Mercator plus Artamonov and Biryukov equals resignation
02.09.2020 20:31

The head of Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov will resign during the next rotation of governors. This was told by two close to the presidential administration source RBC. Thus, there will be more retirees associated with Mercator. As told, previously lost all posts and did not become a full-fledged Governor of Primorye Andrei Tarasenko. Here-here without a position one of the main friends of "Mercator" in the bureaucratic environment Vice-the mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov can remain. "Mercator", according to observers, frankly mafia structure (its President Stanislav Nikolaev- "the right hand" criminal "authority" Semyon Mogilevich known as don Simeon) weaved the real corruption networks in which the big group of the Russian officials got.

The main "chip" "Mercator holding" in establishing relations with high-ranking officials was the export of their whole "sides" in Switzerland and Italy under the pretext of familiarization with the products supplied by the structure of Semyon Mogilevich and Stanislav Nikolaev. And it supplies harvesting equipment produced by the Swiss-Italian company Bucher. Removal of officials abroad business, very like a bribe, in its time fixed Control and audit office in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.  Anatoly Artamonov, the head of Kaluga region, did not avoid a business trip to these countries organized by Stanislav Nikolaev. Here are excerpts from the article of the local newspaper from 2014: "the Leadership of the Kaluga region makes a trip to Switzerland and Italy. In Zurich, Anatoly Artamonov, will get acquainted with the city enterprise for wastewater treatment, and in another Swiss town of Niederweningen will examine the performance of a large European plant of the concern "Bucher" production of municipal machinery....The presentation of the economic and investment potential of the Kaluga region will be held within the framework of the visiting meeting of the investors Club. And, mainly it will be done not by Kaluga officials, but by representatives of Swiss and Italian business. Among them - the President of the division "Bucher Municipal" Michael Holtermann and President of "Giletta S. p.A." Guido Gillette, participating in realization of joint with the Russian company "Merkator holding" of the project. And this is a good guarantee of success is not on duty trip abroad status of regional officials."

It is in the Kaluga region there is a joint project of Nikolaev and Artamonov – a plant for the Assembly of equipment of the brand Bucher. Back from Europe, just supply a bit of dismantled machines that they collect. According to, but after the Russian Federation imposed sanctions against the European producers, the joint brainchild of Nikolaev and Artamonov declared that the plant is engaged not in Assembly, and allegedly full-fledged production of harvest cars. However, in reality, the technology of "Mercator Kaluga" has changed only that on the machine instead of labels brands Bucher glued labels brands "Mercator".

One of the main buyers of production "Mercator Kaluga", is the government of Moscow concluding with the Nikolaev company contracts for billions of rubles. This is because Mercator is a company close to Vice-mayor Pyotr Biryukov. It does not bother him that the equipment is purchased bypassing Russian sanctions on European products. Therefore it is not surprising that recently actively discussed information that Biryukov, too, will soon leave his post.

That Mercator delivers imported equipment, which is issued for domestic, and pointed out the FAS. Here are excerpts from the decision of the service: "In accordance with paragraph 13.2 of the information card documentation on the Auction by the Customer, the Authorized body is prohibited in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation

from 14.07.2014 № 656 "On the establishment of a ban on the admission of certain types of engineering products originating from foreign countries for the purposes of procurement for state and municipal needs" (hereinafter – Resolution № 656)....

Having studied the application of the sole participant of the Auction LLC "Mercator Kaluga", submitted by the representatives of the Customer, the Authorized body of the Commission found that the application does not include the act of examination required as confirmation of conformity of the goods to the ban established in the notice and documentation of the Auction in accordance with the Resolution

On the basis of the above, the Commission concludes that the Auction Commission wrongfully decided on the compliance of the application of the sole participant of the Auction LLC "Mercator Kaluga" requirements of the Law on the contract system and the Auction documentation."

Recall, at the time, the FBI led a separate investigation in relation to Mogilevich. At the end of the work, don Simeon was put on the international wanted list. The name of Nikolaev in the FBI investigation certainly appears next to the name of Mogilevich. Having escaped from Europe, Mogilevich and Nikolaev (who,by the way, also has Greek citizenship) settled in Russia, creating the company "Mercator". Originally, its founders had a long-standing friend and partner of Mogilevich - a prominent businessman from Solntsevo Sergei Mikhailov. Then, its name from the number of founders had, but he, like don Simeon, retained control of the "Mercator".

To be continued

Timofey Grishin