“Some of the companions from Lubyanka have been detained, others are under suspicion”
31.03.2024 17:39

As top fixer Oleg Popov (one of the owners of the A-pro law office) convinces us, he has more than two “advantages” in his life, in addition to Igor Chaika and Samvel Karapetyan, there are enough of them, well, so he assures. Among them are former FSB generals, with whom Oleg has the same “wonderful friendly relations.” These acquaintances more than once helped him in his affairs, brought him together with the right people and acted as his guarantors, but more about them later. Oleg also has a very strange trait, called megalomania, he may barely know a person, but he will convince everyone or anyone he needs of close connections. But his greatest friend, or rather boss, who helped create the raider law firm A-pro, Sergei Govyadina and his friends from the investigative committee, and, of course, the Mazaraki brothers.

Previously, Rucriminal.info already wrote about the close and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation between Oleg Popov and Sergei Govyadin; Oleg very skillfully uses Sergei’s connections and finances. But today they have a very tense relationship, since Popov cannot fulfill certain obligations that he assumed and involved Beef in them, a large profit promises to be an overwhelming problem, so much so that no general Beef will help.

Ildar Samiev is also closely connected not only with Govyadin, but also with Popov, the latter not only coordinates, but also plans the raider projects of Beef, Samiev and Karapetyan. Oleg also does not hide that the Albert Khudoyan case is his project with the involvement of Govyadin’s connections.

On the horizon, in conjunction with Popov, appeared lawyer Murad Musaev, who, according to the interlocutor of Rucriminal.info, is very similar in the manner of doing business with Popov, also boasts of various serious connections in the Prosecutor General’s Office, with the President Hotel, using their names. According to sources, Murad Musaev followed the example of his brother Muslim, who, if you believe him, somehow removed Anatoly Cheremin (the father of the unborn child’s “beat mom” - Valeria Fedyakina) from a flight in Turkey and made him, as he put it, "our pet." So, Murad, who tried for a long time to establish and establish contact with Dmitry Strishny - the son of a member of the “Tsapkovsky” gang - the famous crab eater, attracted everyone he could for this purpose and promised money for assistance, supposedly in “bringing together” the family, namely Dmitry with his mother Natalya Strishnya, who had previously kicked him out of the house. This is necessary because Dmitry is the holder of a 30% share of a large family business, which was not controlled by Murad Musaev. Until recently, he controlled the rest of the shares belonging to Natalya and Oksana Strishnim; we will soon find out how he managed to do this. In general, today, Murad Musaev has got himself a “pet”; Dmitry lives not in a family mansion, but in an apartment rented on behalf of Murad Musaev in Rostov-on-Don, where he is under the close supervision of Murad Musaev’s “friends”.


The previous story is that Oleg Popov and Murad Musaev involved in their raider history an equally interesting organization, AST Company M LLC, which allegedly bought the right of claim from Zakharov-Gordik for 1 billion rubles. And most importantly, shortly before the consideration of the case in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, which was not appointed for consideration for a long time, a third of the money from Nikolai Zakharov’s account was withdrawn in cash, but for what purpose, a recently detained Lubyanka employee, and Nikolai Mikhailovich himself, can explain Zakharov (Gordik) and, of course, Oleg and Govyadin.

By the way, Gordik is also kept under a tight rein, intimidated so that he doesn’t even have the thought of disobeying or “starting his own game” behind the backs of the new bosses in the person of Popov and Beef and Co. They achieved this with the help of various controlled proceedings in relation to their “pet”, restrictions on travel (“flags” were placed).

Andrey Korovayko (internationally wanted, head of the Pokrovsky Concern OPS) raised and first paid $5 million to Oleg Popov and his friends, not only for the history of the “Zakharov-Gordik case”. About other cases next time.

It is possible that, after a property confiscation procedure was introduced in relation to Andrei Korovayko and his accomplices on the basis of a claim from the Prosecutor General's Office (on the basis of the Labinsky District Court), AST Company M was brought in so as not to lose during confiscation the property that they intend to " squeeze out." Korovayko has plenty of such unfinished raiding cases left, and we will definitely tell AST about them.

Also, Popov, by order of Andrei Korovayko, provided the opportunity to keep abreast of the very procedure for confiscating his fortune. A very strange situation has developed: in the ongoing disputes with Korovayko’s “holding”, the interests of the Federal Property Management Agency (i.e., the Russian Federation) are represented by the same lawyers who previously worked for Andrey Korovayko, and may have participated in raiding. The Russian Federation pays money to Korovayko’s lawyers, who, at the expense of cash taxpayers continue to protect the interests of a person on the international wanted list. This amazing combination of the Federal Property Management Agency and Andrei Korovayko, who are represented by the same lawyers, is an obvious corruption conspiracy, and Oleg Popov and Co. helped the fugitive head of the Pokrovsky Concern OPS to negotiate this.

The relationship between A-pro, Andrey Korovayko and Murad Musaev deserves a separate opus.

Today Oleg Popov receives very inconvenient complaints from “colleagues”; some of his “friends” have retreated altogether. According to available information, Sergei Govyadina is making very serious claims against Oleg Popov, some of his companions from Lubyanka have been detained, others are under suspicion, and some have already managed to hide.

It will be quite interesting that in this raider story, Musaev’s clients were left with debts, and at that moment he himself acquired elite commercial real estate worth hundreds of millions in the center of the capital, and Oleg Popov became the owner of hundreds of millions of rubles.

Roman Trushkin

Source: www.rucriminal.info