the "uninitiated". For example, employees led the password-protected spreadsheet; in its confidential version of the file there was a column "Other costs" where corrupt payments were made through the German mediator. It follows rom another document that "recoiling" of 8 million euros expected to push through the distorted value of the HP hardware. Of the 8 million euros, transferred through a German agent, 2.2 million came to fictitious accounts in the Latvian and Lithuanian banks and was spent on travel and the purchase of jewelry, luxury cars, and expensive watches.

"RBC". 04/11/2014


Chairman of the Nizhny Novgorod regional court Anatolii Bondar, in the spring - summer of this year, as the head of special qualification board, led the selection of candidates for the United Supreme Court, finds time to remove from public sources a nasty text about him not for the first time. This time he got a court refutation of the part of the article of the anonymous user, which describes the biography of a judge, different from the official one.

The court found the personal opinion of the author of an anonymous passage that Bondar owes his career advancement to his marriage to a relative of Vladimir Ustinov (General Prosecutor from 2000 to 2006, the Minister of Justice in 2006-2008, now is the country's president plenipotentiary in the Southern Federal District). The judge admitted the end of article as a value judgment, which stated that "the thickness of the walls of the "Sailor's silence" and "Butyrka" just enough to isolate the environment from the radiation of the lawlessness that emits Comrade Bondar".

"". 02.10.2014


The others VIP-guests also show an ostentatiously religious: raised in Korenovsk Plenipotentiary Representative in the Southern Federal District Vladimir Ustinov, not only unofficially visits a small motherland, but also built up a St. Vladimir's temple here. The construction of an Orthodox church in Korenovsk led Krasnodar organization with a telling title "Firm Gesheft" LLC.

The Insider, 22.04.2015


"Sobesednik" has learned, why and for how long Putin's Plenipotentiary Representative in the Southern Federal District and ex-Minister of Justice Vladimir Ustinov took a mortgage. As our correspondent was able to know, in summer of 2007, Vladimir Ustinov, a head of the Ministry of Justice at that time, took a mortgage from Sberbank to buy a land area of nearly 63 hundred square meters in the near Moscow region. Mortgage term - 10 years, that is, Ustinov will pull the mortgage kabbalah for another two years. It was not possible to find out the amount of the mortgage, but, apparently, it is a respectable sum. Even cadastral cost of land is impressive - 43 million rubles, but Ustinov as a law-abiding citizen (and he sure is - really?), had to buy it at market price, and this price is much higher. The land, laid in Sberbank, is located in the village of "Landscape", one of the most elite settlements of already elite Rublevka. Here, for example, lives oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenko, and across the road from Ustinov settled a billionaire Samvel Karapetyan. Today, in a crisis, land plots at a discount are sold at a price of 200 thousand dollars for a hundred. Or 10 million rubles. It is easy to calculate that the mortgage of Ustinov pulls on about 630 million "wooden". At the same time he himself officially earned less than 60 million from 2008 to 2014 inclusive. This is not enough even for percent.

"Sobesednik". 05.27.2015


According to experts, soon similar cleanings are expected in the Krasnodar region - in response to numerous complaints on the activities of heads of regional SU TFR Bugaenko Vadim and his entourage. According to rumors, Bugaenko "hangs" literally by a thread of the resignation, but, it seems, that rough green bills and questionable contacts "at the top" to hold help him to held up at the prestigious post.

Rumor has it that, after getting a raise, Mr. Bugaenko (which, according to the operative information, previously served as a "common fund" holder, collected in the form of a tribute from the entrepreneurs) so much "flew off the rails", that ordered to "collide" (presumably, with the aim of raider seizure) to one of the firms that belong to a relative of hereditary prosecutor Vladimir Ustinov, from 2000 to 2006 head of the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

Of course, ex-General Prosecutor - now occupies the post of presidential Plenipotentiary Representative in the Southern Federal District - was not in a debt and, according to some information, became an initiator of the large-scale inspections of Bugaenko activities. In his turn, the chief investigator of Krasnodar decided to dig into the "dark past" of Ustinov, when he worked as a prosecutor of Sochi (from 1992 to 1994.). Moreover, with a view to catch his opponent in corrupt relations (as well as in the rest of deadly sins), Bugaenko spared neither the strength nor the means nor the wild fantasies.

Thus, the most blatant example of the methods of "work" of Bugaenko subordinates is a recently conducted search of the honored employee of RIC, pensioner (!), once worked in Sochi with Ustinov. These people, flaunting the fact that they specialize in knocking out testimonies, demanded from the woman, threatening her with arrest, to provide some information about the corrupt activities of Ustinov (in particular, the reception of bribes).

"Moscvu post." 07.13.2015.


The prime minister was showed tomatoes "Viagra", molded cheese "Cuban Blues" and sweets with his own picture on the box. The presidential Plenipotentiary Representative in the Southern Federal District Vladimir Ustinov, meanwhile, was actively consuming lollipops and low-calorie ice cream and hid a bank with pate in his pocket.

"Moscovskii Komsomolets". 08.11.2015


The Embassy of the Russian Federation President in the Southern Federal District will be located in Krasnodar, and the Plenipotentiary Representative Vladimir Ustinov will retain its position, most likely. Informed sources in the authorities have told this to portal

As it has been previously reported, an information appear, that the embassy in the Southern Federal District can be transferred from Rostov-on-Don to Krasnodar, and Vladimir Ustinov place can be taken by the ex-governor of the Krasnodar region, the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Alexander Tkachev.

"". 02.05.2016