Brother “Postman” put an end to Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov
29.05.2024 18:01

A court in Moscow arrested Magomed-Bashir Kalimatov, the brother of the current head of Ingushetia Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov and the ex-head of the republican branch of Russian Post, in a case of particularly large-scale fraud. He is accused of theft of about 2 billion rubles as part of an organized criminal community. This happened immediately after the publication of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel that the investigation was trying to bypass Magomed-Bashir Kalimatov thanks to the connections of his high-ranking brother. It has become very hot for Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov; he met with Putin yesterday. Sources say that after the meeting, Kalimatov was gloomier than a cloud. It is already clear that there will be a new leader in Ingushetia. Details are at

At the end of February 2023, the FSB of the Russian Federation reported that the activities of an organized crime group that had stolen more than 2 billion rubles had been stopped. funds of the Russian Pension Fund (PFR). It was reported that 34 people were detained in Moscow, Ingushetia and North Ossetia as part of the theft case. had materials at its disposal, on the basis of which an investigation was launched. In the materials, Magomed-Bashir Kalimatov, the elder brother of the head of the republic, Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov, was initially named as the organizer of the organized crime group, which was involved in the theft of pension money. Sources say that the real amount of theft, according to estimates from the federal treasury, is more than 5 billion rubles. Whether the investigation will present the defendants with the entire amount or reduce it has not yet been decided.

By the way, the elder brother of the head of the Republic of Kalimata has the nickname “Postman”. He headed the post office until 2019, stole gigantic sums with the patronage of his brother, and then tried to evade responsibility.

Since February 2023, nothing has been done on the high-profile case in the direction of Magomed-Bashir Kalimatov, until the post of the Cheka-OGPU came out. It said that at the initial stage, the materials spoke about the direct participation and leadership of the criminal community of the head of the Republic, Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov, and his brother, Magomed-Bashir Kalimatov.

However, after a year of investigation, the amount of stolen money was reduced by 4 times, and to this day only ordinary perpetrators are in custody, who received pennies for carrying out instructions from the head of the Pension Fund Seinaroev, while the director himself, according to the materials, stole tens of millions of rubles monthly , which he generously shared with Magomed-Bashir Kalimatov, who was supposed to resolve issues with law enforcement agencies in case of emergency situations.

There are also very young, unmarried girls in custody who did not even understand anything, silently following the instructions. The situation is similar for postal employees, where ordinary postmen, at the behest of the investigation, suddenly became members of a criminal community.

As for Seinaroev himself, as Kalimatov’s assistant, he, being on the international wanted list, leads a luxurious lifestyle in Dubai and provides his relatives in the Republic of Ingushetia with stolen money.

The head of the Republican Post Office, Batyzhev, also profited from the theft of budget money for many years, buying numerous real estate properties through relatives, as well as building entire streets of mansions for himself and his relatives.

And the funny thing is that despite the fact that in the case there is numerous evidence of Magomed-Bashir Kalimatov’s participation in the criminal community, the latter never received the status of even a suspect. He successfully continues to “supervise” the social and construction sectors of his high-ranking brother, building entire streets for his many relatives. The head had previously covered up for his brother, who, even under the old leader, Yevkurov, did not hesitate to participate in the theft of children's benefits.

Kalimatov gave the social block to his cousin Alikhanov to oversee, thereby gaining the opportunity to steal from the pockets of frail and disabled people with impunity.

As for the position of head of the Pension Fund itself, he sold the “chair” of the head for 100 million rubles. Alikhanov himself used to serve Yevkurov, and after his departure he found a favorable position as a member of parliament, sheltering people like him under his wing.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued