The whole truth about the “Sobchak team” case
12.02.2024 14:50

The Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow sentenced the team of Ksenia Sobchak. The commercial director of the holding company “Beware: Media”, Kirill Sukhanov, was sentenced to seven years and six months in a maximum security colony. The other two defendants in the case—former editor-in-chief of Tatler magazine Arian Romanovsky (Kuzmin) and journalist Tamerlan Bigaev—were sentenced to seven years in prison, respectively. They were found guilty of extorting 11 million rubles from the head of the Rostec corporation, Sergei Chemezov. The VChK-OGPU Telegram channel and tried to understand this story.

This is the same post for which, according to investigators, director Sobchak Kirill Sukhanov demanded money from Chemezov’s representatives to remove it. A post about how billionaire Andrei Bokarev celebrates his birthday in a big way, and among the guests of honor are Sergei Chemezov and Grigory Leps. The post was posted on October 22 at 7:19 p.m., and was deleted, according to investigators, after an agreement on payment was made. A post was published in the Lights Out channel, which was actively reposted and promoted by former Tatler editor-in-chief Arian Romanovsky.

“Billionaire Andrei Bokarev began to quietly celebrate his birthday with his family. The birthday boy gathered his guests not at Duo Forni, which he owned, which opened on the site of the mysteriously burned down Piazza Italiana restaurant, but at the home of Vitaly Maschitsky, a friend with whom they share not only the Forbes list, but also the sanctions list.

The head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, with whom the owner of the host house has been friends since childhood, came to congratulate Bokarev. At the table there are entirely officials of the highest rank, the only secular one being the godfather of the birthday boy, Grigory Leps, whom Bokarev once helped with his career and also became the godfather of his children. In 2014, Leps even dedicated the song “Angel went on a drinking binge” to his influential friend.

This criminal case was organized by the director for special assignments of the Rostec State Corporation Vasily Brovko, who must have already wanted to curry favor with the boss. His wife is Tina Kandelaki, an old enemy of Ksenia Sobchak.

Brovko in his testimony says that Kuzmin (Romanovsky) and Sukhanov put forward demands for the removal of the post. The Cheka-OGPU studied the materials of the case about the alleged extortion of money from Sergei Chemezov for deleting a post from Ksenia Sobchak’s telegram channel “Put out the lights.” A protocol of the interrogation of the main culprit in this case, Director for Special Assignments of the Rostec State Corporation Vasily Brovko, appeared in the media. However, there was a second interrogation, more detailed. From it it is clear that the story resembles a “damaged phone.” Only security officer Andrei Baldukhaev communicates with members of Sobchak’s team, who conveys information to Brovko, at least exaggerating it. And Brovko conveys information to Chemezov, exaggerating it by a factor of 10. An innocent post on the “Lights Out” channel almost led to the disclosure of state secrets and almost to an attempt on Chemizov’s life. But what is most remarkable is how Chemezov himself is embarrassed by his friends. Disclosure of information about Chemezov’s participation in the celebration of Andrei Bokarev’s birthday at Mashitsky’s place of residence” Brovko and Chemzov regard as…. “negative information that discredits and compromises him as the head of the Rostec state corporation.”

The Cheka-OGPU found out what kind of person Baldukhaev was. He turned out to be closely connected with the FSB of the Russian Federation.

Baldukhaev is the former boss of the notorious “Police Ombudsman” Vladimir Vorontsov in his work in the criminal police. The human rights activist’s public page contains many funny memories of this employee. At various times he held senior positions in territorial departments and management of the South-East Administrative District. According to the memory of former colleagues, Baldukhaev was very impressed by the tragedy that Major Evsyukov committed and shied away from his armed subordinates. If you believe the recollections of the police, because of him there was a mass exodus of employees from the department in Kapotnya, and his biography also included a trip to America, after which the top management closed his security clearance.

Commentators wrote that Baldukhaev, while drunk, crashed several cars, communicated closely with the FSB and even recruited his subordinates to cooperate with the “office”, and with a low salary, drove around in a Land Cruiser. After serving in the police department, Andrei got a job with a company that is responsible for operating a new business park in the north-west of Moscow called Rostec City. Now the headquarters of the state corporation Rostec is located there. And Baldukhaev is the deputy director of the security department of the company servicing the facility.



