How Mishustin gave Rashnikov the unique “Dacha of V.V. Keyser”
28.03.2024 18:38

As found out, before the presidential elections in the Russian Federation, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree to exclude a number of monuments from the all-Russian register of cultural heritage sites. Everything would be fine, but there is a spicy feature.

The cultural heritage site of regional significance "V.V. Keyser's Dacha", located in the resort of Essentuki, interfered with the owner of Magnitogorsk, Viktor Rashnikov. The fact is that since the beginning of the war, Rashnikov is restricted from traveling abroad, and therefore must be content with the resorts of the Russian Federation. According to a source from, this made the mountain king remember the Metallurg sanatorium owned by Magnitogorsk in the Stavropol Territory. Arriving at the place, he quickly started a frenzy of activity and decided that he needed his own private mansion on the territory of the sanatorium. Since everything has already been built up, it was decided to demolish one of the four cultural heritage sites, which was the dormitory building of the sanatorium. To do this, they first contacted the governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Texler, to call the governor of the Stavropol region, Vladimirov (the latter must sign a petition to the federal Ministry of Culture to exclude the object from the register). Then they went to the permanent first deputy of the Ministry of Culture, Obryvalin, and he sent him to the director of the department of cultural heritage, Rybalo. Roman Alekseevich involved the well-known expert A.Yu. Savvinich, the former head of the security agency of the Ryazan region, who specializes in private work for the federal Ministry of Culture. Alexander Yuryevich hired Promterra LLC, a friend of his, which did a survey and said that the building had been rebuilt several times, and in Soviet times it was generally demolished and rebuilt from sand-lime brick on the same foundation, which is why it lost its historical and cultural value. In fact, the photo was falsified, and the conclusions were taken from the ceiling, since the building had stood untouched by anyone since the beginning of the 20th century. Result? The Federal Ministry of Culture concocted a paper, which was slipped to M.V. Mishustin for signature. The price of the issue is only 10 million rubles.


Statement #600 - page 28

Timofey Grishin