How the new prime minister and his “wallet” are hiding their European assets from sanctions
10.05.2024 16:50

The State Duma approved Mikhail Mishustin as prime minister. Once again, the most corrupt official will be at the head of the government. continues to publish our investigation about the wallet, confidant, and custodian of Mishustin’s assets, Alexander Udodov. He is engaged in replenishing his own treasury and the treasury of “big brother” Mishustin. introduces readers to how businessman Alexander Udodov, who manages all the “dark affairs” of Mikhail Mishustin, continues to actually manage the most profitable divisions of the Federal Tax Service.

Александр Удодов

According to the source, to fight competitors, intractable clients (whom he has cheated or wants to cheat) and officials disloyal to him, the Federal Tax Service uses not only the corruption resource of generals Ivan Tkachev and Sergei Alpatov from the FSB, Andrei Kurnosenko and Alexander Ivanov from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also for international persecution, he actively uses and threatens people with administrative resources in Azerbaijan and even in Europe. Here's an example.

Udodov and him, or rather just another victim who they decided to cheat. Udodov tricked his partner into investing (a frequent practice for him) and decided to carry out a raider takeover of the business. The fact is that Mishustin is a friend and partner of the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Asadov. Udodov also serves all tax interests of the group of Araz Agalarov, God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev. Helps to minimize tax payments, often reducing them by 10 times what special (largest) taxpayers owe to the country's budget. Mishustin, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Naryshkin and these oligarchs are partners in a number of areas. As our interlocutor said, Mishustin introduced Udodov to Naryshkin, Agalarov and even the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Asadov. Now Udodov is included in all the security and other structures of Azerbaijan and uses these connections as an instrument of international pressure on any person who is intractable in his opinion. “Azerbaijani friends” gave the company SHEER ONE INVESTMENT LLC to Mishustin and Udodov for the fictitious re-registration of their foreign assets in order to circumvent American and European sanctions. Mishustin and Udodov are using all resources and tools so as not to lose large businesses and real estate abroad.

As previously reported, in order to evade sanctions, one of the main commercial assets in Germany of Mishustin and Udodov, VGCargo Gmbh, was registered in the name of the Azerbaijani company SHEER ONE INVESTMENT LLC. Udodov and Mishustin are most afraid of losing this asset, since it is one of the largest assets in the field of logistics throughout Germany. Proof that the owners (in all Udodov’s projects there is a share of Mishustin, they have been 50/50 since the late 90s) of the asset are Udodov and Mishustin is that, as before its re-registration to SHEERONE INVESTMENT LLC, the general director of the organization was Viktor Gornak, remained that way afterwards.

Gornak is one of Udodov’s closest people, who is responsible for the bloc of Europe and, in particular, Germany.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued