"Dekulakization" of Putin's neighbors
27.03.2024 19:19

An own investigation conducted by Rucriminal.info and the telegram channel VChK-OGPU revealed that ex-State Duma deputy Ildar Samiev and senator Arsen Kanokov may be behind the flaring scandal with the seizure of land in Barvikha from Russian billionaires in favor of the state.

According to the supervisory agency, in 2001, the Barvikha sanatorium lost 99 hectares of land, which the Country-Pro company received in exchange for the reconstruction of the Meyendorff estate of the 19th century. Subsequently, it became the residence of the President of the Russian Federation. On part of the transferred territory, cottage villages “Meiendorf Gardens” and “Zhukovka-3” appeared.

Ильдар Самиев

The Prosecutor General's Office's claim concerns 13 plots located within 99 hectares of land transferred to Country-Pro. Those targeted were Nadezhda Advokatova, wife of restaurateur Arkady Novikov, Alexey Bogachev, chairman of the supervisory board of Sistema Bank, Valery Gordyshev, former owner of the Stroykom company, Zoya Strunina, mother of Mercury group co-founder Leonid Strunin, Ekaterina Dzhanashii, wife of arms baron Mikhail Khubutia , international company Kensway Limited.

Hearings on the case will take place in the Odintsovo court at the end of April. If the defendants lose their lands, then in their place the Barvikha sanatorium will develop a park area. The court has already banned any operations by Rosreestr with the disputed lands, as well as construction and reconstruction on them.

Арсен Каноков

The estimated damage caused to Country-Pro is 66 billion rubles. However, for some reason, investigators are in no hurry to initiate criminal cases against the owners of the company, liquidated in 2009. They were Oleg Yushkin and Verll LLC, liquidated in 2013.

This structure was owned by Ekaterina Bakleneva, the head was Irina Kalgina. The first currently holds the position of vice-president of the Odintsovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OTCI), the second from 2013 to 2020 was the head of Mayendorf LLC, from 2014 to 2024 its founder, currently a co-owner Mayendorf Gardens LLC, the second co-founder is Marina Lebedeva. She owns several other real estate companies.

Oleg Yushkin, former owner of Country-Pro LLC, from 2014 to 2020 was a co-founder of Sunland LLC, which is engaged in the purchase and sale of land plots, registered in Odintsovo in 2003. Now the head and owner of the company is Svetlana Romanova. Until 2020, the founders of Sunland LLC were Oleg Yushkin and the scandalous ex-State Duma deputy Ildar Samiev, whose “exploits” were repeatedly written about by the Russian media, including Rucriminal.info.

Samiev was a co-founder of Sunland LLC from 2014 to 2020, and from 2015 to 2021, a co-owner of Tradecon JSC together with Senator Arsen Kanokov. In 2020, his share was received by Madina Arsenovna Kanokova.

Since 2018, Sunland LLC has been managed by Murat Makoev’s Generalgroup company. It also manages real estate in the Voronezh region, Stavropol and Krasnodar territories, and the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, owned by Madina Kanokova. She is the owner of more than three dozen structures and a business cover for Arsen Kanokov, who by law is prohibited from doing business.

Kanokov has been in the Federation Council since 2013; before that, he was the head of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic since 2005 and has repeatedly appeared in various scandals reported by the Russian media.

The co-ownership of Ildar Samiev and Arsen Kanokov in the Sunland LLC company, co-founded by Oleg Yushkin, co-owner of Country-Pro LLC, suggests that all three were involved in a scam with the lands of the Barvikha sanatorium. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, the owners of the plots purchased them in 2013-2022, at which time Ildar Samiev worked closely with Arsen Kanokov.

Owner of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Clinical Sanatorium Barvikha" - Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. Without his officials, the transfer of land to Country-Pro LLC could not have taken place. From 2000 to 2014, the UDP was headed by Vladimir Kozhin. It was at his instigation that the state lands of the sanatorium could end up in the hands of the inconspicuous company Country-Pro, which, as it turned out, was backed by famous Russian businessmen.

Vadim Kozhin has long been part of the inner circle of Vladimir Putin, from whom back in 1994 he received the position of head of the North-Western Center for Currency and Export Control, then - the Service for Currency and Export Control (ECC) of the Russian Federation. Kozhin is no less a scandalous person than Samiev and Kanokov. In 2018, he appeared in several cases conducted by FSB investigators and, probably, that is why he became a senator from Moscow. Its mayor Sergei Sobyanin in 2005-2008. headed the Presidential Administration (PA), closely cooperating with the UDP.

Ildar Samiev, declared bankrupt in 2021, was one of the sellers of the disputed plots. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, the buyer was one of the defendants, Alexey Bogachev. The ex-deputy himself is not involved in the case, but third parties are Rosa and Rafik Samiev and businessman Sergei Govyadin.

The latter, together with Ildar Samiev, participated in a high-profile raider takeover of the business of developer Albert Khudoyan, who in November 2021 was sentenced to 6 years for stealing an asset from his business partner. In August 2022, Khudoyan was given another 2 years.

The “Khudoyan case” led to the resignation of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Romanov, criminal cases were opened against his deputies Alexander Krakovsky and Alexander Biryukov, as well as investigator Alexander Bryantsev, who led the investigation. This indicated that Samiev and Govyadin had high patrons at the very top of Russian power.

Vadim Kozhin sits in the Northern Fleet side by side with Arsen Kanokov. After resigning from the post of head of the UDP, Kozhin was assistant to the President of the Russian Federation on military-technical cooperation for 4 years. And when FSB investigators got on the trail of the official, he hid in the Federation Council, at the moment he is the deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building. It is headed by Andrey Klishas, who is the representative of the Federation Council in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor General's Office.

The case of confiscation of lands near Moscow from Russian rich people promises to become very high-profile. The state has targeted not only the assets of businessmen, which they have already begun to get used to, but also their personal property. In the chain of those involved in the disputed areas, Ildar Samiev is the weakest link. It is he who can become a “scapegoat” during the hearing of the case.


Roman Trushkin

To be continued

Source: www.rucriminal.info