As Solntsevsky "Mercator" put "on the counter" 500 orlovchan
02.09.2020 18:36

The company "Mercator" plans at its plant in Kaluga to launch a workshop to assemble garbage trucks. "The expansion of production will create an additional 40-50 jobs", - proudly announced in the structure, the unofficial owners of which are the leaders of the Solntsevo OPG, and Stanislav Nikolaev is leading it - the "right hand" of the "authority" of Semyon Mogilevich (Don Simeon). Annually this dubious company receives from the budgets of regions (primarily Moscow) under state contracts for the supply of imported equipment issued for the Russian, billions of rubles. But Nikolayev and his bosses are not enough. A couple of years ago, they tried to "tax" the whole collective of the plant.

History is extremely simple. As it became known to, Mercator placed an "order" for assembling five bulldozers for the Dormash enterprise (the city of Orel). Soon it was on the brink of collapse, the workers stopped paying their salaries. After waiting for months, they stopped working. By this time, five bulldozers were almost ready. Soon the plant was completely ruined, the families of its employees were in distress. Local authorities decided that with people at least somehow to pay to implement these bulldozers, and the proceeds to pay for the payment of debts on wages. Everything was formalized in such a way that the Dormash employees filed a lawsuit to sell equipment to pay off their debts and received a corresponding decision from the servants of Themis. But here the Mercator intervened. He demanded to give the bulldozers to him. There were no grounds to remove the arrest from the equipment, then the "Mercator" threatened to spoil the life of all workers for these bulldozers. When such threats emanate from Solntsevo, these are not empty words. According to, the company of Nikolaev and his bosses, which receives billions from the budget, decided in the spirit of the 90s to put the hungry workers "on the counter." "Mercator Holding" initiated claims against each employee of the enterprise. And it was almost 517 people. As a result, the workers of the plant, who had not received many months of money, who were in a difficult situation and claimed to have legal demands for payment of wages, were forced to act as defendants.

Why did Mercator do this? Everything becomes clear from the investigation, which publishes It is devoted to how the "bundle" Mogilevich-Solntsevsky (and their leader Sergey Mikhailov) was formed, and then the joint project "Mercator" was born. He became the most successful "child" of this "bundle". What other "obshchak" can boast that it receives billions from the budget every year.

In the late 1994-early 1995 gg. Mikhas and Mogilevich make several trips to Miami, where, it seems, the leader of the Solntsevs also planned to settle down. After the US, Mihas first comes to France, where he lived Taiwan, then to the Czech Republic, where he mastered the business of Mogilevich. As a result, both countries banned Mikhailov from entering his territory. Then he makes himself a Greek passport in the name of Sergios Mihalidis and already under that name moves to Spain. He was assisted by Sergey Nikolaev, who also owned the Greek document for the name of Stanislav NIKOLAIDISA. As a result, Solntsevsky boss decided to settle in a calm, as it seemed to him, Switzerland.

But then a conflict arises between partners. Having mastered abroad, Mikhailov began to understand that his financial assistant often applied to the general money. According to Interpol, the leader Solntsevsky demanded that Mogilevich pay $ 15 million, but was refused. Then Mikhas began to threaten Seva Kiev by phone - their talks were recorded by the secret services of several European countries.

According to Interpol, which was at the disposal of, the parties agree to resolve this conflict on a large-scale gathering in which all participants of the criminal business organized by Mogilevich should take part. In February 1995, more than 70 gangsters gathered in the center of "V Holubu", including Mogilevich, Alexandrov, Katrich, Hayes, Sergey Mikhailov, brothers Victor and Alexander Averiny, Arnold Tamm, Leonid Bilunov, Igor Dashdamirov (one of the Solntsevo authorities , is suspected of organizing the murder of journalist Vladislav Listiev), Jemal Khachidz, Yevgeny Lustranov, etc. Mikhas and his associates declare that $ 15 million must be returned, and Mogilevich may well be replaced in the entire active criminal mechanism by another person. The problem at the meeting can not be solved and the participants are shifting to other pressing issues - the development of legal and illegal business. Return to the topic of debt, the parties agree on a new meeting, scheduled for May 1995. Special services continue to listen to Russian "authorities" and learn that the Solntsevskaya are discussing the possibility of liquidation of the Semey of Kiev immediately following the results of the May meeting. Apparently, Semyon himself heard about this.

On the night of June 1, 1995, when the Mafiosi again gathered in the Prague "In Holubu", Mogilevich flew out of the Czech Republic to Hungary urgently. At the event, his interests were represented by the same Katrich, Hayes and Alexandrov. However, it was not possible to communicate normally to the participants of the meeting - policemen broke into the entertainment complex and detained about 100 Mafiosi. All of them, as well as Mogilevich, local authorities banned entry into the country for a period of ten years.

By this time the European special services had taken up the criminal empire built by Sevoi Kiev. In May 1995, Andrei Cherchvald and Mogilevich's ex-wife Galina Grigorieva were taken into custody on charges of money laundering in London. Officially, she was listed as co-owner of the company Arigon Oil Kft. ", Whose president was Stanislav Nikolayev. At the same time, the accounts of the company Arigon Ltd were seized, on which there were 80 million dollars.

The British police issued a warrant and for the arrest of Mogilevich. Only in 1997 his lawyers manage to achieve the cancellation of the warrant, but England prohibits Semyon from entering the country for life. The person of the non-grant is announced in Slovakia, as well as in a number of other countries.

Mikhailov and Mogilevich understand that their financial interests are in danger, and they quickly find a common language. Seva Kiev agrees to give the Solntsevskiy leader $ 5 million, which the conflict considers the conflict to be exhausted. In October 1995, Mikhailov, Victor Averin, Semyon Mogilevich and several businessmen from Ukraine, including Vadim Rabinovich and Boris Birshtein, gather at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, and discuss how to proceed. According to, Stanislav Nikolayev attended the meeting. As a result, the decision is made to develop the Ukrainian direction, where the environment of Seva Kiev has good connections.

But trouble does not come alone. In 1996, Michas travels to Switzerland, where he finds himself under arrest on materials sent from Russia. He is accused of money laundering and participation in the mafia. Mogilevich takes advantage of the partner, and on the part of Solntsevsky, Arnold Tamm supervises the work, to which Sema of Kiev creates all conditions for activity in Europe. The headquarters of the "rescuers" is one of the offices of Mogilevich in Budapest headed by Stanislav Nikolaev. As a result, Mogilevich managed to solve this problem. His closest associate, Anatoly Katrich, finds his way out to the influential member of the Swiss Parliament, Philip Rosenberg. Katrich takes to sponsor the elected company of the deputy and pays him 2 million Belgian francs. In return, he is asked to help liberate Mikhas from prison. Rosenberg is developing active activities and soon in Switzerland public opinion, and the main opinion of the authorities is radically changing. From the criminal authority, Mikas turns into a decent businessman, who was the victim of the machinations of corrupt Russian siloviki. As a result, he is justified by the court, and the leader of the Solntsevsky is released.

It is worth noting that in Mihas came to Switzerland is not by chance. He was to have an important meeting on the new project of Mogilevich and "Solntsevsky" - participation in gas supplies.

To be continued