Embassy dacha in Tehran for orgies of Rosatom tops
07.04.2024 17:10

“Oh times! Oh morals! - That's what Cicero once said. Indeed, millennia have passed, and there are still no limits to human malice, stupidity, stupidity, greed, envy and business incompetence. In this essay, Rucriminal.info will try to reveal in detail the essence of the activities of some of the individuals involved in the construction of a nuclear power plant in Iran.

So, our first hero is Deputy Director for Security Tashmukhamedov Sukhrob Dzhangovich. The work of this character on the Bushehr nuclear power plant construction project began with the following story. According to the source, Tashmukhamedov, before his arrival in Iran, was acquainted with the initiator of the criminal scheme for theft of funds described in the previous article, Anvar Khasanov.

Khasanov, having information that the post of Deputy Director for Security was vacant and, at the same time, needing cover for his criminal business, proposed his long-time acquaintance Tashmukhamedov for this position. Thus, “through connections,” Mr. Tashmukhamedov began his career in Iran. However, of course, the former did not stop at Tashmukhadov covering up Khasanov’s activities. One of Mr. Tashmukhamedov’s favorite pastimes, when he is not free from performing direct work duties, is to identify employees who got into the project not like him, through close acquaintances, but who found employment after going through a transparent competitive selection procedure, by sending a resume and undergoing interviews. After identifying such employees, Tashmukhamedov puts moral and psychological pressure on them so that these employees do not linger on the project, but make room for Mr. Tashmukhamedov’s friends and relatives; by the way, they have been working unsuccessfully on the project, despite the past layoffs, for three a person from Tashmukhamedov’s closest relatives. The worst thing is that after squeezing out people he dislikes, Tashmukhamedov does not stop there, but uses threats that he will definitely identify a new place of employment for his opponent and find opportunities to interfere with the beginning of the labor activity of the resigned employee. To make the characterization of Tashmukhamedov’s personality more detailed, Rucriminal.info will give the following story.

In the spring of 2021, one of the project employees, due to identified low competence, had to be fired at the end of the employment contract. However, this employee was called by Tashmukhamedov for a private conversation, during which Tashmukhamedov invited this employee to engage in informing for his own benefit, namely, to report who and what he thinks specifically about Tashmukhamedov’s personality, as well as to assist in collecting incriminating evidence on colleagues disliked by Tashmukhamedov. In exchange, Tashmukhamedov was offered assistance in extending his employment relationship and further support in maintaining his job. Of course, this employee agreed. Apparently, Tashmukhamedov, perhaps due to some mental deviations, has an extremely poor and erroneous understanding of the range of his true responsibilities, since with the exception of direct participation in intrigues, moral, psychological, and sometimes even physical pressure on employees, often in much more junior positions, S.D. Tashmukhamedov does not do anything to ensure the safety of employees. So, in 2019, in the place of residence of specialists, a series of thefts of funds took place, and only after a month did Tashmukhamedov take any action, and even then he grabbed and interrogated everyone, using his favorite methods: pressure and threats.

The next character is not so bright, but also worth attention. Deputy Director for Logistics and Logistics Yuri Malashkevich. According to the interlocutor, very competent subordinates greatly irritate Mr. Malashkevich.

Malashkevich actively uses the “divide and conquer” policy, pitting undesirable subordinates against each other, then squeezing out and exterminating such people one by one, so that none of those recruited based on their resume can claim either his place in the future or the places of those whom Malashkevich plans to import from the number of their Belarusian relatives and friends. Apparently, bringing all your relatives and acquaintances, as well as all the relatives of acquaintances, for employment to the project is a common habit of the management of Iranian construction. Actually, Malashkevich does not understand his work at all, surviving on the project only as a result of behind-the-scenes games, including in his department, fawning over his superiors, and transferring work to other departments.

The icing on the cake of this story is a character named Kolesnikov Kirill Eduardovich, who is also directly related to the criminal scheme described in the previous article. At the moment, Kolesnikov, alas, is the permanent, or rather irremovable, head of the ASE JSC Directorate in Tehran, having been unsuccessfully working in his post for more than three years. No knowledge, skills, competencies or intellectual potential to work for such a serious foreign project and in such a position, this person does not have, failing all the work assigned to him over the past three years. No complaints or indignations from employees, including managers, about Kolesnikov’s failure to fulfill his duties will yield results. The reason for this, as well as the reason for his being in such a position, is simple - cronyism. According to the source of Rucriminal.info, Kolesnikov has some kind of family ties with the deputy president of the nuclear power plant construction project, Shevyrev, with the help of the latter, Kolesnikov also dispersed all the personnel of the Directorate that he did not like. Moreover, Kolesnikov’s personality is also discussed on the sidelines of the Iranian customer, where they are deeply outraged by the presence of this personnel on the project, sincerely not understanding whether in such a great and large country there cannot be a worthy candidate for this position. Kolesnikov, under the threat of dismissal, exerting moral and psychological pressure on employees and flaunting family ties in the management of Rosatom, forces his subordinates to carry out his orders of a purely personal nature, namely, taking him, Kolesnikov, and his mistress to the Ambassadorial dacha in Tehran and purchasing food food and medicine for yourself at the expense of employees. By the way, the first character Tashmukhamedov, being on friendly and warm terms with Kolesnikov, covers in every possible way this activity of the latter, providing support, if necessary, participating in pressure on the unwanted Kolesnikovs.

In fact, the management of Rosatom does not control what is happening on this project, and all power belongs to the clans, and in fact organized crime groups, led by the Tashmukhamedovs, Malashkevichs, Kolesnikovs and other persons terrorizing the construction staff. It would not be very surprising if one day it turns out that the mentioned persons extort money from their junior colleagues, threatening not only with dismissal and blacklisting with the subsequent impossibility of finding a job anywhere at all, but also threatening physical harm both to those directly in disgrace and to their families located in the Russian Federation.

The security service does not take any action against such persons, and those who complain are immediately fired, and are added to the federal list of undesirable candidates for employment.

Yuri Prokov

To be continued