How Deputy Defense Minister Ivanov hijacked the military investigation
27.04.2024 08:09

According to a source on the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, it is absolutely clear why Timur Ivanov so wants his case to be transferred to the Main Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. He has long been in “cordial” relations with the acting Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation - head of the GVSU Konstantin Korpusov, who previously did not allow procedural checks and criminal cases related to colossal thefts in the construction and property complex of the Ministry of Defense to proceed. Which actually explains the refusal of military investigators to detain Ivanov and the desire of his lawyers to transfer the criminal case to the GVSU.

Тимур Иванов

In response, Timur Ivanov generously presented Korpusov and his department. In addition, as a token of gratitude for the “protection protection” at the expense of the Ministry of Defense in an amount exceeding 1.5 billion rubles. (!), without proper execution of design and estimate documentation, on Ivanov’s personal instructions, a small building at 18/19 Kholzunov Lane with an area of about 800 sq.m. was reconstructed for the GVSU.

Even more cynical is the fact that Korpusov was not satisfied with the already very expensive decoration of the cabinets in the high-tech style and he asked Ivanov to decorate the cabinets with valuable rare species of African wood.

The grand opening of the said building by Korpusov and Ivanov, headed by the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, was supposed to take place on April 15, but the “friends” did not have time to do this.

By the way, Timur Ivanov was awarded the departmental medal of the Investigative Committee of Russia. And the Main Military Investigation Department petitioned Bastrykin for the award. has new details of the friendship between Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Ivanov and the head of the GVSU Konstantin Korpusov.

The building at 18/19 Kholzunova Lane used to be occupied by the headquarters of the long-range aviation of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Defense Ministry. At the request of Korpusov, Deputy Minister Ivanov, in an emergency, within a month, threw out all the military personnel of the long-range aviation headquarters from the building and began reconstruction there at the expense of the Russian Ministry of Defense. And the reconstruction of the building, on behalf of Ivanov, was carried out by the same Olympsitistroy LLC, whose director is citizen Alexander Fomin, who was arrested together with Ivanov.

The cost of reconstruction of one square meter is about 2 million rubles, which in itself clearly indicates the fact of a huge theft of budget funds. The theft scheme is trivially simple - the building belongs to the RF Ministry of Defense, the reconstruction was carried out at the expense of the Ministry of Defense, controlled by a company, an agreement for free use with the RF IC was not concluded, and the building is used by the main military investigative department under the leadership of Korpusov.

I wonder how the Chairman of the Investigative Committee will react when the Ministry of Defense presents the Investigative Committee with mutual settlements for 1.5 billion rubles, some of which were clearly stolen...

The editors of the Cheka-OGPU and will monitor the situation.

But he spoke about the relationship between Korpusov and Ivanov from another source of “Korusov is very grateful to Timur Ivanov for the appointment. Indeed, in 2022, Korpusov was supposed to be appointed, in fact, with a demotion, as the head of the Armed Forces of the Strategic Missile Forces, but instead he is now the VRID Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee...

At the same time, there are two more leaders in the shadow of Korpusov from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Moscow, who have risen to the leadership positions of the GVSU Administration and are considered members of the “Timur Ivanov team” - these are Sokhrin and Pautov, who directly “solve” all of Korpusov’s issues. Starting from July 2023, these “leaders” have been “clearing” the GVSU Investigation Department from the central apparatus investigators, who, in their opinion, are not ready to lie under them and unconditionally carry out their verbal “instructions.” As a rule, experienced investigators who are significantly older than Sokhrin and Pautov, with 5-10 years of investigative experience, come under attack. Accordingly, young investigators are appointed in their places, including from the garrison level, who are personally loyal to Sokhrin, Pautov, Korpusov and, one might assume, Timur Ivanov.”

According to the source of, Korpusov, together with Sokhrin and Pautov, took as a basis to increase indicators by investigating single-cell cases at the district level, including by seizing and transferring already solved criminal cases from districts and fleets to the central office together with investigators. That is, they are engaged in fraud. “If the investigator goes too deep into the investigation, and even more dangerously comes across Timur Ivanov and his team, they begin to accuse the investigator of low professional suitability and, without any reason, confiscate his files, asking the colonels of justice to independently find a new place of service, right up to the garrison. For others, this is a lesson that they should not approach “Timur and his team.” At present, virtually all heads and deputies of departments who, in comparison with the above-mentioned persons, served in investigative positions for more than 25 years, have been dismissed, while everyone left silently, no one They didn’t show us off, they didn’t even say a word of gratitude.”

Timofey Grishin