Baldukhaev keeps saying in the confrontation that Kuzmin said that he does not have the authority to remove the material - Sukhanov has it, contact him. Baldukhaev contacted Sukhanov and then decided everything with Sukhanov. Why does Brovko insist that Sukhanov acted with Kuzmin? After all, in his testimony he says that he knows everything from the words of Baldukhaev. Kuzmin has nothing to do with it at all. And Bigaev has nothing to do with it.

The Cheka-OGPU also studied the confrontation between oligarch security officer Vitaly Mashitsky Andrei Baldukhaev and Sobchak administrator Kirill Su Khanov.

Baldukhaev keeps saying that Arian Kuzmin (Romanovsky) said that he does not have the authority to delete the post from Sobchak’s telegram channel “Put out the lights” - Sukhanov has them, contact him. Sobchak herself sent Kuzmina to Sukhanov to resolve any issues. Baldukhaev contacted Sukhanov and then conducted commercial negotiations with him.


However, Rostec director Vasily Brovko always says in his testimony that Kuzmin (Romanovsky) and Sukhanov put forward demands to receive money for deleting the post. From his testimony it follows that he conveyed the same (false) information to Chemezov. And the investigation is building charges based solely on Brovko’s testimony. At the same time, he also “attached” journalist Tamerlan Bigaev to Romanovsky, who had nothing to do with it at all.


It turns out to be a “damaged phone”. Brovko knows everything only from the words of Baldukhaev. However, he adds to these words his own fantasies, which the investigation for some reason takes for granted.

The Cheka-OGPU has at its disposal a protocol of interrogation of Tamerlan Bigaev, a journalist of the telegram channel “Tushite Lights,” dated November 4, 2022. It is clear from the protocol that the entire interrogation is “tailored” to Ksenia Sobchak. In literally every question the investigator mentions her last name, he is only interested in Sobchak, he leads everything towards filing charges. Tamerlan testifies. And on November 17, the “famous” reconciliation between Sobchak and the victim in the Chemezov case took place. After this, “impartial” investigators’ interest in Sobchak dropped to zero. Even for the sake of appearance, they didn’t interrogate her as a witness.

           From the case materials it clearly follows that the initiator of his appearance was not Chemezov, but the director for special assignments of the Rostec state corporation Vasily Brovko, who, together with his wife Tina Kandelaki, has long and “passionately” hated Sobchak. Brovko knew whose channel “Lights Out” was and when he saw a post about the boss there, he immediately hurried to Chemezov and began to “wind up” that the owner of the channel should be punished. And when Chemezov gave the go-ahead not to touch Sobchak again, Brovko, of course, could not contradict the boss. To save face, he began to present this story as if he had prevented a conspiracy against the boss. And the conspirators, along with director Sobchak Sukhanov, included journalists Arian Romanovsky and Tamerlan Bagaev, who were random persons in this case and, of course, did not commit any crime.

The Cheka-OGPU has at its disposal the official position of the former editor-in-chief of Tatler magazine, and then editor of the program and channel “Tushite Lights”, Arian Romanovsky (Kuzmin), stated by him after the final version of the charges in the case of alleged extortion from the head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov. Aryan completely denies his guilt and insists that there was no crime in his actions. He carried out the instructions of his leader Ksenia Sobchak. The position of Sobchak herself is not reflected in the case. She does not have the status of a witness, was not interrogated, her name is not mentioned on the 30 pages of the final version of the accusation, etc. E Ariana has questions for her employer, which the Cheka-OGPU will outline in several publications.

The editors of Ksenia Sobchak were able to force the water utility in Astrakhan to concrete the sewer manholes. Why can’t this editorial office (doesn’t want to) conduct its own journalistic investigation and gather a professional community of lawyers and attorneys and highlight that there is no crime in the actions of Aryan and the other accused?

To be continued

Timofey Grishin