“The shortage of measles vaccine is growing like a snowball”
10.04.2024 19:13

Last week, Rucriminal.info told how the head of the National Immunobiological Company (Natsimbio, created by Rostec) Andrei Zagorsky decided to leave Russia without a flu vaccine.

But if Russians have almost learned to treat the flu without Zagorsky’s help, then with measles everything is not so good. Details in the new material of the Cheka-OGPU and Rucriminal.info.

The same team of managers from Nacimbio, with their “progressive” management decisions, has been methodically destroying the Moscow division for the production of bacterial preparations of NPO Microgen for years.

First, Andrei Zagorsky appointed technical director Sergeev A.A. as the head of the MPBP, who not only disrupted the purchase of the required equipment for the production of the new registered complex vaccine Vaktrivir (for measles, mumps and rubella), but also brought the already outdated production capacities to a deplorable state measles vaccines.

This became the prerequisite for an acute shortage of vaccine at the end of last 2023 and the first quarter of 2024, and in conditions of extremely increased demand - for its shortage in many regions of the country, incl. Rostov, Yaroslavl, Sakhalin, Tula, Omsk, Kemerovo, Leningrad, and many others.

As proudly stated on the Microgen website, the Moscow enterprise was founded in 1956 and provides 100% of the need for vaccines, including measles.

According to the source of Rucriminal.info, the state of production has remained at the level of the middle of the last century, and Russia’s needs (unlike the needs of the Nacimbio leadership to improve personal well-being) are not met to the required extent.

Forgetting about the production of measles vaccine, Microgen and Nacimbio created Biohunter LLC in 2021 under the leadership of the already famous Alexander Migunov.

In 2022, Biohunter moved to Dubrovskaya (exactly where the MPBP is located), and the leadership from Alexander Migunov passed to Andrey Zagorsky (Natsimbio).

Why produce measles vaccine if you can just get paid for running a shell company?

But the shortage of measles vaccine grew like a snowball, and then effective managers, without delving into the specifics of production, decided to blame all the problems on suppliers of raw materials.

So in December 2023, Andrei Zagorsky (Natsimbio) prepared a report that failures in the production of the Measles vaccine were caused by the high cost and lack of chicken eggs in the required volumes!!!, and this information was announced throughout the country!

But Zagorsky and his “team” did not take into account that the production of measles vaccine requires not chicken eggs, but quail eggs!!!, or rather embryos, thereby misleading the country’s leadership at the highest level....!!!!

As Rucriminal.info sources learned from the employees of the Moscow division for the production of bacterial preparations, which is supposed to produce measles vaccine, the salaries of workers are tens of times less than the income of managers from Microgena-Nacimbio, the equipment is obsolete and excessively worn out, and the ventilation requires full-scale repairs with a stop production, not increasing it.

Personnel leapfrog in Microgen (Nacimbio) led to problems with the preservation of viral strains, and the procurement policy led to contamination of production with alien microorganisms!

Quality Director of Microgena Mikhailova A.A. could not withstand management’s demands for the production of children’s vaccines in inappropriate conditions and left the enterprise in early March.

All this is also confirmed by the fact that Nacimbio does not participate even in those purchases where the initial price more than covers the cost of 1 dose of measles vaccine (remember that Microgen’s registered price for measles vaccine is higher than that of Vector).

Yuri Prokov

To be continued

Source: www.rucrimianl.info