The largest cashers turned out to be St. Petersburg owners
06.03.2024 16:43 became aware of the details of the activities, St. Petersburg and Moscow region connections of the largest cashers, owners of the Donskoy Kamen group of companies Vladimir and Dmitry Korotkov.

Since 2023, among the “subsidiaries” of Donskoy Kamen LLC are LLC Law Firm “Nevsky Auction” and LLC “TD “Edelweiss”, registered in St. Petersburg. The first is engaged in the extraction of decorative and building stone, limestone, gypsum, chalk and shale, the second is in the development of gravel and sand quarries. Previously, Law Firm Nevsky Auction LLC, through its former founder Larisa Kalashnikova, was associated with the St. Petersburg PJSC Aurora, controlled by lawyer Vadim Zhimirov. Back in 1994, he became a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, and in 2002 he took the position of vice-president, deputy chairman of the Presidium of the Baltic Bar Association named after Anatoly Sobchak. Zhimirova was close to the famous St. Petersburg authority Konstantin Yakovlev (“Kostya Mogila”). Anastasia Vadimovna Zhimirova was the founder of Law Firm Nevsky Auction LLC from 2017 to 2019.

She was replaced by Valery Nazarov, who now heads Elektromash JSC, which produces electrical distribution and control equipment. Nazarov’s business partner is Alexey Potapov, co-owner of KPB Intra Trade LLC, whose traces lead to the Czech Republic. Valery Nazarov was previously a co-founder of Aurora LLC together with Aurora PJSC, which means he is associated with Vadim Zhimirov.

In 2019, the co-founder of Law Firm Nevsky Auction LLC was Pavel Andreev, who owns Nerudstroy LLC, which develops gravel and sand quarries, extracts clay and kaolin, the company was registered in St. Petersburg in 2017. Traces of Andreev lead to Podolsk, where he manages and owns companies active in the field of sports. Andreev is considered the most influential football agent in Russia, as well as the creator of an extensive mining business empire in Russia, about which almost nothing is known. Until 2023, Pavel Andreev was a co-founder of TD Edelweiss LLC, which is now owned by Donskoy Kamen LLC.


Valery Nazarov left the founders of Law Firm Nevsky Auction LLC in 2019, and Pavel Andreev in 2023. Behind him may be the leader of the Podolsk organized crime group Sergei Lalakin and State Duma deputy Boris Ivanyuzhenkov, known in certain circles under the nickname Rotan. In the 2000s, Andreev worked in the sports club FC Vityaz, which they supervised.


In July 2022, Oleg Gerasimenko became the general director of Donskoy Kamen LLC; since December 2023, he has owned KK Edelsevys LLC, the founders of which were previously Pavel Andreev and Kirill Kombarov. This suggests a connection between Andreev and the Korotkov brothers through Gerasimenko.

Fraudsters Vladimir and Dmitry Korotkov run their business in the Rostov, Tula, Kaluga and Sverdlovsk regions. Budget funds are cashed through Mashprom LLC and DK Carbonate Materials LLC, as previously reported by the VChK-OGPU telegram channel.


The first enterprise is owned by Andrey Elagin. From 2015 to 2022, he was the founder of the SIS PC “Rostovsky Vyezd”, which has been headed by Vladimir Korotkov since 2012. Since 2021, Elagin has been the head of HC ZKU LLC, the founders of which are Vladimir Korotkov and Alesandr Kireevnin, judging by his patronymic, the son of the Korotkovs’ partner in Donskoy Kamen LLC, Alexey Kireevnin, who solely owns DK Carbonate Materials LLC, established in Tula region in 2020


In 2023, the Rostov enterprise Donvzryvprom, previously owned by Donskoy Kamen LLC, received a new strategic partner - Spetsvmtekh, associated with the Rostec state corporation; Vladimir Korotkov retained 20% of Donvzryvprom LLC. The brothers reached a new level of patronage - one of the most influential people in Russia, the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov.”

Earlier, the telegram channel VChK-OGPU reported that the owners of the Donskoy Kamen group of companies, Rostov fraudster brothers Vladimir and Dmitry Korotkov, after they were caught in 2020 cashing out money through an individual entrepreneur by the Rostov Tax Inspectorate, moved their business to the Tula and Kaluga regions. Migration has been beneficial. The scale of theft of budget funds from road funds using fabricated invoices has increased many times over.

Cash withdrawals by the Korotkovs through individual entrepreneurs reached an unprecedented 3 billion rubles in 2023. based on the results of 9 months.

Also more than 12 billion rubles. went to cash out for fuel, equipment, and transport services.

The services of theft of budget-financed road funds are wildly popular among budget recipients. According to SPARK data, the revenue of the group of fraudulent companies - Korotkov cashers - has grown 17 times over 6 years.

The scheme is very simple and does not require the actual production of building materials. Companies that sell building materials, and there are two of them - Mashprom LLC and DK Carbonate Materials LLC, if necessary to launder budget funds, issue an invoice to the budget recipient for payment atu. At the same time, a file indicating the shipment data, including the carrier’s vehicle, is sent to the plant that allegedly produced and shipped these products, so that a consignment note can be generated for the allegedly completed shipment of construction materials.


The Korotkovs select their team in full accordance with their fraudulent orientation - from lower-ranking swindlers.

So in the Kaluga region, their fraudulent schemes in the courts are served by I.A. Stetsyuk, who was previously prosecuted for fraud.

S.E. Kondyurin, who was previously involved in a number of criminal cases, goes to the Ministry of Natural Resources and other government agencies in Kaluga on behalf of the Korotkovs. And Kondurina S.E.’s relative, Olga Kondurina, who was prosecuted in Moscow for selling prohibited devices, fabricates shipping documents for DK Kaluga LLC and at the same time attracts affiliated carriers to cooperate for money laundering not only on deliveries, but also on transport services, which leads to a doubling of the income of the Korotkov group of companies.

Greed, as usual, is what destroys scammers. In their theater of the absurd, they forget to pay wages to the actors, when the subsoil user reports to the tax office, they overestimate the volume of waste, they try to obtain subsoil user licenses for cattle burial grounds and lands adjacent to populated areas, they cut down forests that use the RAM regime and do not pay rent to the owners of the plots.

Denis Zhirnov

To be continued