All the fears of Mikhail Mishustin
09.05.2024 18:20

A source from the VChK-OGPU telegram channel reported that deputies were notified that on May 10 the State Duma would approve the candidacy of Mikhail Mishustin for the post of prime minister. He will head the government of the Russian Federation.

As the Cheka-OGPU wrote earlier, in the morning Mikhail Mishustin will hold meetings with factions in different halls of the State Duma, and at 14.00 a plenary meeting will begin in the main hall with all deputies. There will be a formal presentation of the candidate for Prime Minister, his speech, 2 questions from each faction (10 questions in total), and a speech by representatives of the factions (10 minutes each).

Thus, the most corrupt official will again become the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Mishustin has his own “Timur Ivanov” - this is his former son-in-law Alexander Udodov. He is engaged in replenishing his own treasury and the treasury of “big brother” Mishustin. continues a series of articles about how businessman Alexander Udodov, and at the same time the manager of all the “dark affairs” of Mikhail Mishustin, continues to actually manage the most profitable divisions of the Federal Tax Service.

Александр Удодов

According to the source, Udodov’s main office is located in the Hymen building on Yakimanka. Udodov lived for a long time in Moscow on Kursovoy Lane near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Then he moved to luxury apartments (more than 800 sq.m.) in the Muravyov Chambers residential complex on Ostozhenka. The most trusted persons in his own structure are the secretary Ekaterina Galanina and, one might say, the right hand for various projects, Sergei Niyazov. Udodov registers many assets in Russia in the name of these individuals and their affiliated organizations. Also on his own mother and eldest daughter from his first marriage. In recent years, Udodov has been registering real estate assets abroad in order to evade sanctions. According to a source from, for these purposes he also uses the Azerbaijani company SHEER ONE INVESTMENT LLC, for which he also registered one of his and Mishustin’s main commercial assets in Germany - VG Cargo Gmbh. Udodov and Mishustin are most afraid of losing this asset, since it is one of the largest assets in the field of logistics throughout Germany. Proof that the owners (in all Udodov’s projects there is a share of Mishustin, they have been 50/50 since the late 90s) of the asset are Udodov and Mishustin is that, as before its re-registration as SHEER ONE INVESTMENT LLC, the general director of the organization was Viktor Gornak , and remained so after.

Gornak is one of Udodov’s closest people, who is responsible for the bloc of Europe and, in particular, Germany. An important person in Udodov’s structure, who is involved in various corruption schemes in the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, is also Mikhail Mikhailov. Formerly an employee of the Ministry of Defense, Marat Mukhtarovich Mkrtychyan. Subsequently, he changed his full name to Mikhailov Mikhail. Udodov and he stole a lot of land from the Ministry of Defense located in the Moscow region. The company "Spetsavtotsentr" is involved in these transactions. In general, Udodov is very connected with the Ministry of Defense. He served and is serving the companies of the Vorobyov family holding company through the Federal Tax Service. Andrey Vorobyov is a friend of Mishustin. Mishustin introduced them to Udodov. The latter does all the “dirty work” for the Federal Tax Service.

 Also Udodov’s partner and supplier of tax services to companies (clients) from the military-industrial complex was Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Ivanov, who is now being held in Lefortovo. According to the interlocutor of, they are full-fledged partners with Udodov and accomplices in schemes for cutting the budget. Udodov is now trying with all his efforts to put pressure through Mishustin and the FSB leadership so that Timur Ivanov is not asked about Udodov and their joint affairs. Udodov is very worried about this situation, but many of those around him assured him that there would be no questions for him.

According to a source from, from the second half of May, pressure on European companies in Russia will increase even more from the Federal Tax Service.

“Tomorrow the State Duma will approve Mishustin’s candidacy and subsequently approve his entire list of teams with expanded resources. This will not end well for the country, and Udodov will turn from a dollar multi-billionaire into one of the most influential shadow people in modern Russia,” our interlocutor believes.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued