"Solntsevsky" through the "Mercator" climbed into the budget
02.09.2020 19:44

rucriminal.info continues a series of publications on how a reliable mafia "spike" - Solntsevo OPG and "authority" Semyon Mogilevich (Don Simeon) - managed to "get into" the Russian budget. It's about their project-the company Mercator, which every year receives more and more billions from the treasury of the Russian Federation. Kamchatka, the Kaluga region, Moscow (with the active participation of the vice-mayor Peter Biryukov and with the consent of Sergei Sobyanin) fell to the feet of the mafia "Mercator", and recently the Primorsky Territory, whose provincial governor Andrei Tarasenko signed an agreement with Mercator. President Vladimir Putin on the boards of the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia repeatedly spoke about the inadmissibility of the penetration of crime into power. Here also there is a situation when the authorities deduct billions from the "obshchak" ("Mercator") of two transnational OPGs. At the same time, officials do not hesitate to closely communicate with the head of the Mercator Stanislav Nikolayev, who, in the materials of the FBI, Interpol and Russian special services, is listed as Semyon Mogilevich's "right hand."

Officials, as rucriminal.info believes, see in Nikolayev and behind him, the "Solntsevo" faithful financial support and a guaranteed pension. And also possible protection from criminal cases.

In this regard, an example of the ex-head of the Department of Road Facilities of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, former director of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise Spetsdorremstroy Sergey Mechetin is illustrative. According to rucriminal.info, in his posts he provided "Mercator" with government contracts and, accordingly, budgetary money. All this led to the fact that a series of criminal cases had been opened against Mechetin. He lost his posts, but Nikolayev and the "Solntsevo" do not abandon their "own". Sergei Mechetin was immediately assigned to work ... in the Kamchatka branch of Mercator-Holding.

 rucriminal.info begins to publish an investigation of how the "bunch" Mogilevich-Solnetski (and their leader Sergey Mikhailov ") was formed, and then the joint project" Mercator "was born. It became the most successful" child "of this" bundle. "What else" obshchak "It can boast that it receives billions from the budget every year." The cooperation between Solntsevo and Mogilevich began in the 1980s and continues to this day, and it benefits both sides. "All this time, Sergei Mikhaylov (Mikhas) and his team are providing physical cover to Semyon , without which it, Mogilevich, in turn, acts as a financial consultant to Mihaly, in many respects it was thanks to his efforts that the Solntsev's leader actually legalized and is now a successful businessman who owns a large number of real estate objects in the Moscow region. during his attempts to settle abroad.

According to sources rucriminal.info, in 1993, the Solntsevo conflict arose with a number of Caucasian groups, primarily with the Chechen group. And Mikhas decided to leave Russia. Mogilevich (Don Simeon, Seva of Kiev) immediately invited him to his place in Hungary, where, together with Igor Fisherman and Stanislav Nikolaev, he created all the conditions for finding in this country. This trio in Budapest founded the company "Arigon Oil Kft.". Its president was Stanislav Nikolayev. The owner was Galina Grigorieva, Mogilevich's ex-wife.

But Mikhasu in Hungary for some reason did not like, and he decided to move to Israel. Seva of Kiev, right in Budapest, organized the marriage of Soltsevsky leader with a Jew (for this he had to divorce his wife Lyudmila for a while), which was concluded in June 1993. From Budapest, Mikhas, in the patronage of Mogmilevich and Nikolaev, left for Austria, which at that time was one of the main centers for the repatriation of Jews. And then he arrived in Tel Aviv as an immigrant. At the same time, he presented the documents that he is deputy director of the company "Maganeks Vallakozot". According to rucriminal.info, Nikolaev assisted in registration of these documents, who at that time was the vice-president of "YBM Magnex" - the head structure of "Vallakozot".

At one time, Mikhas was included in the list of persons of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs who are subject to restrictions on the issuance of an Israeli passport. However, Mogilevich and his friend Shabtai Kalmanovich helped to circumvent this ban and soon Mikhas became the owner of Israeli documents. But in Israel he quickly became bored. In 1994, Mikhailov, Mogilevich and Kalmanovich flew to Costa Rica, and Mihas was returning from there in a different status. His friends help (it's understandable, not for free, but for $ 350 thousand) to get the post of Honorary Consul of Costa Rica in Moscow. This post is also accompanied by a diplomatic passport, with which the movements around the world become much simpler. The story with a post for Mikassia led to a big scandal in Costa Rica. In 1995, the local government fired almost 100 diplomats, for receiving bribes for appointing honorary consuls.

To be continued