Casher from the FSB of the Russian Federation against corrupt officials
10.02.2024 19:45

Today would like to talk about a man who is now considered one of the largest cashers in Moscow and the Moscow region. So, before you is Alexander Gerasimov, who, naturally, comes from the FSB structure.

As sources said, Gerasimov first studied at the FSB Academy, then worked in the FSB - Department M of the FSB Directorate for Moscow and the Moscow Region, where he especially closely “oversaw” law enforcement agencies and courts in the Odintsovo region. And 10 years ago I started withdrawing funds for legal entities and individuals throughout Russia (especially in Moscow and the Moscow region), and also organized the transfer of funds in Dubai and Turkey.

We must pay tribute to Alexander that over the years he has built a luxurious system with his own sites, accountants, technical and real companies, withdrawals of money abroad, even with his own security service and collectors traveling in armored cars.

As a source told, but the craving for a beautiful life slightly crippled Alexander’s strong business, and also having become a very noticeable figure, and having lost his vigilance a little, documents are now being considered at the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow to initiate a criminal case immediately under several articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (172, 198, 199, 327 and 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Now Alexander travels in a beautiful two-color Maybach for 50 million rubles with a driver or on a converted V class bus; there are several more cars in the fleet, BMW, Mercedes and even a Rolls Royce coupe, although all the cars are registered to a company of acquaintances and friends. But the wonderful house in the gated community “Residence Rublevo”, of course, can no longer be registered in the name of friends... By punching its number, you can see that many have it written down as: Sasha Obnal, Sasha Cash, Sasha Valyuta, etc.

At the moment, the man who ruined the life of a girl many years ago, a lot has been written about this in the media, is in a great mood, because the daily turnover of his activities ranges from 30 to 100 million rubles! And this is only the money that his cash collectors deliver in cash in Moscow. But there is also a whole direction for withdrawing money abroad and naturally, as is now very popular, there are two main directions: Dubai and Turkey.

But bad luck, after the New Year, Maybachs, Cartier, Dubai and the Maldives undermined Alexander’s financial situation and he had to start shifting the deadlines for issuing clients’ money. And this is where the fun begins.

As the interlocutor of said, now, when you send money on Monday, you can receive it in a week at best, and clients who send large amounts have generally met with know-how. Alexander assures that the money was sent, but the recipient company did not receive these funds, since they were lost somewhere along the way. Well, that's not all...

The market is discussing the situation that before the New Year (December 28), two major officials gave Alexander’s employees $6 million, which they were supposed to receive on the same day in Dubai, but no one received the money. Alexander never takes money himself - his collectors come. Therefore, Alexander’s position is simple - since the officials did not transfer the money to him personally, that means he does not owe it. And the next phone number (all of Alexander’s phones are exclusively with foreign numbers) is no longer available.

Now “in the cash market” everyone is observing a classic situation of “viper against viper”. The officials involved well-fed security officials, and Alexander involved influential friends from the FSB.

Probably, the officials had stronger connections. According to, the Department for Economic Crimes in the Central Administrative District has now sent more than 100 requests to more than 100 legal entities that are helping and have helped Gerasimov cash out funds.

Roman Trushkin