“Rumors about the withering away of Dvorkovich’s connections in Moscow are greatly exaggerated”
03.04.2024 17:49

The Central Bank of Russia has agreed on a deal between Izhevsk BystroBank and the capital's Realist Bank - Rucriminal.info sources in the Moscow banking sector confidently report this. The registration procedures are proceeding under force majeure, they are being driven up by the 13th package of US sanctions, where, as you know, Bystrobank is included in the sanctions list. That is why, according to experts immersed in the topic, the sale comes with an adult discount - presumably at least 50%. Ex-Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who is historically and economically connected with the co-owner of BystroBank Kogan, took upon himself to resolve the issues in agreement with the Central Bank. Despite Dvorkovich's excommunication from the levers of power, rumors about the complete extinction of Dvorkovich's connections are greatly exaggerated.

Аркадий Дворкович

For obvious reasons, the money will go to the overseas accounts of the beneficiaries of BystroBank. As for the motives for the quick and unprofitable deal for BystroBank, it is believed that in this way businessmen give their families the opportunity to cope years later with explanations in Europe for the origin of their fortunes.

As Rucriminal.info has learned, the Central Bank of Russia has agreed on a decision to sell Izhevsk PJSC Bystrobank, which specializes in auto and mortgage lending, included in the 13th package of sanctions.

The buyer, Realist Bank, receives the asset at a large discount, since the actual owners, who have Australian, British and Cypriot citizenship, are outside the Russian Federation and want to receive money for the sanctioned bank within the time period determined by the US Treasury.

In 2023, negotiations were held on the sale of Bystrobank PJSC to Uralsib Bank, which fell through due to the inclusion of Uralsib in the sanctions package. Uralsib was represented at the negotiations by Evgeniy Kogan; on behalf of the shareholders of PJSC Bystrobank, the negotiations were conducted by Philip Gens.

Actual owners:

Vladislav Kolpakov - chairman of the board, undergoing treatment for cancer, lives in England;

Sergey Budkin is a citizen of Australia, formally withdrew from the participants;

Gens Philipp - lives in Russia, the Lanit company is the real owner, also as a nominal owner represents the interests of the actual ones in the amount of half the share, he received his share as an inheritance from his late father;

Naumov Igor (Nyenschanz company, Russia);

Viktor Yarutov (Nyenschanz company, the share was re-registered as nominal due to the initiation of a criminal case);

According to a source of Rucriminal.info, the actual co-owner Igor Kogan has a close connection with Arkady Dvorkovich, who at one time included Kogan on the board of directors of Aeroflot; the formal share is small, the real share is in the name of Mikhail Yakovlev, Philipp Gens and Igor Naumov; previously was the chairman of the board of ORGRES Bank, which was subsequently sold to the Nordea group and renamed;

Tikhomirov Sergey - lives in Russia, citizen of Russia and Cyprus, actual and formal shares are the same, also represents the interests of his business partner in St. Petersburg Mokhovikov Sergey;

Irina Mamkhegova, lives in England, citizen of Cyprus and Russia, close connection and former deputy of Igor Kogan, formal share is small, real shares are registered in the name of other shareholders by analogy with Kogan;

Mikhail Yakovlev is the nominal representative of Kogan and Mamkhegova.

Timofey Grishin

Source: www.rucriminal.info