OEBiPK operatives carried out a raid
29.02.2024 18:30

Rucriminal.info talks about the arbitrariness and impunity of employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city district. Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region, whose actions are covered by both the former and current leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This time the focus is on the operatives of the Economic Safety and Security Commission, who carried out a raid without any reason, but were caught on a video surveillance camera.

This was in July 2023. Operatives from the Moscow region department and the Solnechnogorsk department of economic security raided the homes of individual entrepreneurs in Zelenograd and Khimki with searches. The anti-corruption fighters had in their hands a resolution of the local investigative department, under the leadership of Denis Smaznov, widely known for his corruption cases. It follows from the document that the activities are being carried out within the framework of the “allegedly” investigated criminal case No. 12201460038001077, initiated on 08/31/2022 under Part 1 of Article 171 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal entrepreneurship) in relation to an unidentified person who is a witness in this criminal case. In the process, BEP officers confiscated personal belongings (laptops, mobile phones), documents, seals of individual entrepreneurs, funds totaling 10 million rubles belonging to witnesses in this criminal case, most of which were received by one of the witnesses named Roman from the sale of personal real estate.

The same persons (investigators Demidov, Ozherelev and Kirillov), known thanks to the protocols for the first search, decided to quietly “search” another witness. Only they didn’t have any documents for this event. Without any resolution to do so, as well as instructions from the investigator, but only personal interest, they “out of lawlessness” conducted an inspection of a car on the territory of a household in Khimki, belonging to one of the witnesses named Roman. During these actions, these employees stole a folder with documents located in the car, which, in addition to documents, contained Roman’s personal funds in the amount of 100 thousand rubles. The employees fighting economic crimes knew about the presence of the specified amount of money in the folder, since they opened it while in the car. Then, having selfish motives, crime fighters conducting an illegal search of the car, under the guise of conducting procedural actions (search), stole this folder with personal documents and funds belonging to Roman, without including the allegedly seized items in any procedural document ! Only the actions of the police officers were recorded by CCTV cameras installed at Roman’s house.

However, even with such evidence, lawless police officers manage to avoid punishment and keep to themselves everything that was “seized.”

After these activities were carried out by employees of the Economic Security of Solnechnogorsk and the Economic Security and Commissariat of the Moscow Region, without finding evidence of involvement in the commission of a crime of the persons who were searched, on the instructions of the head of the Investigation Department of the Department of Internal Affairs Smaznov, the criminal case was suspended for failure to identify the person subject to criminal liability and safely “buried” within the walls of the Department of Internal Affairs. And the personal belongings, valuables, documents, money that were seized (and brazenly stolen) 7 months ago, which have no evidentiary value for the criminal case, have not yet been returned to their rightful owners under far-fetched pretexts.

In response to repeated complaints to all supervisory authorities (USB, FSB, Investigative Committee), with the attachment of existing video recordings that capture the moment of the theft of funds, only banal replies are received, despite the fact that, after all, the employees of the Internal Security Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Moscow Region region, an inspection was carried out on the above circumstances, and a polygraph study was also carried out, during which the fact of theft of funds and criminal actions of economic security officers was confirmed. The results of the inspection were sent to the Investigative Committee of the Moscow Region to initiate a criminal case.

After which, the police chief of the Department of Internal Affairs for the city intervenes in the matter. Solnechnogorsk Alexey Kharkov is a friend and heir of the previous head of the Department of Internal Affairs, Alexander Sivykh, who has already lost his position twice in his career for corruption scandals, who does not hesitate to say that he has already resolved all the issues in the Investigative Committee and initiated criminal proceedings against “honest police officers” " will not be. These words of Kharkov are confirmed by the fact that for 7 months, in Bastrykin’s department, the statement and conclusion of the CSS check about the obviously committed crime by the employees are transferred from one department of the Investigative Committee to another, hiding it from legal registration and further investigation. As a result, the specified material is safely lost in the IC of the city. Khimki without a legally adopted decision.

This is how law enforcement agencies “saw” the loot from entrepreneurs. Knowing the work with workers of the former BEP from the inside, one could assume the presence of intellectual labor in the course of their activities, but now there is legalized robbery, covered up by bosses at various levels, including senior officials in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Moscow Region.

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

Source: www.rucriminal.info